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[RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT]

Wednesday 11th of January 2012 /
This is a custom recovery for the HTC Rezound, [original thread from xda-developers here]. This is an alternate recovery choice to the popular ClockworkMod Recovery by Koush.To install Amon Ra Recovery: [You must first be unlocked, see here for more info]-Place the downloaded .img file into the same directory as fastboot.-Connect the phone to computer, and boot phone into fastboot mode ["adb reboot bootloader" is quick so you don't have to pull your battery, make sure USB Debugging mode is enabled].-Run the command (without the quotes) "fastboot flash recovery [nameoffile].img" where [nameoffile] is the actual file name of the image file and don't forget the ".img" extension.This custom recovery will also allow you to root your device once the recovery is installed. From recovery, select the "Developer menu" and the choose "Install su & superuser." Do NOT install the "unguarded" su.(Text color for this version of recovery is: cyan)Download: recovery-ra-vigor-3.1.4-gnm.imgmd5: 915d5e3cb662076f36f3d6e54759e951

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Amon Ra Recovery Fixed for Htc Rezound with S-OFF

Sunday 06th of May 2012 /
A few weeks ago a method for achieving S-OFF on the Rezound was released. This allows for all sorts of good stuff like flashing unsigned custom images as well as other mods. However with new development often comes issues. Firmware updates often break root, new rom bases can kill a theme, and in this case turning off security forked the custom recovery especially the nandroid backup function and sdcard mount function. Luckily there is now a fix for the Amon Ra Recovery thanks to "carm01" of Xda. It should be noted that the nandroid backup fix will require you to wipe the sdcard twice so before moving forward it is highly recommended that you backup your sdcard. It always sucks to erase that thing and then later remember you had all the daughter's birthday pictures stored there. Once you have your backup of the sdcard you will reflash the recovery, wipe sdcard, boot back into the rom, then erase the sdcard again. The sdcard mount fix requires you to format the sdcard using default settings. This fix is said to work for most, but may not work for all. via XDA

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[RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT] - Page 5

Friday 23rd of March 2012 /
Originally Posted by WonmotymeGood evening,I am in the midst of rooting my new rezound and I am stuck. I currently have the bootloader unlocked. I am currently in fastboot and it is showing unlocked fastboot usb. I have been trying to flash recovery (tried many many different things) but i keep getting errors. last beingC:UsersNicole>fastboot flash recovery recovery-ra-vigor-3.14-gnm.img'fastboot' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thank you1moDo you have the Android SDK installed? If so you need to change directory to the Android SDK/tools directory then issue the fastboot command. If you don't have the Android SDK installed...Happy birthday. The attached file contains fastboot, adb and a few DLL's. Unzip this file and in your command prompt change directory to wherever you unzipped the file to. For example:Unzip the file to c: emp*You may want to copy your amon-ra img file there as well*open command prompttype cd empthen fastboot flash recovery recovery-ra-vigor-3.14-gnm.i

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Amon-RA Recovery Image

Thursday 04th of February 2010 /
You will need the SDK development tools for your system, mac, pc, Linux.Install them and get them working, put device in debug mode and make sure you can see it. There are a hundred tutorials out there, google one. Then download the Amon-RA recover image v1.5.3.Follow these instructions: 05/Jan 1.5.3 - RA-nexus Recovery Image - Android @ MoDaCoAfter this you will be able to install custom ROMS simply by copying to sd card, booting into recovery and selecting the option to "flash from sd card", choosing the correct .zip file and clicking on it. You will have needed to unlock your boot loader and installed the SU permissions as well. ENJOY!

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Amon_RA Recovery Image v1.2.3

Amon-RA has updated his dream recovery image with some cool new features and bug fixes.Change-log : v1.2.3added squashfs to fstab (should fix issues accessing system and xbin for people using Cyanogen’s ROM)Replaced the GREEN-key by the HOME-key for confirmationRemoved the menu title to create more spaceAdded Wipe SD dalvik-cacheAdded Rotate fixRemoved “Move apps to SD” because it’s automatically implemented by most ROMs already.Added confirmation before performing a nandroid backupSet swap back to 32MB instead of 96MB when doing an auto partition SD-card from the menuUpgraded fix_permissions to v1.32-R3Added BART v0.9.2Fixed many bugs (mostly in scripts)Download the updated recovery image here

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[RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT] - Page 4

Wednesday 29th of February 2012 /
Originally Posted by jvanderholfTrying to send the amon-ra.img to my device via fastboot, and I get the following:sending 'recover' (7074 KB)...OKAY [ 1.419s]writing 'recover'...(bootloader) signature checking...FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)finished. total time: 3.401sMy bootloader is unlocked, so I don't know what else it might be referring to. Any suggestions?click this link Help!!! Need step by step instructions on how to instal AmonRa Recovery!!!

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[RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT] - Page 2

Friday 10th of February 2012 /
Originally Posted by athacki think thats what ill do thank you... so i re flash it thru cmd prompt on computer? i pull battery insert battery hold down volume and power plug phone into computer and run the cmd again thru computer?You can just connect the phone to the computer and run "adb reboot recovery" that way you don't have to battery pull then you can run the fastboot command to flash the recovery. cd to the directory were you normally would for fastboot, and adb is in the same place.

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Install Touch-enabled Amon Ra Recovery on Acer Iconia Tab A500 - Android Authority

Friday 17th of February 2012 /
What good is a touchscreen if it doesn’t get used every single chance it gets? A few developers have been aspiring to fully utilize touchscreens and the Acer Iconia Tab A500 is one of the lucky few tablets that gets a touch-enabled custom recovery. You won’t need to fiddle with buttons anymore to navigate your way around the functions. We’re talking about a fully touch-based user interface. Need to make a Nandroid backup or wipe your cache? No problem. Simply tap on the screen to do what you need to.Thanks to drellisidee, member of the XDA-Developers forum, a touch-enabled Amon Ra recovery was developed from the Amon Ra recovery source. For users who are already running a custom recovery, kjy2010 has released a flashable ZIP file to make it much easier to install the touch based Amon Ra.Unfortunately, for those of you who are not running any custom recoveries, you’ll need to go through tedious ADB commands. If the thought of that makes you sweat, don’t worry. A much shorter and more convenient option is available. Simply install ClockworkMod Recovery usi

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RAndferno Recovery Image v1.5 for General Mobile DSTL1

Wednesday 17th of March 2010 /
crzyruski has posted the RAndferno Recovery Image v1.5 for General Mobile DSTL1.Based on Amon_RA`s recovery v1.5.2Ported by andferno for DSTL1 / N21 / G5Featuring:- NANDROID- Upgrade to OpenX2 v1.3- SD partitioning (swap, EXT2/3/4)- WipeHead over to crzyruski’s AndroidSPIN Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.Click here to view all the Releases for the General Mobile DSTL1.

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Root Alps v1 2.3.5

Saturday 31st of August 2013 /
I have a Phone VGOTEL VENTURE 1 Android : 2.3.6I want to root this phone so that i can move the apps that are under phone internal memory to sd card to free up my phone space . I tried many softwares to root but none of them worked.Example : UnlockRoot Pro etc.Please helpPhone Device that appear on these software is: Root Alps v1 2.3.5 Android Version : 2.3.6Baseband version : MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V.29.P3,2012/1120 09:18Custom Build Version :GMOBILE_V1_L102

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