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Coby Kyros MID7010 (MID 7010) FACTORY RESET, Rooting, Android Market

Friday 18th of May 2012 /
Below is the procedure to FACTORY REST, ROOT AND MArket installation for COBY KYROS MID7010 or MID 7010 Tablet owners stuck at white boot screen OR android OS not loading after any manipulation with the firmware OR interested in rooting and installing google market.FACTORY RESET Steps:1. Turn OFF the device 2. Make sure its turned OFF3. Press and hold simultaneously POWER, BACK (return) and HOME buttons 4. The device turns on with COBY logo, keep pressing......5. After about 10 to 15 seconds the display asks to press the keys again within 5 secs to factory reset the device. 6. LEAVE the power button now while still pressing HOME and BACK keys7. FActory reset is initiated!TO INSTALL MARKET AND ROOT:1. Run SuperOneClickv2.3.2-ShortFuse.zip2. Will prompt to force install drivers ( if the adb device drivers not available), accept and sit back! the program will not respond for a while 10-15mins and prompts back that the drivers are installed.3. Run root!4. Open root explorer or any file browser accepting root, browse to system/app copy all files in attached folder (apks) here, if prompts

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Stuck at Boot Screen

Friday 06th of May 2011 /
Stuck at Boot Screen Hi,So part of my problem started with some directory listings being in Chinese, even though I changed the language settings and also Location. So I choose the option to reset to defaults and the system powered down and them began its boot up sequence and is now stuck at the boot screen with an image of the Android guy and the build Android 2.2 title below.I have tried using the tablet hocked to a notebook pc and a desktop pc but as USB debugging is not currently enabled I can't view the internal card. Is there any way to bring this system back to life. I imagine that I need to run a setup file to reset the config? Is there a button/power combination that will allow a re-install?Thanks in advance for any help,System as follows:Model # : FR-809CPU : Freescale A8 (Mx515)CPU : 1GHzMemory : DDR2 512MBBuilt in Memory: 4GB NAND flashOperating system : Android 2.2

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Stuck on "HTC quietly brilliant" screen after attempt at flashing CM10.1

Monday 18th of March 2013 /
Hi, first post here, and this is a bit of an emergency I've rooted and flashed ROMs onto Android phones before so I'm not a complete n00b; at one point I was flashing different ROMs onto my HTC Incredible S weekly just to try them out. Recently, I've got my hands on the HTC One X, and I decided to put CM10.1 onto it. I followed the instructions to unlock bootloader and install CWM , and I followed the instructions to install a nightly CM10.1 build . Everything was going perfectly fine, until I rebooted and was left stuck at the "HTC quietly brilliant" screen for over 10 minutes. After around 15 minutes, I decided to reboot to bootloader, flash my Nandroid backup and start fresh (like I've done before with my IncS a few times). However, the nandroid restore was also stuck at the boot screen for 15 minutes as well. I then tried the instructions to get out of the logo screen. No progress. I've tried everything: wiping cache, dalvik cache, system, data, fastboot cache, flashing a "stock" boot.img (which may have been quite old) and trying to install the ROM multiple

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Help! Tab is Stuck in a Loop

Friday 12th of August 2011 /
I downloaded a game from the marketplace (one of the featured games so I don't think it was corrupted) and during startup of the game my tab froze. I restarted and now it's stuck in the boot loop of the Samsung startup screen (animation and then the glowing Samsung logo). I've never rooted this Tab and it had just gotten TW with last week's update. I tried to hold down the power and volume up keys at the same time but it didn't do anything. Went to the Samsung site to look for solutions and of course it was useless. Does anyone know the proper way to reset this (at this point I don't care if the settings are wiped)? I'm looking for a consumer way out and hopefully don't have to learn root, load firmware, etc. EDIT: Okay looking the around the internet I saw that you can reboot another way: hold down the volume down key and then the power button. Now I have two icons on the screen: something that looks like a mailbox with an arrow pointing down to the a small android guy AND on the right another icon with the android guy and the word 'Downloading...' underneath (this icon is flashin

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Stuck at white boot screen and home button not functioning

