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Broken seal packaging

Tuesday 04th of December 2012 /
Just got my Nexus 10 in today and noticed one of the two seals is broken and the other is about to rip. Everything is in the box that I could see, but not sure if the tablet itself had not been tampered or swapped out. Called Google and they said I could either send it back for a replacement or get a refund. They believe the box hasn't been tampered with and have received others calls with the same issue. This is disappointing for my very first Google Nexus purchase and a big hassle to get it shipped back and wait for a replacement. What do you guys think, should I keep it or replace it? I turned it on and everything seems ok so far. Anyone else have this issue with the broken seals? Other forums are reporting this as well, seems like it's not an isolated case.

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[tutorial] Complete Tear Down of a Coby Kyros (Should Work for Most Cobys)

Wednesday 27th of June 2012 /
Here's a tutorial i made on how to completely take apart a Coby Kyros. As i stated in the title this should work for most models, but in my case i am taking apart a MID7024.If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on my YouTube video. Just so you know, i will probably reply faster on my YouTube video.If anyone buy chance has a broken tablet with a working 7 inch touchscreen please let me know.

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Can anyone recommend a movie player that we can access? 9742-8

Thursday 10th of May 2012 /
Let me start by saying that I am not going to root this device. I don't have the skill set to to this, odds are 10-1 in favor of me bricking the device if I try. I'd rather have a device that meets 90% of my needs without rooting than a broken device that does nothing.I am looking for a movie player that will play movies in .mov format (apple). We had a Kyros 1125 that we cracked the screen on, and paid to send it off to Coby for a screen repair. Instead of fixing it, they sent us a 9742-8, which in most ways is a nicer tablet, but I can't get the former google market on it. All we have is Amazon and Getjar. Our movie player on the 1125 was rockplayer lite. It did everything we wanted.Can anyone tell me how to get this APK without rooting? Or another free movie player that will play movies on this tablet?Thank you for your time, and your patience with someone who doesn't have the skills to hack a tablet.

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anyone with a broken tablet...?

Sunday 06th of June 2010 /
i picked up an apad 7" with the rockchip processor and i cracked the digitizer. if anyone has a non-functioning tablet or knows where to buy the touch screen digitizer please let me know!

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Zepad C91 memory card slot broken, freezes on start up screen

Wednesday 20th of June 2012 /
Hi,I have received a C91 tablet back from one of my customers and he clearly has broken the sd card slot himself..But that's not the big issue, the tablet keeps hanging on the start up screen (android letters)The software is android 4 and is running on a 512mb Zepad tablet, my question is if there is any other way to set it to default factory settingsor update the software without an sd card? i have tried it with an Sandisk usb card reader but it won't recognizeReset button isn't working and start-up camera button does, but it won't recognize anything because the sd card is not in.I also think that the usb card reader won't recognize because it first needs to be installed when running the android tablet properly, because i have tried on another c91 and there it is working fine.I don't know if anyone can help me, i'm really stuck on this oneSorry for my English, greets from the Netherlands

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Idolian Idopad, broken power connector

Wednesday 04th of July 2012 /
Hey Everybody,Just registered on this forum. I have a Idolian Idolpad that has a broken power connector. I've tried to e-mail Idolian several times with no response. Tablet is under warranty and obviously they don't want to stand behind what they sell.Can anyone give me insight on how to disassemble this Idolpad? Is it a lot like the china tablets? Thought I'd take it apart and see if I can resolder the power connector.Thanks,

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Archos 101 Board Needed - Where To Get one?

Friday 22nd of July 2011 /
Hey all,I registered on this forum in order to post this question, so please forgive any newbness that arises as a result.A friend of mine owns an Archos 101 and it suffered a tragic accident rendering the power adapter port broken. I am an engineer and tried my best to resolder the connectors back on, but his dad had already done quite a bit of damage with his own soldering equipment. I have performed numerous tests on the board and can't quite seem to get it up and running again.Every other part of the tablet is in good shape - screen, battery, case, etc., so I am looking to replace just the mainboard so that this device doesn't go to waste.Where on Earth can I get a new motherboard for this? I am willing to pay, of course, but not the full price of the device (at that point I would just buy a used one). If anyone has a tablet with a broken screen or something, please get in touch with me. Thanks very much!Stephen

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Tabeo 2 BROKEN!

Thursday 17th of April 2014 /
So I have been doing phone and tablet repairs for a while and my children both have a tabeo 2. Now my son has broken the digitizer on his tabeo and I figured ill just order a new one and get this fixed in a jiff, WRONG! Seems to be near impossible to find a digitizer for this as well as a non working unit with a digitzer intact. Does anyone know where I may be able to find a digitizer for this device? Its actually an Archos tablet model# AC80CP2. However google does not pull up anything for it and I've checked with many electronics suppliers to find the part and no luck. The digitizer is manufactured by Raece and is model# F0425 KDX. 8" capacitive touch digitizer. Anyone know where I might be able to find something like this?

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Need dummy-proof screen protector! (Possibly shatterproof?)

Thursday 14th of August 2014 /
I'm thinking of buying a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 addition tablet. At this point after looking at all my options I'm getting ready to pull the trigger but after reading some of the threads in this forum about screen cracking, I'm feeling a bit paranoid. I'm really bad with dropping electronics, and I do not want to wind up with a cracked screen, however I've heard even the Poetic cases can't save the fragile 10 inch glass of the galaxy note. I was looking into tempered glass screen overlays, but half of what I will be using this tablet for is drawing and pen sensitivity is important. It's the number 1 reason I decided on this tablet. Can anyone with a screen protector give me some ideas about pen functionality with it? Has anyone dropped their tablet with a screen protector on it? Has anyone had their glass break with one on? I've seen too many broken screens to feel safe without the best protection I can buy. A warranty is an option but they only cover you for 2 years and I'm hoping to extend the life of my tablet to at least double that, so investing in a protector now might save me

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Broken tablet screen

Sunday 17th of August 2014 /
Does anyone know of a place that can fix a cracked tablet screen of any sort in auckland for a cheap price please urgently need help with that

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