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G1 videos dont work anymore

Saturday 28th of February 2009 /
when i first got my g1 it was the best,everything did its job.but now m youtube videos dont play,a pop up shows saying unable to play video,not just youtube but all browser is soooo slow now even just trying to google somthing.its making me very mad that i coughed up alot of money to get this so called great new phone and its a piece of crap now.any reasons why this is going on,all i wanna do is see some vids and it dosent let me anymore and i want browser to work like it used to,ive reset to factory settings multi times,no luck.i reboot everyday no luck.i delet all sms and other thing,still no luck.please sombody give me some help befor i take this phone back to to who ever made this and throw it at him.this was not worth my money id rather carry a pc in my pocket than this please any help?

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Onda v811 android 4.1.1 rooting dont work

Saturday 23rd of March 2013 /
Hello since 3 days now i try to root my tablet but it dont work i read all threads about onda but i dont understand anything i really understand everything about apple etc. but with rooting android i have really problems. perhaps somebody can help me and explain the forum thread are really bad explained for people who use android first time. i dont even can download the firmware from everything is chinese! i hope somebody can help. i just want to root it to have inapp purchases appsetc free!

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Hello, my kindle keyboard buttons dont work normal anymore,

Thursday 06th of December 2012 /
Hello, my kindle keyboard buttons dont work normal anymore, when i press the cursor to the left for example it wont move, and in my symbols it gives me 3 characters when i press the star... please give me some advise, as I Go on holidays on Friday...Optional Information: Model: Amazone kindle 3GWhat have you tried so far?: A hard reboot and charcing it..

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Zedge Ringtones, File Manager and Amazon Cloud Player Problem

Saturday 15th of December 2012 /
OK, I'm a bit miffed. I downloaded some ringtones from Zedge. Using the stock File Manager I can see them on my Maxx HD's internal storage. If I tap on the filename to play the ringtone, Amazon Cloudplayer pops up and shows all the music files on my SD card. No Zedge ringtones can be found. If I back out of the file manager and try accessing it again, for the purpose of finding ANY file on EITHER my SD card or the internal storage I get sent to Amazon Cloudplayer. I then have to use the back button to get back to the file manager icon in the App drawer. Same thing happens if I try to play audio files on my SD card. Amazon Cloud Player pops up.If I connect my phone to my PC and navigate to the Zedge ringtones on internal storage and click on them they play as per usual. If I use my PC to play audio files on the SD card they play as usual.Why does my phone default to Amazon Cloud Player when I tap on an audio file in File Manager? Why the heck doesn't my phone simply play the freakin' audio file? Annoyances 'R Us.

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HELP! Home button doesnt work, other things dont work either

Wednesday 16th of February 2011 /
Okay, so I was in the process of clearing out some cache from some programs running all the time that accumulate all this space on my LG Ally, well in doing so i accidentally deleted the "settings backup" storage thing under managing programs button. And since then, earlier today my ring tones and notifications and anything noise didnt work. After some fiddling i got those to work.But the issue that is driving me mad, i love how i can go from app to app by hitting home and loading music up while im online, or checking my calender while im on facebook or something like that. Now the home button and search buttons on the outside of the phone and on the keyboard dont work at all. They dont do anything, and im sad because ive looked everywhere online and theres no information on giving this phone a re update, i have the 2.21 android update that everyone else got but i just want my ally to work properly again, and it doesnt and im sad.Anyone please help me??

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all Zedge ringtones dont work anymore!

Friday 25th of December 2009 /
Anybody else this happens too? Been working flawless forever, now today none there ringtones work anymore.

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all Zedge ringtones dont work anymore! - Page 3

Friday 10th of December 2010 /
OK I read someone else post about the Droid 2 not playing any downloaded ringtones like ones from Zedge.My Blackberry never did this and I had about 10 alert tones on both phones but the Droid just stopped notifying me if aZedge tone was selected. This is the 5th time in 3 months this has happened and I'm sick of it.I even loaded RCP ringtones I purchased last year and saved on my laptop but I can't even find them on this phone.Do you have to be a programmer to work this phone or what? VERY FRUSTRATING !!!!Help Please. Thank you

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HTC One: Certain headphones won't work anymore

Wednesday 08th of January 2014 /
I've only had the htc one for exactly 3 weeks and one day, and the stock earbuds doesn't work anymore with the htc one. I can get them to work temporarily if I have the jack at a certain angle, pull them out a very tiny bit and immediately push it back in all the way it will work for a few seconds, but then gets really soft and distorted,however every other set of headphones dont have this problem. One would think that its the earbuds are faulty, BUT I tried the earbuds with my computer and it works flawlessly, so it cant be the earbuds that's causing the issues. I've already tried cleaning out the headphone jack, (I shined a small light into the jack and there was nothing there other than shiney metal.) I've obviously tried restarting the phone, looking wherever i can in the settings. I've tried pressing the mic button thing (whatever its called). no luck. I needs help-age.

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Some apps just dont work

Sunday 16th of February 2014 /
I have an LG optimus straight talk. There are a few apps that just dont work right. The two that have been bothering me more are Tinder and YikYak. They "work" but not to the full capacity. For example, when i refresh yikyak, 1 or 2 new posts come up but when my friend with an Iphone does it right next to me he gets 10-15. Same with on tinder, he will constantly have suggestions but my phone finds 1-2 other tinder users around me per week! my friends phone finds hundreds of tinder users around him. Is there a way i can update my phone to fix this? Ive tried all the basic stuff; turning on gps/data and ive been having this problem for months now and trying to solve it.

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Apps dont work on WIFI

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 /
After todays new system update ( i guess its lolipop, didnt really read, tought it was some routine update..) most of my applications dont work on WIFI, it says there is no connection or error with conncetion.. There is nothing wrong with connection, browser works fine and i can surf the net..When i turn of WIFI and switch to mobile internet all apps work fine.. Anyone has same problem?It all worked fine till todays update..

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