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How do I get more app data storage?

Tuesday 22nd of May 2012 /
I thought the droid incredible was supposed to have 8gb or space for tons of apps at first because I only plan on filling my phone up with apps. Then I see that it only has like 700 for apps and 150 for the data. Then I bought a 16gb sd card and its useless! I still only have 700mb for apps and 150 for data. I move all my apps to sd card but my app data still fills up. How do I get more of that? My app data is now 32mb availiable which is really low. What is using my app data and is it possible to increase it to like 1gb?

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Google Drive Developer features added, including app data folders

Friday 05th of April 2013 /
New Google Drive developer features have been announced on the Google Drive blog, allowing for the service to be used in a safer way by app developers.It seems Googles does not want Google Drive to be just a regular file storage service, and this is proven even more by the new developer features that were announced on the Drive blog. This comes after an earlier-announced feature that allows the hosting of simple websites. The first feature to be added, called app data folders, allows developers to store application data in Drive folders that only the app can access.That way, situations where the user accidentally deletes data (like configuration files, for example) and compromises the functioning of the app can be avoided. Users can see how much data the app is using, though.The second Google Drive developer feature that was announced also caters to developers. This involves the possibility for apps to add custom properties to Drive files, with said properties stored as key/value pairs on the file. That way, the app can create searchable fields, which can be available only to itself

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Low on Space (Phone Memory, NOT application data storage)

Friday 18th of November 2011 /
I am doubtful anybody will have a solution, but here is the problem I am having. I used to occasionally get the "low space" error and I would move an app to the SD, or clear a cache, or uninstall an app I never used, and it would resolve itself.After getting the Gingerbread update on Monday and another software update on Tuesday, I started getting the error again, and was able to make it go away with the same actions listed above.Today, I am getting the error: "Phone storage is is getting low." I don't think this is talking about the "application data storage," because in the settings menu I see that I still have 46MB free out of the total 149MB available. The first couple of times I got the error, I would tap on the notification and it took me to a list of apps and it would show something like "250MB used, 498 free." That didn't seem low to me. Today, in the settings under phone memory it says total space 748MB, available space 0.00MB. When I tap on the low space notification, it is a little different, saying 741MB used, 7.4MB free. Those numb

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Transferring app data

Sunday 30th of October 2011 /
The Galaxy Nexus is going to be my second Android phone, which means this is the first time I'll be faced with the task of transferring app data from my old phone to the new one. I'll reinstall most everything from the Market, but there are some cases where I'm going to want to preserve app data (I'd hate for all of that time spent on Angry Birds to go to waste). In the case of the GN, this is further complicated by the absence of a removable SD card slot. So I just wanted to make sure I know how this is going to work. Not that anybody knows for sure yet, but in theory. I assume the GN will have some part of its internal storage that acts like an SD card, meaning that it's accessible by non-root apps and writeable via USB. Assuming that's the case, I'm thinking all I'd need to do is copy my Titanium Backup folder from my old SD card to my computer, and then from the computer to the Nexus via USB. Then fire up Titanium Backup, and it should magically see all of the backup data; after that restoring should be the same as ever. Does that sound like a reasonable scenario? Or am I missing

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applications - Low on internal data storage - looks like the some apps use a lot!

Wednesday 22nd of September 2010 /
So, looking at the Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook apps for example, the apps themselves only take up 3-4 MB each, but then the app data is like 10+ MB for each. Is that stored data the synced copies of my email inbox, or my twitter feed, or FB feed? And, if so, is there a way for me to limit how much of my phone's internal storage each app gets allocated?

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Galaxy Note II MOD ExtSD2InternalSD Increase DATA storage!

Thursday 17th of January 2013 /
Being able to load app data from your external sdcard has been a necessary mod for a while. Older phones came with little to no internal storage so there was the need to store apps and app data to the external sdcard. Most newer phones come with plenty of internal storage but if you are an app hog or a heavy mobile gamer chances are you will run out of internal storage quick. This mod is for you. Developer "mattiadj" has developed a solution for the Galaxy Note 2! His mod will allow you to use your external SD card as internal storage! The installation is pretty simple you will install the mod during the Rom install process. Just flash Rom, flash kernel, then flash the mod. It's that simple!Via XDA

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Installing App data to sd.

Thursday 15th of September 2011 /
Is there a way to utilize the sd for apps and app data storage with root? Currently the sd card is pretty useless. Applications like Rhapsody can't download to anything but the 8 gig media partition. Then larger games, like Dungeon Hunter or Crusade of Destiny, have to install their rather large data packs to this same directory. Putting it on the sd renders the app useless. In the application settinhs you can only move to phone or move to media. Any help is appreciated.________________________________Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk

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Application Data Storage

Thursday 29th of December 2011 /
Got the low space warning for the first time. Cleared Gmail data and it went away. As a result, I've been digging into this issue. I've cleared all but 15 MB of the app caches. However, I'm still only left with 16 MB free in the Application data storage partition. I don't use the social apps (facebook, twitter, etc.) and I don't use the HTC mail app (only use the gmail app). My contacts are only taking up 2.45mb...what am I missing? What could possibly be using the remaining 134 MB?Also, am I correct that there is no way to root a 2.3.4 phone? I'd love to get access to the data/data directory to clear it out!

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Stock Gallery App Data/Storage Waisting Space?

Monday 04th of November 2013 /
I've looked all over Google and Android Central but I can't find anything on this topic, so I apologize if this has already been addressed. I am using the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 with the stock Gallery app. My issue is with the app data in "My Applications". It's using over half a gig in app data! Why? The thumbnails are 243mb and I delete them constantly, and I store my pictures and videos on the SD card. What is the gallery storing that takes up over half a gigabyte?! It's not pictures or thumbnails... I can clear the app data but soon enough it comes back. I just disabled the app before making this post. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from using up that much space? Or do I have to stick to QuickPic now? Posted via Android Central App

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Two app data folders

Friday 26th of December 2014 /
Why do I have two 'Android' folders (folders for app data) - one on my SD card and other one in device storage?In both 'Android' folders are a lot of common sub-folders, but in folder in device storage there is more files in those sub-folders. e.g. there is a ninegag sub-folder in which is another sub-folder called 'Images', and there are automatically saved profile pictures of other ninegag users whose comments I saw, but on SD card that sub-folder is empty (even after I moved data to SD card in app manager)...So what's the point of duplicating folders and is there any way to have only one folder for app data (is this normal and what would happen if I just delete 'Android' folder on SD card)? Thank you!

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