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customize the home double tap

Friday 24th of September 2010 /
as a user of power strip, i was extremely frustrated when i realized that the native double-tap function overrides whatever you set power strip to. coming from a droid 1 and cyanogenmod, i knew that there must be a way to take this function over. after doing a lot of searching i came across this: Disabling/customizing the double tap home - Android Forumsin that post zlandau mentions to edit a line in a database table in /data/data/ 352 has a value of 'double_tap'. zlandau mentions to change that value to "<program>/<activity>"assuming that this method will work for what i want to do [restore double tap to power strip], i'm not sure how to call the app properly. if someone's able to help me out with this i'm pretty sure it will benefit everyone, as it will finally provide a means to disable/customize the function.

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How to stop or start music with phone locked?

Wednesday 09th of November 2011 /
I'm new to Android after being an iPhone user from the very beginning. I'm getting used to the UI and even enjoying it, but one of my gripes is being able to access basic controls of the music player when the phone is locked. On the iPhone, I could double tap the home button and pause, skip forward and back and adjust volume without having to unlock. Surely this is a feature I simply haven't figured out yet on my new Android 2.3.4 phone (Sony Ericsson Arc S)? Mark

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Double tap ....from a electronic work place fix

Monday 11th of March 2013 /
I just had some one(old couple not into computers) show up and had this weird thing to where only double tapping fast would work....I did a factory reset and still the double tap continued but instead of it being for everything it was only for the lock screen. There gone now but how do you fix this? Sent from my GT-N8013 using Android Central Forums

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How can I change the double-tap zoom in the Android browser?

Thursday 25th of August 2011 /
I like to use double-tap to zoom in on web pages with small text. (Multitouch pinching has been hard for me to get the hang of.)It very often zooms too far, though. Is there a way I can get it to zoom in a little less on a double-tap?

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HTC Sense UI Browser vs Stock Android Browser. Different Pinch-To-Zoom Behavior

Thursday 17th of June 2010 /
How many of you guys noticed this? Pinch-to-zoom on the HTC Evo 4G's browser behaves differently than on a stock Android browser. It's driving me crazy! Evo Browser's pinch-to-zoom causes all the text on the screen to move around. Take a look at this short 20 second video To see more of what I mean, watch this longer video Basically, pinch-to-zoom is recalculating the layout on the Evo, while the layout is unchanged in the stock Android browser. The double-tap-to-zoom behavior are the same, and depends on what you set in your Settings. Anyone know how we can get the stock Android browser's pinch-to-zoom behavior? Dolphin Browser HD has the same problem on the Evo but not on the Droid. It's using the underlying browser for rendering I'm guessing.

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Knock Knock: How to turn on the LG G2 without the power button

Thursday 29th of August 2013 /
One of my favorite features in the LG G2 is the ability to wake the phone without using the power button by tapping twice on the screen. Called "Knock Knock" or "Knock On," it's sort of a necessary side effect from the power button being on the back of the phone. You might want to wake the phone to see a notification, but not necessarily pick it up to do so.Nokia has done this in the past, and you can get the same sort of feature with a custom kernel. But this is the first time we've seen an Android manufacturer build it in.And, so, we knock. Or tap. A double rap on the dark display wakes the phone. From there, you can double tap again on the lock screen to put it back to sleep.With the power button on the back of the phone, LG needed a new way to wake it up.Now this doesn't work everywhere, for the obvious reasons. You can't just go around double-tapping the display while you're in an app, or on widgets on the home screen. That'd break how apps and widgets work.But you can "knock knock" on a black space on a home screen— o

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Double tap to launch Google now not S-voice

Saturday 31st of August 2013 /
Anyone know how to make the double tap home button launch Google Now not S-Voice?? Sent from my Galaxy s3 using Android Central Forums

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How to get Double Tap 2 Wake on Nexus 5

Monday 25th of November 2013 /
Hey there people, I am brand new to this Android stuff, pretty wicked so far, coming from an iPhone. Now that you all know that, I have no idea what to do with all this "rooted" or "bricked" stuff. All i want is i had tried an LG G2 for a week, and loved it, then my Nexus 5 I ordered come in, so I have that now. I love it so far, but I miss the "Double Tap 2 wake" feature. Can i get, in as easy way possible, how to do this? I've been searching and it is kind of confusing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Google removes 300ms touch input lag in Chrome 32 for Android

Friday 13th of December 2013 /
Google is introducing yet another tweak in Chrome for Android designed to speed up browsing. The development team has managed to remove the annoying lag that you may have experienced when tapping buttons on your smartphone or tablet touchscreen.Right now, there’s a delay of 300ms in Chrome (and most other mobile browsers) between when you tap and when that interaction actually triggers an event. Why? Because your device is pausing momentarily to make sure you aren’t going to double-tap to zoom.Now, it’s possible that some folks might actually find double-tap to zoom useful, but Google’s spent a lot of time analyzing mobile browsing data to see just how many people would be affected.Since they’re only removing the 300ms pause when a user visits a mobile-optimized site, the impact should be minimal. On a site that’s mobile-friendly, the double-tap doesn’t do much anyway — typically just zooming in a barely-noticeable amount. Pinch-to-zoom still works after the modification in Chrome 32, so it’s not as if you can’t zoom at all.

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How to disable double tap on motox android smartphone

Wednesday 08th of April 2015 /
Can not stop double tap.

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