Thursday 17th of June 2010 / I rooted a while back and was currently running the Pure Hero rom. This morning the home button on the phone wasn't working so I rebooted. At boot I didn't get past the black HTC screen and after a few minutes the screen went to the white one with the skateboarding droids. I was able to get into recovery mode (black screen/green text) but can't do anything because the home button is not functional. The trackball works to select, but the back button doesn't work either (have to use the menu button to go back.) I tried using adb to either flash a ROM or nandroid recover, but I'm not that versed in Android. All I really want is to go back to 1.5 stock so I can take the phone in for the button issue (if it's a physical problem). How do I use adb to get back to stock? ADB recognizes the sd card and files on it, I just don't know how to get the recovery image to run. I also tried to RUU the official Sprint 2.1 but the phone isn't being recognized via USB. Gotta go to work, won't be back until after 10pm Central time. Thanks in advanced for any help. wkj

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Htc Inspire stuck at white (BOOT) screen after software update

Monday 22nd of October 2012 /
Hi everyone. I'm new here and new to HTC/ android phones. I recently tried upgrading my htc inapire 4G to the newest software At&T has. Essentially I followed all the steps but when the installation was finished the phone just wouldn't go past the White screen. I av tried battery pull numerous times. Have even tried recovery, factory reset, wipe cache but nothing seems to work. Whenever I choose the recovery option a green circular arrws comes on the phone screen but is quickly replaced by a phone icon with a red triangle next to it. I really don't know what next n i'm frustrated. Anyone knows what the symbol means or how to fix the situation. Any advice/ suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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i formatted boot system and data...

Friday 25th of November 2011 /
Like a moron, I assumed all android devices are the same, and I formatted my system, boot and data in the process of flashing a ROM. Now, my nook is stuck at the black screen with the n symbol in the middle and the words "contains reader mobile technology by adobe systems incorporated" at the bottom. please tell me I didn't just break this thing...

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My LG Motion 4G is stuck at the bootup screen!!!

Wednesday 28th of August 2013 /
I have an MetroPCS LG Motion 4G LTE that I've had for a while! So I rooted it and everything was fine, it's been rooted for a couple weeks and no problem. So I wanted to change my fonts on my phone so I went to the app store and found an app called Custom Android Font Switcher, so I installed that along with BusyBox! After I went to change my font to Sonic Comic or something like that, this is when the problem started!So after I pressed okay to select the font install it rebooted my phone and has been stuck on the boot up screen all night! It will not pass the MetroPCS boot up screen at all. So I did the factory reset by pressing the volume down button, home button, and power button! I factory reset it and It went to the Android man with a Blue thing in his stomach! So it went past that and so I tried to reboot it, and nothing! It's still stuck at the metropcs boot up screen!!! So, I found a forum post on how to unbrick my phone and have done all the steps except download the torrent. When I go to download the LG MS770 10c Firmware (MS77010c_03) from the forum Help the forums by seed

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Tablet Bricked: Stuck at boot screen. HELP!!!!!!

Tuesday 21st of January 2014 /
Recently I have rooted my android tablet and I was exploring what I could do. One guy was telling me about an app that can help with performance in game(ChainFire 3D). He said it lowers the pixels in the game to help it run better. I tapped the install button and it said rebooting now. It then started to reboot but then proceeded to get stuck at the boot screen. I tried doing a hard reset but it is still stuck. I have also tried flashing the stock rom, but I get installation aborted when I try and install it. is there anything you suggest I do because I am stuck and I would love to get my tablet back. Thanks in advance and if you're having the problem too, please comment saying you are so I don't feel alone on this.

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RCA Tablet stuck at logo boot screen

Sunday 06th of April 2014 /
Hello, I have a 7" RCA Tablet Dual core. Model RCT6378W2. The Tablet started getting slow with loading web pages and apps. So I turned it off and restarted it. It started up and stopped at the RCA logo screen. It will not progress past that screen. I have gone into the Android system recovery screen, performed a factory reset, and wiped the cache, but still no luck. I have searched on the internet to see if I could find either a stock ROM or a custom ROM to try and reload the OS, but am having no luck with that either. I have also attempted to root it using Kingo, but it won't recognize it since I can't turn on the USB debugging mode (This tablet was not previously rooted BTW). I'm not really sure where to go with this. Is there any hope for getting it working again, or is a just a paper weight now?

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