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Saving applications to SD card

Tuesday 28th of October 2008 /
Have you noticed a "Low on space" notification which when expended reads; "phone storage space is getting low". How can they expect people to use the android market if I can only hold the apps on the phone's memory. I called T-mobile and was told that I cannot transfer the apps to the SD card!!! Doesn't this defy the whole purpose of this phone, use of the android marker and paying $25-$35 for unlimited use of all this. I should only be limited by the size of my SD card. Any suggestions on how to copy them to the SD card or do we need to wait for an application to that. The T-mobile "G1 Tech Support" were as puzzled as I was.Anybody know how to copy android apps to the SD card???

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Contacts, sim card, SD card, and Google sync issues

Thursday 14th of April 2011 /
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me solve one/all of these problems. I had all my contacts stored on my sim card. This is how they were on my last phone (Blackjack) and the guy at the AT&T store just copied them all from my old sim card onto my new sim card, and put the new sim card in my htc Inspire. I was told that Android will automatically back up all your contacts to your gmail account, and if you ever lose your phone or get a new phone or whatever, you can copy them back to your phone this way. However, I noticed that my phone was not doing that. Despite having 200 contacts on my phone (sim card), my gmail account had 0 Android contacts listed. I read the forums and found out that you need to copy contacts from your sim card to your gmail account, and I followed the instructions to do this, which were as follows: - go into settings and temporarily disable google sync- go into "people" and to menu --> Export to SD card- go into settings --> manage applications --> contacts and clear all data- go into settings --> manage applications --> people and cle

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external sd - How can I copy files onto an SD card with a Honeycomb tablet?

Monday 21st of November 2011 /
It seems like copying a file onto the SD card ought to be easy, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it. I have an (International) Motorola Xoom Wifi running stock Moto Android 3.2.If I insert an SD card with content on it, I can see the contents of the card show up in the tablet's Gallery app. I can also go into the built-in Files app and browse the contents of the SD card. Using the Files app I can select files and copy them from the SD card to the internal storage.However when I browse the tablet's internal storage with the Files app and select and Copy a file, if I then navigate to the SD card the Paste Here option is grayed out.Using File Manager HD, I can't even find the SD card. It looks (from the Files app) like the SD card is at /mnt/external1/ but I can't see any way to get there. Is there something I'm missing in File Manager HD to find the SD card, or is there a deficiency in File Manager HD that another file manager could solve?Also strangely I can delete files from the SD card using the gallery app, but not using the Files file manager app!

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how to swap sd card without losing any data?

Friday 20th of May 2011 /
Sorry for stupid question, I am new to Android, just got my Optimus V yesterday, rooted, loaded BumbleBee, bunch of apps , some of them moved to SD card, etc etc, all normal newbie stuff.... Now, I realized that I will need more than 2Gb SD space long term, so I will get larger card today. So, how do I get all the stuff on the new card without breaking any apps? I don't suppose I can just copy it all using my laptop, there must be special file system setup, permissions, etc.. Is there a guide how to upgrade SD card without losing anything? Appreciate all the help, great forum, lots and lots to learn....

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sd card - How the data on SD are encrypted in 4.0?

Sunday 13th of January 2013 /
I've got phone with android 4.0, and, for sync with Exchange, I encrypted SD card using android's built-in encryption. However, the phone starts telling me that the card is damaged and needs formatting. I just want to take the data (photos) out before formatting, I've got the phone, and remember my PIN. (I can also do the bitwise copy of the card). How are the data encrypted? What do I need for decrypting? I assume that the card is encrypted whole, not only files on the filesystem, so when I decrypt it I may be able to dig the data out.Thanks

