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security - Can Applications With Root Access Modify Their Own Permissions?

Friday 14th of September 2012 /
For rooted phones, there are several apps which require root privileges. Knowing this, the user does allow the app to get root. Now, the app would have been installed with a set of x permissions, say INTERNET, LOCATION. Now, on gaining root, is it possible for the app to secretly (or not) give itself extra permissions eg. BLUETOOTH ? I read somewhere that the Apps requiring INTERNET or BLUETOOTH permissions are added to a user group which has access to these device files. So, can a rooted app associate itself to that group and gain the permission ?

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app now requiring Internet access?

Monday 05th of August 2013 /
why are my apps that don't show they need internet access suddenly not running without access? Is it just to verify I "own" them? I checked the permissions and Internet access is not one of them. Does this mean they won't work in places where I can't access the Internet? I downloaded most of them because of the lack of permissions. Thanks

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Are these software problems or hardware problems?

Wednesday 05th of November 2014 /
When I connect to Wi-Fi, it usually works as expected, just with slow data speeds (and it turns out that it's a network issue, not the phone). But occasionally, the phone keeps the Wi-Fi signal, but the Internet connection is completely dropped, which makes any app requiring Internet access useless. When I ask others around me who have phones connected to the same network, I see that they have Internet connection. To resolve the problem, I have to turn Wi-Fi off and back on again. I've also noticed recently that sometimes the phone doesn't connect to the Wi-Fi network even when it's in range. When I see why, the phone says "Failed to obtain IP address." Again, turning Wi-Fi off and back on again fixes the issue. But in both cases, the fix is temporary. Right now, I have the "Always allow scanning" turned OFF, location services are set to high accuracy, and Wi-Fi Power-save mode is enabled. The idea that resetting the Wi-Fi restores lost connections tells me that it's a software issue (i.e. easily fixed) rather than a hardware issue, but I'd like to know what you t

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