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App permission 'Find accounts on the device'

Saturday 05th of October 2013 /
Does this permission allow an app to find every account on your phone, or, is it because you're going to give them an email address in order to set up an account? Thank you!Sent from my Note 2 using SwiftKey

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Android permission "find accounts" details?

Wednesday 24th of September 2014 /
How much personal data does the android permission "find accounts" really give? Does it just list the accounts on this device, or does it give the App all the usernames/email addresses associated with those accounts?

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New S5 Active User is Leary about Privacy Questions

Thursday 23rd of October 2014 /
Hi, I am a new user to The Galaxy S5 Active and Android and am formerly an iphone user for over 5 years. I am still learning but am getting increasingly uncomfortable with the constant privacy and permission questions I'm getting with every Google App I install. The latest was the Health App which asked permission to read the contents of my USB Storage and to find Accounts on my device and add or delete passwords! There were others that I did not copy. Isn't this going too far? Apple never had such difficulty in registering an app. This definitely makes me wonder if I made the right choice. Tom

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