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You can get the update 4.04, the APN solution is very simple.

Thursday 07th of March 2013 /
APN solution for the HTC One S after the update.Hi Friends,You can get the HTC update on the One S with no problem, the APN "lock" or change solution is very simple.I got the update and for setting the new APN for simple mobile use the instructions from the Simple Mobile Support Page, click: phone programming, then use the Android 4.0 & 4.1 instructions.The problem is that on the Approved phone programming page they forgot an important information that is on the other programming page.SOLUTION:In the step 6 you have to write the APN Type: default,supl,mms,adminIf this part is left blank, the phone will not set this new APN as default.You have to set a new default for the APNIf the APN TYPE is left blank the phone will go to the default that is one of the T-Mobile locked APNs.There is no problem with the update or the phone, you should

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HTC Vivid with straight talk problems

Sunday 13th of January 2013 /
I have a HTC Vivid that i used when I had att...i recently decided to go to straighttalk so i bought a straighttalk phone..i couldnt make the adjustment from the vivid to the new phone. I decided to use the st sim in the htc vivid and now i cant get the internet or pictures messages. ive went to the st webpage and have changed the apn settings..however i can not get the old apn from att the delete (it has a little lock on it) i can choose to use the new apn but it still doesnt my issue because of the old apn is locked or because of the sim? do i need to buy a new sim onlilne from st or should the sim i received with the phone work? please help thanks

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Galaxy Note not working on 3G and 4G AT&T

Friday 13th of January 2012 /
I bought and used a Korean version of Galaxy Note (LTE with DMB) on SKT network in Korea for a while. I liked it so much that I decided to use back home (USA) on my ATT 3G unlimited plan I keep for iPhone 3GS. Back home, ATT store rep provided me with a sim card, which worked fine for voice. But the internet speed is only 44 kbps with 'G' sign on the top notification area. I tried a lot of APN settings, reboots and hours of tech support form both ATT and SKT in Korea. No success so far. SKT tech support said the phone carries neither country lock nor carrier lock, which seems to be true considering I can use voice on ATT without any problem. They insisted that I need to talk to ATT. When I tried to replace LTE B5 band originally set by SKT (?) with other LTE or WCDMA in the 'band selection', it won't allow it. Only 'Automatic' and 'GSM All' are possible to select. I used SGS Secrete Code app. Phone info:PDA : E160S.EK25.0152PHONE : E160S.EK24.1917.STMOVINAND : EK25BUILD : Fri Nov 25 01:58:03 KST 2011 I wonder if the hardware itself has limitation or it can be solved by some kind o

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APN lock on phone

Saturday 23rd of March 2013 /
I just switched to straight talk from tmobile, I purchased a tmobile sim card from straight talk. Popped it in ported my number and phone service works. I put in the apn settings on the phone and its saved, but after about 10 seconds it goes back to the tmobile apn. It sounds like Tmobile locked the settings on the phone so I cant use another carrier. Is there a way to delete the old tmobile settings, like a factory reset. Or would I have to root the phone? Also for the tmobile apn there is a lock next to it. Thanks for the help.

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RA - 150

Thursday 02nd of August 2012 /
I have a AT&T Samsung SGH-A927 using with Consumer Cellular. Phone works but cannot seem to override the default at&t APN settings for the new consumer cellular settings. Any advice?Already Tried: Have set up new web/brower settings, but it seems at&t has a lock on these since every time I access the web it cannot connect.

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Galaxy s3 Under CM 10 - Anything special for global (GSM) compatibility?

Thursday 10th of January 2013 /
Hello,I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was updated over the air to 4.1.1.I want to (really have to ) root and install CM 10 nightlies, but I need to ensure the phone (voice / data) will work without issues since I will be travelling throughout Europe next week (UK, Italy, Spain).Do I need to install any special apps to manipulate APN settings or will it automatically lock on with the latest Verizon updates?

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Cant make/recieve calls, but 3G works?

Monday 12th of August 2013 /
I just bought a 2nd hand s3 mini off someone as needed a new, cheap phone as a backup mainly..I put my sim card in from my old phone. Factory reset the phone as the previous owner hadnt wiped it themselves and had left the screen lock on it.I have not yet re-set up any accounts such as google myself, as wanted to get it running first.3G/Data works fine on it and downloads or lets me online. However when I try and make any calls, it instantly tells me call ended. Sending texts refuse to send or recieve. Trying to call IN from another phone, just goes straight to voicemail as if the phone is turned off. Had a look around the phone settings, APN seems fine (and indeed should be as im getting a data connection), but when I go to call settings and additional settings, I do get 'network or sim card error'.Just to see if the SIM had a problem, I put it back into my old phone, where it works fine again, so has to be the handset!Any ideas?! Im on o2 pay as you go in the UK. Ive requested a micro sim from them, even though I dont think it'll work as the phone is mini-sim..Cant find any call se

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Help with APN

Tuesday 13th of August 2013 /
I just switched from straight talk from tmobile. I received the unlock code from tmobile but when I put in the straight talk sims card and powered it back on it did not ask me for a sims unlock code. so I was under the impression that the phone was already unlocked. I was able to make call and receive call, I just was not able to access my data. ST walked me through adding a APN however it will not stay on ST new APN that I created, it keeps going back to Tmobile's APN. I noticed that there is a little lock symbol next to the tmoble RPN. I called HTC and they stated that my phone is not completely unlocked. Tmobile is telling me that my phone has to be active in order for them to unlock it, but I have transfered my number over to straight talk. can someone please tell me how I could unlock this phone without having to use the unlock code. im am past frustrated

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ATT Galaxy S3-Consumer Cellular APN settings

Sunday 13th of April 2014 /
I recently switched to CC and have had good service except for a problem with internet. I have spent hours with tech support and have gotten different APN settings. I believe I have the best settings available but still no internet. all other functions are working, I also have a S2 that web browsing works fine. Here are current settings. Any users had this problem? oh yea data is turned on. One tech thought perhaps ATT had some type of APN phone lock on this device?? Thanks in advance, RD in KS LTE APN Settings Name: CC LTE Proxy port: Blank or not set Proxy push: Enabled or None Authentication type: secure, none or not set User Name <blank> Password <blank> APN : ccdataMMSC : MMS Proxy: MMS Port: 80 Authentication Type: none or not set APN Type: default,mms,agps,supl,fota

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Unlocking HTC One - no code needed

Friday 10th of October 2014 /
Here is something odd:Bought 2 locked HTX One phones on eBay. Had similar experiences on both that I want to share. I entered the apn for my new carrier, Consumer Cellular, which works on the AT&T network. The AT&T apn shows with a lock on the screen next to it, and I could not activate the CC apn. I got the unlock code from the previous owner, but needed to insert an active T-Mobile SIM (here in the US) into the phone to get the screen to enter the unlock code. I tried that, but the unlock screen did not come up. But, the T-Mobile logo appeared on the screen and the unit worked in phone mode. Went back home, deleted the Consumer Cellular apn, reentered it again and Voila, I could activate it in place of AT& T. Everything works, including messaging and I assume MMS, but have not tried that yet.So, the unlock code was not needed at all. Why, I do not know, but the same result happened both times. No need to spend $$ on eBay to get the code as it was not needed on either phone.

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