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro - swapping out SD card

Saturday 21st of September 2013 /
I recently got the Sero 7, then stuck an 8GB Sd card in it cuz it was laying around and I didn't have anything larger. Anyhow, after couple of week of downloading pretty much any app recommended by online videos of android users, my sd card quickly filled up. So the next logical thing to do is to upgrade the sd card. But, before doing so, I checked out some online videos on how other folks are doing this. So, finally got a 32GB class 10 SD card and ready to rock! Here are the steps...1) Unmount existing SD card. Strange thing was when doing this step on the Sero 7 Pro, it tells you that it was "unmounting", then it doesn't say "unmounted". Anyhow, if this step took place, then assume it is unmounted.2) fully power off, not sleep, but power off! 3) remove existing SD card4) insert it to your windows laptop or desktop5) create a temp folder on your hard drive and copy all contents of SD card to that temp folder (took abt 7 mins)6) remove the SD Card from your laptop/desktop7) insert your new SD Card (32GB in my case)8) find it in your explorer, right click and selec

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Can't download pictures from ext SD card w AFT nor Kies on Mac Mavericks.

Monday 02nd of June 2014 /
I haven't been able to copy my photos from the DCIM folder on my external Samsung 64gb SD card to my mac. Partially I have been able to download about 4000 of my 6000+ photos with Kies. But only after trying countless times. After not being able to download any of the camera movies I deinstalled Kies and installed the latest version of Android File Transfer instead. It does give me access to the internal card and I can copy stuff to my HD (macbook pro -2.5Ghz Core i7- with OS 10.9.3) but when I try to access the external card I only get to access the Android,data,DCIM and LOST.DIR I can't go further then the Camera folder. When I copy the DCIM folder whole, it only copies the folder, not the content. If I try to open that folder or copy it to the HD it prompts the error: Can't access device storage. If your device's screen is locked, blahdiblah... How flippin hard can it be to access photos on a phone?!?! Is there a better way to sync photos without copying over the old ones? I have tried Kies, AFT, Airdroid, MobileGo. All to no avail. My Note 3 is running stock Samsung, and has had

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Sunday 27th of July 2014 /
I've been trying to force move apps from internal storage to SD card. I installed Android SDK, installed needed packages,enabled USB debugging, connected my phone to computer, but then I got an error in cmd: 1) This is what I got after I copy/pasted platform-tool folder location [I was told to do in one video] 2)And this is what I got when I copy/pasted tool folder location [I was told to do in another tutorial] Do you know what might the problem be? How to fix it? Or maybe you know a forum or a video where it is explaned how to force move apps to SD card (if you do, please, leave a link). Thank you.

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Issue with new 64gb SD card Not Recognized by PC Adapter

Thursday 11th of September 2014 /
I wasn't sure of the right place to post this, couldn't find the forum moderator to pm, and I can't post in Android Questions for some reason, so I am posting this here.I bought a 64gb sandisk SD card that was new but the package was opened, so it might be a counterfeit. My computer doesn't recognize it when I use the microsd transflash to sdxc/sdhc adapter that it came with or with a dedicated usb adapter. My pc does recognize a 32gb and a 16gb sd card with the dedicated adapter. It is recognized by my LG Optimus L70 running kitkat. The issue I have is how do I copy over files on the ext4 link2sd partition to the new card? I can copy over the fat32 files by sharing them with the droid smb server, but wouldn't the ext4 Linux permissions be lost when shared on my wifi lan? I have yet to find a "root" smb server or ftp server that can share the /data partition, but I'm still looking.Is this normal behavior for a 64gb sdxc card?

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How do I save Documents to my SD card now in Kit-Kat?

Thursday 02nd of October 2014 /
Before, using other versions of Android, I was able to save all my Documents, Games or what ever to my Micro SD card (external storage). Now that I have upgraded to Kit-Kat, I no longer can, due to Google. Here is the link for more info: KitKat and SD cards — what's fixed, what's broken and what's misunderstood | Android Central My question is, has anyone found an app or work around for this other than Rooting? I purposely bought a bigger SD card to hold all my Pic's, Doc's and/or apps. Now it's just a storage device that I can access from time to time, but can't make changes to any Documents I might have. I would have to save it to my PC then copy it to the SD card. Too much work when you're out all the time.

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