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Motorola Droid Razr, after ICS, can't change the incoming call answer screen

Monday 25th of February 2013 /
My phone: unrooted original Droid Razr + ICS + Go Launcher I hate the default ICS incoming call answer screen (see below) as I'd touch one of the button by accident when I was just trying to pull the phone out of my pocket. However it's surprisingly hard to change that! I tried Go Locker with "slide to answer call" feature, "Slide Answer Unlock" app and several other similar apps without any success. The new call-answer screen would show up but it overlap on top of the original answer screen. So, yeah it worked to a degree because I'd no longer answer the call by accident but it's so stupid that I need to do 2 things to just answer a call. How do I get rid of the default screen?? Thanks.

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Can't answer call

Monday 22nd of March 2010 /
Two times I have not been able to swipe the green call answer key to receive a incoming call......and then after several times just tapping on the screen or trying to swipe to answer call, it brings me directly to the home screen and I have no function to pressing any keys / icons.....Both times this happened I had to do a battery pull as even the power down button would not let me choose to turn off the Droid.I don't know if this is common or if this is an application that conflicts with the answer call key or whatever else.Could it be related to installing LockBot (free)....or even installing Dialer One?Anyone experience this problem?The following is what I have installed:Advanced Task KillerBattery Status ProColor NoteDialer OneHandcent SMSLockBot (free)Meebo IMProfilesPandoraPro Paint CameraWeather BugQuick Tip Calculator

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Answer call with hardware button

Friday 08th of February 2013 /
Hi I appreciate if someone can point out for me if there is anyway I can answer call with hardware (physical) buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Note I (N7000) ? The phone is not rooted (and I don't want to root it).I heard there were people able to do that with other Samsung Galaxy phones, but I can't figure out how...Thank you thank you!

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Unable to answer call waiting, Window overlap

Sunday 08th of September 2013 /
grrrrrrrrrr......The call description window overlaps the call waiting selection window when I receive a call. I'm unable to answer call waiting. I tried a lot of options, unsuccessful so far. Please help. Phone Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

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S4 air call gestures now in your android mobile with Answer in Air app

Monday 09th of December 2013 /
With “Answer In Air” (AIA) Wave twice to Answer or reject phone calls without touching the Mobile.AIA provides different features.1.Answer or Reject Calls waving twice near the sensor.2.Answer call with loud speaker ON or OFF.3.Pocket/ Flip Case mode. In this mode you can Answer or Reject Calls by waving twice.4.At any time if you want to switch off capturing call in Main Menu.Advantages:1.Waving twice to Answer or Reject calls. You can be free to wave twice else in single wave by mistake you can attend the call or reject.2.Most of us keep the device in pocket or now a day’s smart phone comes with default case covers. In single wave we face lot of problems. This is the reason Pocket mode is designed for you.Features:1.Answer Calls. (Free Version)2.Answer Calls with Speaker On. (PAID Version)3.Reject Calls. (Free Version)4.Pocket Mode. (Free Version)5. Reject and Callback. (PAID Version)Note: Please download the Free version before purchasing the PAID Version.In case of issue please feel free to contact me. I will sure help you solving the issues related to AIA.Stay

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Home Button to answer calls instead of sliding to answer call for Kit Kat

Monday 17th of February 2014 /
I am new to the whole rooted thing and I just installed Cyanogenmod 11 for my S3 AT&T phone. There are some features I don't like compared to stock so I am trying to change the features for a more easier operation. It is for Kit Kat, not the older android versions. Anyways... straight to the point. First , Change or add the option of pressing the home button to answer calls OR press a button on the screen to answer the call instead of sliding to answer call. Second thing is the dialer mode when the call is being answered/taking place. I prefer the bottom buttons to be like the stock software where the icons are big. Especially the speaker button which is so small on the bottom screen when you have a big screen to begin with. Thank you, much appreciated.

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Headphones only work if I press and hold the answer-call button

Monday 17th of March 2014 /
Hi, the title pretty much sums it up.I bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and the headphones that came with it were working fine until some point that after I took them out and put them in again, they wouldn't work. I found out later that if hold the answer call button they work just fine. Later I tried with other headphones from a old HTC. Same story, they worked fine for like a day and next day wouldn't work properly unless I pressed and hold the answer-call button in the phones near the micro. Both phones work normally if I connect them to the PC.Any idea?PS: Sorry if this is a repost, I searched and didn't find any solution regarding this.

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GS3 answer call swipe not displaying

Wednesday 12th of November 2014 /
When I receive calls, the answer call swipe does not appear on the touch screen and not displaying the caller. I cannot answer calls and wait for the message and then call them back. Very annoying since I cannot answer calls as I receive them. This happened right after update.

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Answer call - work for you?

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 /
Not sure whether this is a wear question or a ZenWatch question, but does answer call do anything for you? Reject call works, but answer call does nothing. 5.0.1 ZenWatch, 4.4.4 phone, Note 3 (vzw) . Posted via Android Central App

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cant seem to answer incoming calls error message when ever i slide to answer call

Monday 15th of June 2015 /
Dear Sir,i have a serious concern with my Model Tecno H7 and Andriod Version 4.2.2.I cant seem to answer incoming calls error message when ever i slide to answer call "unfortunately, the process has stopped"Please how can i resolve thisRegards

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