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1000ma / 1a chargers

Saturday 24th of December 2011 /
Are 1000ma chargers safe to use with these phones? I don't want to blow up the phone.

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vehicle chargers and docks

Friday 14th of December 2012 /
I'm a pretty heavy user during the work week. I found myself at 7% charge on the way home from a 8 hour work day. I need a car charger and/or a dock for easy navigation. I found this charger on Amazon. I bought a car charger for my last phone from Amazon, and it ruined my battery. What do I need to know when buying something like this? WAttage/amps etc etc PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w High Output Car Charger - BLACK: Cell Phones & Accessories -PowerGen Dual Port 15W / 3.1A USB Car Charger charges your iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones.-Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices / Easy-to-see LED confirms whether USB charger is properly connected-Dual Port Design, one Apple Devices and one port for Non-Apple Mobile phones or other devices.-Input:12-24V 1000mA; OutputC 5V 3.1A or 15W (Shared by two ports)-Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.

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Charger / ibolt dock question

Monday 19th of May 2014 /
Hello all, I looked through some threads here on chargers and read another on the ibolt docks but figured I'd start a new one rather than necro-thread. Anyhow, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T) and recently bought the ibolt xprodock to use with it. My problem is, I can't seem to find a charger that will keep my phone charging while running in this dock. In fact, I'd be happy even if I found one that kept it dead even, as it is right now it drops about a percent every 1-2 minutes or so. When I'm in the dock I'm running a dashcam app and I know they use battery but I turn the screen off so I would imagine I should be able to find a charger that will at least keep it from draining while doing this, right? I've read various information on data vs. charge cable, etc. so do I possibly need to swap out the cable this thing came with? Or am I just not buying the right type of charger? I've tried one or 2 of the "cheapy" chargers that are single USB outlets supposedly rated at 1000mA and I picked up one this weekend that is another single outlet 2.1A charger and claims to be fo

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