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playing mp4 movies on my new Android 4.0.3 7" Tablet using Ice Cream Sandwich

Wednesday 13th of June 2012 /
I recently bought a new chinese 7" Tablet running with OS 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. It came with a sample movie in MP4 format and it plays with the OEM video player installed. The problem was that when I tried to add new mp4 movies on the Micro SD Card, the new mp4 movies were not detected. I was able to solve this problem by installing from Google Play the MIX PLAYER software and finally, I was able to play the new mp4 movies I saved on the Micro SD Card.

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Advice on a good brand 7" tablet

Tuesday 12th of April 2011 /
Hey everybody, i need help finding a good 7" tablet. It has to be a maximum of 7", i doubt a 10" can fit in my back pocket. I'm not interested in a generic Chinese tablet. I'm looking for something branded, my price range is <

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Does anyone know what Android is on a Nordictrack treadmill 10" tablet?

Sunday 03rd of March 2013 /
I see good and bad reviews about various treadmills, but whatever that's another topic and place. I'm considering a Nordictrack Commercial 2450.. it has a built in 15" television and 10" Android Tablet that allows me to make a track and walk anywhere in the world through Google Maps. So, does anyone have any specs on the tablet? Processor? Memory? Android version? Does it have Google Play store? I read someone somewhere said you can't install your own apps (how stupid is that?), but they will allow it in the future. I forget when that was posted.

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How do I close an Open Email Account on the Crystal View 7" Tablet, Fr 3/16/12 10:30P

Saturday 17th of March 2012 /
I was helping a neighbor figure out how to operate her new Crytal View 7" Tablet. I finally was able to connect to the internet, I used the Email Icon and I opened a personal GMail Account. I now am unable to find where I CLOSE it.Please give me any info or ideas you might have on dealing with this issue. Thanks. !!!

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I am that one guy who wants to hold a 7" tablet to my face to make calls!

Monday 23rd of May 2011 /
After hours of search here and on Google, I can't seem to find a clear answer on this; but which 7" tablet NATIVELY supports voice calling via built-in speaker and mic?I have read of many hacks you can do, but I, for one, am looking forward to holding a 7" tablet to my face to make a call.NO: I don't care to use wired or bluetooth headsets! I just want to pick the darn thing up and slap it to my ear. I don't care how stupid that may sound: Some people--like me--have very BIG hands, and holding a 7" tablet like a phone wouldn't be as unwieldy as it would be for most users.Any non-sarcastic guidance would be appreciated--thanks in advance.P.S.: Mods: Sorry if I posted in the wrong section!

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Need advice on a good tablet for my 8-year-old.

Thursday 17th of November 2011 /
I'm getting my soon-to-be 4-year-old the VTech Innotab, but I can't decide which tablet to get my 8-year-old. I'm looking to get her a 7" tablet with either 2.2 or 2.3 Android OS, and it has to have the full market, not the crappy half market. I'm looking to spend around $100. She would use it to watch some videos, take pictures, browse the web, educational purposes, apps like Angry Birds, and downloading/watching movies and shows on NetFlix. I've been doing research for a while and I'm nowhere closer. If you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks...Sent from my DROIDX using Android Tablet Forum

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Planning to purchase a basic Android 7" tablet.... Need your help..... Please..

Friday 26th of August 2011 /
Hello friends, Just registered myself to this forum. I am planning to purchase an entry level 7" Android 2.2 Tablet for approx $160. I am planning to use this as a GPS screen by installing a MAPS software compatible for Android. I have an external Bluetooth Receiver (Holux GR-239). I want to know if the below config will help. More over please let me know the software that will show maps and driving direction as I drive down with the GPS receiver ON and connected to the tablet. Is there any app on Android OS (google market site) that can talk to external GPS receiver and show it on the maps? i also want to know if I can feed HDMI Input to this tablet and use it as an external LCD monitor for my camera which has HDMI Output. is it possible to upgrade to Android 2.3 on this hardware? If yes, how is it possible?Any good Virus scanner on this platform?Please check the tech specs and help. I am totally new to tablet PCs and Android OS. thanks for your time.Here are the tech specs:CPU: AMLogic 8726 ARM Cortex A9 800Mhz + 200Mhz DSP + 300Mhz GPURAM:512 MB DDRHard Disk: 4GB NAND FlashNe

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Question about available memory on 8gb Momo9 7" Tablet

Sunday 15th of January 2012 /
Hello, everyone. First time posting on this forum, but not new to forums. I purchased a Ployer Momo9 7" tablet with the A10 Allwinner processor and was advertised to have 8gb of inernal memory and 512mb of RAM. When I have the tablet in the "about tablet" page it says:PLOYER-MOMOAndroid version2.3.4Baseband version 2.04Kernel version2.6.36-androidBuild number.(*&(&*(&(* blah blah________________________Storage:TF cardTotal space unavailableAvailable spaceUnavailableMount TF cardInsert an TF card for mountingScan TF card (checked)Internal flash storage:Available Space5.09gbTotal Space5.69gbInternal Storage:Available space0.90gbWhen I check applications running it says:RAM117mb used 142mb freeWouldn't that indicate it only has ~256mb of RAM?I'm thinking I got ripped of with some sort of fake Momo9. The box it came in looks like the real thing with the silver Ployer on the top and the Chinese writting along with momo and stuff around the sides and all. Are these the "normal" numbers that one would expect with Gingerbread running on this tablet. From

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Wi fi wont turn on on a Pendo Pad 7" android 2.1

Wednesday 04th of July 2012 /
I have a Pendo which was going great until I decided to do afirmware update from the web site. I

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what connector on a tab 3 7"

Monday 13th of January 2014 /
Can anyonetell me what connector is on the tab 3?I want togetacable to connect it via hdmi to my tvany help gratefully

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