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How to factory reset an Android device

Friday 15th of June 2012 /
Factory reset is a very useful feature present on all Android devices, as it can help you in many situations. It basically deletes everything from your device, except the Android itself. After your perform a factory reset, your device will look like new.What does a factory reset doThis feature allows you to delete everything on your Android device. You can delete contacts, sms messages, call logs, apps and app data. And there is also an option ┬áto erase the memory card, so you delete the photos, videos and any other files you may have on your device. Why do i need the factory resetFactory reset is good in many situations. It’s extremely recommend to do it before selling your Android device, so that the buyer can’t access your private information. It is also useful if your device starts working slow because of too many installed applications. Doing it will make the Android device work like new.It’s also very useful when updating to another firmware. Some firmwares are not compatible with the others and they will require you to do a factory reset.Please note that the

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read more errors please help

Saturday 03rd of November 2012 /
Hi all, Back in March I rooted my phone (MetroPCS LG Connect 4G) with the Spectrum one click root and was happy until I had installed Root Uninstaller and removed the factory Metro bloatware.My phone constantly gets the " has stopped unexpectedly" force close error and it shuts down Google Market within seconds now it seems and if it is set to auto-update it will error like that without even being in the market.I attempted other fixes here such as clear data and delete update from Google Play which is now old Google Market again but it still does it.I even attempted the newer connect root that markolo25 had posted here but still have the same error even after a factory reset. It is aggravating if I cannot download any apps!What are my options? Do I need to load a rom image?

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( Rom )Froyo JPA Macnut R1 *10/28*/2010* No GPS Due to Lack of Drivers *

Sunday 26th of September 2010 /
Vibrant Froyo 2.2 Port *** Follow Forum Rules When Posting***BEWARE!! All My Rom's Wipe Unless Told Different Launcher2 for Froyo that Supports our Phone Applauncher2.apk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~Froyo Vibrant JPA Macnut Download >*Change Log * Before Flashing, Delete all .Thumbnail Cache on SDCard to Speed up Media Scanner*~ This Rom Will Perform a Factory Reset! Back-up all Apps First~ Based on JPA Froyo~ Kernel #31 with added Fixes + Fully working 2E Recovery + Key mapping ( Does not Support OC )~ EXT2/3/4 & JFS Supported.~ IO Mapping Hack~ /barak373 Partition.. Not Fully Optimized for use just yet~ Kernel Free's us up to 341MB Memory + Working Video & Playback~ Data Issue are unknown at this time.~ Greatly Optimized!~ Bloatware Removed~ Ringtone's Fixed~ Playlogos1 Hi-Jack removed! ( Do what you will with w/e you need it for )~ Web Browser Lag Fixed~ Facebook Contact issue's Fixed~ Location now working~ Tit backup should work now~ Wifi issue's Issue Fixed~ Stock Android &

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Deleted Dialer now phone doesn't have ability to call.

Tuesday 29th of March 2011 /
I recently rooted my phone and went through all the apps I didn't need because I found alternatives. One of the apps that I thought I didn't need was the dialer app because I already had a good phone app. I must have deleted the wrong one because now I can't dial out. I can't received phone calls. It doesn't show any service just the grey'd out bars with an 'x' above it. I can't even access my phone details in settings. I've tried a factory reset but it gets stuck on the android welcome screen and wont do anything after tapping the screen. I was able to find a by-pass to that but It's still doing the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions or did I delete the one app that bricks the phone! HELP!

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HELP! Delton 7in Resistive Touch Screen Tablet needs to be reset to factory settings

Sunday 07th of October 2012 /
Hello everyone, I hope that someone here can shed some light and assistance on the problem that I've run into with my new tablet.I purchased a Delton 7inch Resistive Touch Screen Tablet (with Android 2.2 WIFI) yesterday at Rugged Wearhouse.I've run into a severe problem though, it appears that prior to my purchasing it, someone else had bought it, and returned it to the store.There were pictures of people on it, and the swipe passcode was already set.I've emailed Delton concerning this matter, but I haven't heard anything back from them; in addition, I have also emailed the person whose email address was registered on the tablet to try to find out how I can delete their settings... but I haven't heard back from them yet either. (sigh)It wouldn't be much of an issue, but I can't even download any apps onto the new tablet, so it's (kind of but not entirely) useless right now.Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be able to do to reset my tablet?I'd greatly appreciate any help in response to this post!Thanks!!!!

