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Use Any Music Player App to Play Your Google Music with Cloud Music Sniper

Monday 20th of February 2012 /
Google Music is a great thing. You can upload 20,000 songs to the cloud and play it back on any Android device or through any browser. But if you prefer other music apps, like WinAmp or CyanogenMod’s Music Player, you’re out of luck. Until now.//Developer r2DoesInc has released Cloud Music Sniper, an app that makes your Google Music library available on any music app you want to use, even when you have no Wi-Fi or data connection. To do this, you will have to make your Google Music library available offline, launch the Cloud Music Sniper app, and follow the instructions.Cloud Music Sniper then saves any music you have marked as available offline to your SD card, making it accessible by any music player app you have installed. Easy as pie. It even saves it in the proper folders based on artist, album, and track name, provided the files include the correct MP3 ID3 tags. Of course, you will have to have enough space on your SD card for all the music you have marked to download.The Google Music Manager desktop software recently added the ability to download your music to yo

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Swapps! Brings Another Hidden App Drawer to Your Homescreen – Droid Life

Monday 25th of February 2013 /
Everyone knows the DL staff has an extreme fascination for multitasking. Last week, we reviewed the Glovebox app which brings a hidden app drawer to your device for easy multitasking no matter where you are in your phone.  Over the weekend, a reader submitted yet another application that fits this description, but according to the reader, this app does it a bit better. The app is called Swapps! and is currently free on Google Play. Setting it up is easy. Once installed, make sure the app is enabled, then simply swipe open the box and choose a number of apps that you want pinned to the bar. The app defaults to just three apps, but you can adjust that up to 15 if you’d like. Below your starred apps is a list of recently used apps, followed by a list of all apps. Much like Glovebox, you can choose which side you want the hidden drawer to be placed on and can also change the height, width, etc. of the bar. Beyond that, it is pretty limited. In the future, it would be nice to see some of the other customizable options that we have seen with Glovebox, like theme settings, actions,

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[New App] BBQScreen Mirrors Your Display On A Computer At 25FPS (Root Only)

Friday 29th of March 2013 /
Getting your Android display output shared to a larger screen is usually a pain in the butt. You can fiddle with HDMI cables on some devices, rely on sluggish apps, or just wash your hands of the whole thing. But wait, recognized XDA developer and CyanogenMod associate XpLoDWilD and recognized XDA developer nebkat have released BBQScreen. This is a root app that blasts your live Android interface up to a computer over WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB.Setup is largely painless. Just grab the app and install the client on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Everything should sync up once you enter the device's IP address in the client. WiFi and USB connections will provide the best performance, but XpLoDWilD suspects Bluetooth should work fine in a pinch. Judging from the demo video, the output is very smooth and only lags behind the phone by a fraction of a second.The app UI is limited to a settings panel and notification to let you know when BBQScreen is running. The app is $2.99 and requires Android 4.0 or higher.BBQScreen[XDA, Twitter, BBQScreen] Tags:appsbbqscreendisplaynew appsroo

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Diagnosis – System Information: Android app for monitoring your phone system

Tuesday 08th of May 2012 /
The more powerful the device, the more tasks it’s capable of. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s more vulnerable to slowing down. With too many apps packed into a limited space, any Android device, no matter how powerful, can suffer performance issues. After all, it’s hard to resist running a million things at once when you fee like your device can handle anything you throw at it. When you start feeling your device slowing down, you’ll need to cut back on how many apps you’re running but with no idea which one in particular is eating up all your speed.Since Android is all about customizability and what the Android development community want…Continue Reading HereDiagnosis – System Information: Android app for monitoring your phone systemCarl Parker –

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Android How To: Customize Your App Drawer on Your HTC Droid DNA

