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Steps To How To Root and Unroot, And Features of rooting :)

Wednesday 02nd of May 2012 /
Rooting For Galaxy Y Advantages of rooting .."Rooting" your Android phone does afford you numerous benefits, including;1.Running special applications-Superuser is an app that can only be run on a rooted Android phone. This allows you to control which apps have access to the "root" system. Another popular application that "rooting" affords is the ability to tether a computer to your Android phone so that the computer can access the Internet using the phone's data connection. Another program can allow your Android to be used as a WiFi Hotspot without having to pay your provider for the feature.2.Freeing up memory-When you install an app on your phone, it is stored on the phone's memory. "Rooting" allows you to move installed applications to your SD card, thus freeing up system memory for additional files or apps.3.Custom ROM's-This is the most powerful feature of "rooted" phones. There are hundreds of custom ROM's that can do anything from speeding up the processing speed of your phone to changing the entire look and feel of your phone

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Droid Incredible - How to WiFi Tether on the Incredible

Sunday 18th of July 2010 /
So it took me quite a while to get this to work, so I thought I would save all of you Incredible owners an easy step by step guide with the proper files to turn your Incredible in to a WiFi hotspot.1. Download the WiFi apk file to your PC.2. Download the .bin file taken from an HTC Evo system dump, put it on your PC as well. It is important to do this WITH a PC, for some reason it wouldnt work when I did all the steps from the phone itself.3. Hook your phone to the PC and mount your SD card.4. Open the SD Card and create a folder called android.tether in the root of your SD Card (that means not in any folders)5. Now, move both the apk file and bin file to this newly created folder6. Disconnect the phone from the PC, open up a file manager on the phone and navigate to the android.tether folder7. Click the apk file to install the WiFi app8. Once it is completed installing, reboot the phone.9. Once the phone turns back on, go to the app drawer and run the WiFi program, you dont need to change any settings, just click on the screen where it says 'touch to start'10. You will need to allow

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How to Free Up More Storage Space on Your Android Phone

Thursday 08th of July 2010 /
Many complaints have come in from Android users about limited memory space. After installing just a few of their favorite applications, they had little memory left. This is because prior to 2.1 you were not able to save your applications on your memory card. This will all change once Android 2.2 is released, but that leaves many of us stuck with low storage since not everyone will get the update. Apps2SD is a program that will allow you to move your software to your memory card thus freeing up valuable space. Please do not do this with less than a class 4 SD card as it may eject and you will have a whole other set of issues. It is recommended to get a class 6 SD card if you are wanting to try this. At the present time there is no official support for this but you will be able to install this on most android devices. Make sure to back up everything because doing this will wipe out your SD card. To see a complete set of instructions, go here you want to avoid this trouble, clear some cache out of some of the programs you are running and a

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Vizio tablet cannot access SD card

Saturday 24th of September 2011 /
Just an interesting thing I ran across with my new Vizio tablet. There is no way to store anything to or use the SD card except to plug it into you computer and write to it that way. By using that built in software and choosing an app, when you say move to SD card that tablet moves it to internal ram of which there is only 2.4GB available. I called tech support 5 times and every time they had no idea how to use the SD card for storage. They even suggested I use App2sd to move them and it still accesses internal ram only. After numerous calls, they said they may fix the problem but they can't guarantee that they ever will so they won't even say a time frame. They are trying to tell me that the operating system won't allow direct access to the SD card. I told them that was odd since my android phone has no trouble doing it. I can't believe anyone would release a tablet that can't use the SD card especially since they don't have that much internal ram available for storage. I'm crossing my fingers hoping they will resolve it but it doesn't sound hopeful. Has anyone else had any proble

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Confused how to root my phone

Saturday 04th of May 2013 /
I have an old model (ZTE KIS), which has a tiny internal memory.I want to root the phone so that I can uninstall the bloatware and move a couple of the apps to the SD card (starting, of course, with a Nandroid Backup). This will allow me to install apps, such as antivirus, which don't fit at the moment.I've spent ages Googling, but I just cannot figure out how to root. I find either a bunch of spammy advertising sites or instructions that are badly written and so I cannot understand them.Is there a simple-to-follow method (for dummies like me)? I am guessing that there are instructions on this forum, but I have been unable to find any.I know Linux well, though not Android specifically; I've learned how to boot my phone into Recovery Mode; and I've successfully used the ADT bundle (to move downloaded apps to the SD card).But I don't know how to root the phone! Please help me to find some instructions.