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DROID RAZR M THEME HELP - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Sunday 19th of May 2013 /
I dont know if this is in the right forum or not but... I have a major problem!!!!!! I forgot to backup my phone when getting this launcher theme soevery time I unlock my phone or open a app it does someswirly thing. But know its stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to factory reset,and unrooting. Problems I amexperiencing or bugs with the play store and all of my other apps. Please help me delete this theme and bring it back to normal. Is their maybe a theme out there that is thedefault? Anyways I need help fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember this is all on my Razr M.

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Hard reset - how to delete everything! (xperia J)

Monday 03rd of March 2014 /
Hi there I'm having serious problems with my xperia J. Somehow the screen registers touch gestures without having touch that specific area of the screen and does not react on me pressing the home button for seconds (before it would have shown me all running apps). and besides my phone is extremly slow. Well, I thought it was a good moment to hard reset the phone to factory settings.So I went to (~): >settings >backup and reset > Factory Data Resetand did that. After rebooting I also reformatted my SD Card Unfortunately I'm still experiencing this problem and I also realized that not everything was deleted.I still have some pictures on it, and certain Apps weren't deleted either. I don't know why, because I expected to have it all cleaned after the reset, which was not the case. That's why I intend to use a flashtool on mac to get my phone back to how it was.As I'm not that experienced with android, I don't really know if that's the way to go, and how to do this. Does anyone know a good link, a tutorial, an idea or just advice how I can clean my phone totally and delete all t

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Did I accidentally delete Google's android backup of my phone? Does it warn me before overwriting?

Wednesday 16th of April 2014 /
I had a Droid Razr that I've been using for about a year. Yesterday I tried to switch to an older phone. I was in a rush during setup and paranoid that the sim wasn't going to work, so I didn't enter my google account when prompted. I checked that the SIM worked, downloaded one app, then left it for about two hours. I was then able to go back to this second phone and factory reset it, then sign into my Google account during setup. However, now my apps are not restoring. Did those two hours overwrite the year of backups proceeding them? Can I point the device to restore itself from a backup from yesterday?

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after rooting, radio won't turn on, getting msg "unfortunately settings has stopped"

Tuesday 12th of August 2014 /
G5 running 4.4.2, build date March 2014 so towelroot requirement was good (build has to be prior to 4 June) Rooted a few days ago, used Ti Backup to backup some bloatware, delete it and froze the OTA SDM app. Did all this to get rid of the stupid OTA update. After 3 days, started to get " has stopped" but nothing bad was noticed, just acknowledged the msg when it came up. THEN this morning the radio would not turn on. Going to Settings>more networks>mobile networks to turn the radio back on produces "unfortunately settings has stopped working". Removed battery, rebooted, no joy. Still does it in safe mode too. Going to uninstall some recently installed apps & try again. Thinking of doing a factory reset next but if anyone has a fix, chime in! Thanks.

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Nexus 7 continuous reboots, sideload ADB gives 'Installation aborted'

Saturday 27th of December 2014 /
My Nexus 7 started to reboot itself after c. 5 min up-time sometime after 'updating' to 4.3 in Feb '14. Now trying to make it useful again. Oddly, when I delete apps, put in a (new network since it was used regularly) wifi password, or set 'developer mode on', these changes are undone when it restarts. Even the drastic 'factory reset' asks confirm questions, but does nothing at all with respect to deleting anything. Anyway, I follow instructions to here on androidcentral - how to manually update your Nexus. It is Build No KOT49H (bought June 2012, 16Gb). All goes well, I do the 'apply update from ADB" and have tried either the nakasi-LRX21p and the razorg-kot49 .tgz files. Both upload fine with adb over the USB, then at the end get "Finding update package ... Opening update package ... Verifying update package ... E:footer is wrong E: signature verification failed Installation aborted."and get back to the Android system recovery menu. (Again, "wipe data/factory reset" takes a few minutes, then when rebooted seems exactly as it was previously (and its not conn

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