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Tablet wont connect to google play.

Friday 11th of January 2013 /
Help please.I have a Freelander PD20-D tablet.I was able to connect to google play a couple of days ago, then the day after i couldnt connect. The wifi is working fine, i can use the browser, check my gmail, and use apps that require internet. But whenever i try to open google play is shows the loading screen , then i get a did not connect. It is also linked with youtube, i could not log into my account, it just showed the loading and no connection. I have no sure idea what caused this. The day before this happened my SD card said it was full, so i started removing apps that i downloaded.Im thinking of factory resetting, but i dont want to loose my current game data, or if the problem still persist after factory restore i might be s.o.l. and cant download my purchased games from play store.

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Booted Droid X Cant upgrade to GB 2.3.3 (4.5.596)

Thursday 02nd of June 2011 /
i need HELP I cannot update my rooted DX I am in a pickle. help Ok my phone is rooted thru Z4root. It was a permanent root unfortunately, well for me anyway. I am not a Tech Savy as I thought. So I obviously have decided to go this route and It is getting me very far. I tried so many sites, and youtube videos on how to upgrade my Droid X from 2.2.1 (2.3.340) to the newest version:2.3.3 (4.5.596) I have tried everything. I restored and backed my droid, but I backed it up after I did the 'perma- Root' so when I restore it goes to that point after booted. I am new to the tech abbreviates... bare with me..anyway, when I download the file to my SD card, I rename it as and select 'update' It fails with error message 7.. an error reading the SD cardWhat all APPs do I need to download (i.e. Droid2strapper.....) and also I still have the original ROM as well... what ROM do I need? I have no booted apps/ programs installed right now, I know that my phone is perm booted because I have the SuperUser App after I did the factory/ wipeout reset.Do I need to wipe my S/D memory

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can't acess google account !! SAMSUNG S3

Friday 26th of July 2013 /
Really feeling frustrated now ! on thurs (25th jul 2013) .. my google play store was working fine !! there was no issue .. and today it say no connection - retry .. i have a good wifi connection .. all other applications were working fine .. i wanted to download a new app. but google play store was not working.. I googled about it .. so i have tried everything clear cache , force stop , disable , enable, checked date time !! EVERYTHING !! and then at the end i decided to restore factory setting !! but even then the issue remains the same.. when my phone started again & asked to log in or make a new google account .. i was unable to login through my old account so i made a new one .. but still all in vain .. so i just realised its not the play store .. the problem is with google account ! i cant log in it says " can't establish a reliable connection to the server . this could be a temproray problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer care. " really need help ! coz after factory restore i have also lost all apps

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Please help cant get my phone back to normal after factory reset and sd swap gone wrong

Sunday 14th of September 2014 /
Recently I successfully rooted my phone. Everything was fine until about an hour ago when I downloaded a file from xda called sdswap, intending to switch the external storage to internal storage. However I didn't follow the directions thoroughly, and after I rebooted, not only did the swap not work i couldn't access the storage option in settings, can't open the folder called my files, and all kinds of system apps crash such as , MTP , metro web,even my camera won't open. Like as soon as I turn on the phone I keep getting error messages saying "unfortunately, -------- has stopped. " every time I try to open my files to see my sd card is working, it stops.So you would factory reset would fix this right?Wrong. I did this and was even more sorry. Firstly, it lost my connection to my home wifi which I don't kno the password to, therefore I can't download any helpful apps or login to my google account to restore my backed up files. Second, my external sd card isn't showing up because whenever I open gallery no pics are there. But I know that it isn't corrup

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