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List of Android Apps that store on SD Card

Sunday 15th of May 2011 /
Hello I was wondering if there is a recent list of android apps that will allow you to store them on the SD card exclusively instead of the internal memory. I am mainly looking for apps that will allow me to move them to the SD card.This is my first Android phone. I knew about the short comings of this phone (LG Optimus V) but wasn't aware of how small the internal memory was. You would of thought the makers of the phone would of added more internal memory to it. I like the flexibility of the Android phones but will mainly use my Ipod Touch 4th Gen for most of my apps as I have no limitations.Thanks for the help.

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After Froyo Update Enable Move Apps to SD Card

Monday 28th of June 2010 /
This might have been posted elsewhere, but figured I'd remind people how to enable the Move Apps to SD Card. Credit goes to grellanl on the Engadget Froyo Update comments. (This does NOT require rooting) -First thing you need to do is Download the SDK from Google at:http : / / the install, be sure to add the USB driver-Connect your N1 with Froyo to your computer via USB-On your N1 go to Settings - Development and check the box next to USB debugging-For Windows users, on your PC, open a Command Prompt, get to the ools directory of the just installed SDK package-Type in the following command: adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2 Now you are able to move apps to your SD card. This command does the following:1) Sets default install location to SD card2) Allows you to install apps where the dev hasn't gotten around to setting the 'install to SD' flag yet(It doesn't allow you to install apps to SD where the dev has specifically *blocked* it though).

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Moving apps to the SD card on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Tuesday 11th of June 2013 /
Apps-to-SD support is coming to the Galaxy S4 in a new software update - here's how to use it.Samsung's answer to the controversy over storage space on the Galaxy S4 has been to resurrect an old Android feature -- the ability to move apps to your SD card. By offloading heavier apps to your expandable storage (the S4 supports microSDXC cards up to 64GB) you're able to save precious internal storage for other stuff, like the many apps that can't be moved to the SD card. That's right, just like in the Froyo (Android 2.2) days, developers have to specifically allow you to move apps to the SD card, and some popular apps don't support the feature.Nevertheless, if you're big on gaming, the latest mobile titles can take several hundred megabytes each, and the ability to move these apps to the SD card is a great way to save space. The update to allow apps to be moved to the SD card is rolling out now to unlocked German Galaxy S4s, and other regions and carriers should follow in the weeks ahead.In the meantime, you can check past the break for our video walkthrough

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How to move to external storage

Saturday 30th of November 2013 /
I have moved to the external storage SD Card all of my Google Play apps. It is simple just download SDMove app at on your Slate 7. It is found under System DIRECTORY. Then access downloads in ROOT DIRECTORY or whatever the middle touch button is on bottom. Allow in settings apps not from Google Play. And then hold the SDMove app in the ROOT DIRECTORY listing to place on desktop. Then run it. It listed all my apps and I can move them to external storage. Simpsons Tagged Out with all your updates and FIFA 14 big monster additional size download, and Madden 25 same as FIFA 14 here I come.

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Can't move app to SD card or take screen shot: must I root?

Thursday 13th of March 2014 /
I have a Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE and a 16GB SD card. Mr. Hildebrand's excellent editorial makes me think--as my only association with the word "rooting" is "avocado pit"--I am one of those who ought not to try rooting my phone.However there are two things I want to do. I wonder if anyone can tell me how to do them without rooting.(1) I want to store one large app--The Simpsons Tapped Out--on my SD card. I tried installing an app I thought would allow me to move the game app--App 2 SD--but it only produced a list of apps that CAN be moved to my SD card: "TSTO" is on this list. I found in forums instructions purportedly for my phone, telling me I could move an app to the SD card by choosing the "move" button in Applications Manager. I have no such button. (I have Android version 4.1.2)So: is there any way for me to move an app to my SD card without rooting my phone? (2) I also read online that I can take a screenshot with my phone by pressing the power button and the down-volume button at the same time. This turns down my volume and then tu

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