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Ad-Vanish: Block annoying Ads, First non-root Ad-Blocker in Android

Saturday 01st of December 2012 /
Ad-VanishSay "Good-Bye" to AdsThe best Ad blocker(for non-rooted and rooted phones/tablets) in the market. Download link: Want to block annoying Ads from all your apps??(Especially from most popular games like: Angry birds, Where's my water, Cut the rope etc).And want to reduce your data usage??This is the app for you. Features:# Blocks Ads from any of the apps you ever installed.# Some Ad banners may contain Malware hidden, Ad-Vanish protects your Android device from Malware.# Most suitable for Games and Apps with annoying Ads that consumes screen space.# No need of Rooted phone.# Works for all Android phones and tablets out there.# Works on ALL apps and games.# No more Ads will take your screen space in Games (Angry Birds, Paper Toss, and all popular games).# Saves extra data usage consumed by Ads.# Auto start feature.# Search app facility. from,8JAPPS

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[ROM] [JB] Raging Bionic [8/3/2013]

Sunday 04th of August 2013 /
Team Rage Presents:RAGING BIONICBy BDAZZG1The Stock Based ROM with all the speed & features you love!What it's Got:Improved GPS Lock and AccuracyFully Deodexed Thanks jp1044Super DebloatedFull init.d supportLMT Launcher (PIE Controls) Thanks noname81Battery TweaksGreenify AppKoush's Superuser App Thanks Koushik Dutta1% Battery Mod Thanks DlukeFully Customizable Notification TogglesGapps baked inApex LauncherMoto HD Launcher w/ Circles WidgetJrummy's Ad Blocker AppApollo Music PlayerExtreme build.prop tweaksIncreased Dalvik VM Heap SizeDisabled Kernel Logging for speedGovernors & Schedulers Baked InOptional Overclock Baked InLoopy Smoothness Tweak4.2 Camera & Gallery w/working PhotosphereMoto Camera & GalleryLots of Performance TweaksMany Essential Root Apps Preinstalled Changelog:v0.1.8 7/21/2013Initial Release v0.1.9 7/22/2013Fixed Non-Working Home Button BugUpdated build.prop v0.2 7/24/2013Fixed Magnetic Sensor (Compass)Cleaned up system files v1.0 8/3/2013 THIS IS A MAJOR UPDATE. YOU MUST WIPE DATA!! IF YOU DON'T WIPE, DONT REPORT BUGS!!Fixed Speakerphone BugBake

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ad blocker for non root

Wednesday 21st of August 2013 /
Anybody know of a good ad blocker for non rooted phone tired of the ads in my notification bar downloaded some new fonts for my note 2 but ended up uninstalling them due to thw ads that kept poping in my notification bar. Thanks for any helpSent From My Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

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ad blocker for un-rooted phone

Tuesday 26th of November 2013 /
Coming from a rooted warp with ad blocker built in, forgot how annoying those ads were when using most apps, even the app for android forums have them, never knew that before. I have been looking for an ad blocker for non root but can not find, I hate the new play store, look up ad block get everything but. If anybody knows of one that would be great. Thanks.

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