Saturday 02nd of February 2013 /
The HTC Droid DNA brings with it Sense 4+ which is a new version of HTC’s skin. There are some changes in Sense 4+ compared to Sense 4 and 4.1, but not a ton. We’re going to show you how to customize your app drawer to fit your needs. It’s actually quite simple. We’ll be going over how to hide apps, sort apps, and add/remove tabs in the App Drawer. So let’s get started.How to hide Apps in the App Drawer1. Turn your phone on and unlock it.2. Next, open up your App drawer3. Select the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner. It also says “Menu” right below it4. Select “Hide Apps”5. Now you’ll see something similar to what is shown below6. Now you can check the apps you want to hide then tap on “Hide” at the bottom right.7. That’s it. Now this doesn’t uninstall your apps, it just hides themHow to Sort the Apps in the App Drawer1. Turn your phone on and unlock it2. Next, open up the App Drawer3. Select the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner. It also says “Menu” right below it4. Next, select

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Alternative CPU Control app available for your Testing

Monday 06th of February 2012 /
We have all seen a number of CPU control applications run through the market, XDA and other various locations. By far the most popular one that comes to mind is SetCPU. All of them have similar concepts. Allow the user to overclock/underclock their device as well as, inmost cases, adjust the voltage. The primary reason behind this is to give your device an added little boost in speed and offer a way to save some battery in the process. If you have been around the block a few times in the Android game you are likely to already know all about this.A new CPU control application has been in the works by a name many of you might recognize, Juwe11. He has a few other apps on the market and gets around the XDA community pretty often. His latest app is called CPU Control, pretty straight forward. There is a lite version and a pro version available for those that are nuts about device adjustments. The lite version is free to all and offers your basic control of your CPU MIN and MAX Frequency settings. Which is all that most average modded device users will need. If you are bit more of a Nat

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Keeping your memory free, and your CPU useage down?

Wednesday 23rd of March 2011 /
So I was wondering what's a good app for monitoring your memory and CPU. Also for freeing up memory and keeping your CPU resource usage down. And pretty much just overall being able to monitor your phones system health. I've been using an app called, "Super Box" which seems to work decently, but after I free up memory, it will give me close to 300mb free, but after about 20min its back down to around 100 to 150mb, so I'm not sure if its working correctly or if there's something I'm not doing to keep my phones RAM from being used up all the time. So any thoughts on what I can do, and does anyone have an opinion on the Super Box app and how well it works?Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums App

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Monitor your CPU without wasting space or opening an app with Micro CPU Monitor

Thursday 23rd of February 2012 /
Developers and consumers alike, like to see what is happening inside their device. On the dev side, monitoring CPU usage during the testing and development of an app can help keep CPU consumption low, performance high and battery drain minimal. On the consumer side, we like to see how hard we are pushing our devices. Knowing how hard your device is working during the use of various apps can also explain why there might be lag, or FC’s. Having a handy little app to keep tabs on this is nice. While most are widgets that you place on you screen or actual application you have to open, Micro CPU Monitor takes a different approach.The app will monitor your CPU for you with a simple little usage line at the very top or bottom of your screen. Taking up only 1 pixel in height and 100 pixels across. If you have or are currently using MIUI it will remind you of the battery meter you can use. Set up is quick and easy. Start monitoring and choose where you want the meter to reside. You can invert the colors too if you so choose.#gallery-1 {margin: auto;}#gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: le

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[APP] RGBenchMM: Benchmark your CPU

Sunday 23rd of September 2012 /
Hi everyone. I was unsatisfied with the state of Android benchmarks today for testing CPU performance, so I have written my own tool. It is multi-threaded, written using the NDK (and thus is native code), and tries to tune itself to your hardware to report the best possible performance. Requires: Android 2.3.3 or higher. Processor required: ARMv7 compatible or x86 compatible. (Won't run on lower end CPUs like ARM11) edit: App now live on Google Play:

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SeePU adds info on your CPU, Ram, & Data Usage to your Notification Bar

Thursday 09th of September 2010 /
Trying to figure out why your phone is bogged down?  Maybe it’s cause your CPU is taxed or you’re low on ram.  Be in the know right away with SeePU!  This nice little app gives you a quick glance at your current utilization on either of those plus your network usage right in the notification area.  It can be set for an individual stat, or all 3.  You can also have the app start on boot.  Very useful if you are looking to see if a rogue app is gobbling up all your hardware’s juice.Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments![via lifehacker]» See more articles by Steve Ginter//

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