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localization - Need fonts of a different language to show up on android or atleast Instapaper

Wednesday 09th of January 2013 /
My family is residing in USA and we are from India. Now my mom gets super bored at home! And loves to read the regional online newspaper and magazines from India on the Internet; problem is she doesn't know how to use a computer! Me or my dad has to sit with her and click links for her, I have never heard anyone say a simple back in a browser in so many ways!. Interestingly, she didn't have a hard time in using my dad's iPhone 4, in which he managed to lose! I already own a Asus Transformer 300t and I tried to instapaper the websites she visits Gujrat Samachar Sunday Special this she doesnt miss at any chance.Problem is, those turn up beautifully on the desktop/webapp but the fonts aren't rendered properly on my tablet or any Android device, before I go ahead and get a Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab 7, can I have this font show up on Android or at least, instapaper.All I need to do is instapaper every article when I come home in evening (morning time in India, meaning the newspaper just came out), so that she can read it next day and as a trial run on my tablet!, Also, those websites, at lea

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google play store - How come some apps don't show-up on my phone's Android app market?

Thursday 14th of October 2010 /
Fxcamera is a popular app, but it's not showing in my xperia x10 mini's app market search. I tried:fxcameraymstfxcameraNone gives the result. In fact, after that I've tried many apps which are listed on the internet market site but not on the market app.I live in India, is that why the apps don't show up? Is there a way to install the apps download them directly or something? Is it related to my carrier or mobile network provider?

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some apps dont show up in market after flashing ese53

Monday 15th of March 2010 /
i flashed the ese53 sbf on my droid and now apps dont show up in the market. is there something in the build.prop?i know drocap 2 didnt, but i want ROM Manager, but it doesnt come up when i search. how can i get ROM Manager (and other apps)?thanks

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Peoples pics dont show up on my sms or people list anymore

Friday 06th of January 2012 /
Since the new sense update. My phone is all synced with facebook but since i updated it most of the pics of people on my phone dont show up anymore. Why??

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Typing in handcent, words dont show up sometimes.

Wednesday 18th of August 2010 /
Im using handcent with smart keyboard pro as my keyboard. Sometimes whe I go to message someone, I'll start typing, it'll offer suggestions, but the words never show up on screen or in message. I dont think its smart keyboards fault as I used betterkeyboard before this and it happened with that to. Solutions?

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"Android Lost" doesn't show up on my phone

Thursday 14th of February 2013 /
I went to the Google Play store, selected to install Android Lost. It says on the Google store site that it is installed; but, it doesn't show up on my phone.What now?Phone has internet access by both its own data service and by local WiFi.

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Google music beta music doesnt show up on my android phone?

Sunday 29th of May 2011 /
Hi, Just got invited to the google music service. Uploaded around 60 songs to the cloud. But the songs dont show up on my android stock music player. local songs are displayed. I have a motorola droid 2 global running android 2.2 fission 2.4.3. I have the latest music app installed from the market and auto sync enabled. I read the FAQ and it said I should enable music sync and chooses the account in the music app itself. neither options are available on my phone. There is no music sync in the auto sync menu and there is no settings menu in the music app. Any help would be appreciated!

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Some contacts not showing up in the contacts app but do show up on the phone app

Monday 07th of November 2011 /
I have close to 1,000 contacts synced to my Gmail account. Using the dialer app (bottom left icon), they all show up if I select the icon labelled Contacts on the top. I can view and edit any of them.But if I use the Contacts app (bottom right icon), only the first 50 or so contacts are accessible.The same behavior happens if I select those two apps from the Apps Screen. I suspect that an app or a data file is corrupted.Is there a way to shut down and restart the Contacts app? Powering down or removing the battery has no effect.

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Apps installed but don't show up on tablet

Thursday 12th of September 2013 /
I have installed several apps that do not appear on my home or app screen. When I attempt a re-install, I get a message that the app is already installed. Any thoughts?

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Micro SD card Question! Photos don't show up on S4 but will on PC?

Thursday 08th of May 2014 /
Hello, I have a Samsung S4. I recently created new folders to organize my vacation photos. 2 folders do not show up on my phone but I can see them all when I plug the usb into the PC and view them there, Does anyone know why I can't view / find them on my phone? The rest of the folders show up, just not these two. One previously showed up on my phone and I was able to view it just fine but then I renamed it and now I can't see it anymore. I don't believe it was hidden and I even did a reboot but still these folders no longer show up. I can only access them if I plug in the usb cable to the pc and view from there. Sucks. Help ???

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