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Monday 25th of November 2013 /
Has anyone found a Android AOSP Browser with no root required? The previous one I've used no longer works on KitKat.

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[4.4.2] Smasher X-6.0- (for most devices) [AOSP][Wave Control][Pie][Multiview][ROM]

Monday 14th of April 2014 /
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This system is based off CyanogenMod Aosp Kitkat 4.4.2 system. Some other device's (Being older) may be on an earlier android system. NOTE!!: I did not make this CM base system, I only improved and tweaked settings. ----------------------------------------------------- What works: (Most of the devices) Calling MMS/SMS Data GPS ----------------------------------------------------- Whats working on Note 3 Devices: Spen: Basics- Multi Tasking menu Pop up windows (Coming soon, already working though) Download notepad apps if wanted. Wave/Air Commands/Hover Controls (coming soon to all devices -6.0-: Basics- Change/Pause/Launch Music Player Air command (Even when screens off, if wanted) Answer/Reject/Silent Air commands ----------------------------------------------------- Features: *MultiVeiw *Spen (For some devices only) *Smart Launcher *Pie control *MultiThemes (Launcher & CM11) *Playerpro (Free) *PC Remote *Pop up Browser & Youtube *Dolphin Browser *Portal (multivi

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Javelin Browser - AdBlock, KitKat transparency, Multi-Windows, Reading mode

Saturday 31st of May 2014 /
Hello everyone, I'm the dev for Javelin Browser. Javelin was launched less than 2 months back. And now, I am putting extra effort in making it work perfect on your device.I think, Javelin browser is the best browser over Chrome or any other browsers, for the following 3 reasons.A - MULTI-TASK truly with Javelin Stack.AKA Link-Bubble functionality. Javelin Stack allows you to Open links in other apps and view in without switching back and forth to the full browser.B - BLOCK annoying adsNative ad-block means faster load speeds, use less data.C - KITKAT TRANSPARENCYJavelin is the ONLY browser that makes full use of KitKat's transparent status and navigation bars so you can view the entire website on your screen.Other Javelin features:1-touch navigation gesturesBuilt-in VPNUses AOSP WebViewReading modeDOWNLOAD JAVELIN BROWSER: COMMUNITY (for beta releases): Javelin Browser(How Javelin Stack works)(Javelin Browser)------------------What do you think?Fe

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[APP][TUT] Installing Google Dialer manually!

Saturday 21st of June 2014 /
GOOGLE DIALERGoogle's Dialer With Built-in Search Is Exclusive To Nexus And GPE Devices, But You Can Install It Manually On Other KitKat ROMsDO AT YOUR OWN RISK! THE ANDROIDPHORUN AND I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR POSSIBLE DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE!Of all the announced*new features of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4/KiKat, one of the cooler ones was a new dialer colloquially known as the "KitKat dialer." It features a revamped UI and includes the ability to search for businesses, contacts, etc. right from inside the dialer. It also features*internet-based caller ID. The name "KitKat dialer," however, is not entirely accurate.Background:Google Dialer (its official name) is not technically part of KitKat because it is not included in AOSP. It is a closed-source alternative to the regular AOSP dialer, much in the way that Google Play Music replaces the AOSP music app and Chrome replaces the AOSP browser. The name "KitKat dialer" refers to the fact that Google launched it on the Nexus 5, which was KitKat's launch device.Unlike one of the other new apps introduced alo

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