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close apps running in background

Wednesday 28th of December 2011 /
I dont no how to close all the running apps in the background without restarting the tablet. Can any body help?

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Apps keep running in background

Monday 09th of November 2009 /
Hey..Newby here, got my Droid on Friday and it is unreal...I got a few questions but I feel if I look around they'll eventually get answered. The one I haven't seen answered though is that I constantly have apps running the background. I didn't open them or anything, but they just start running on their own. I run advanced task killer frequently to make sure i keep good battery life and every time i open it I have apps that I haven't even gone into running. They are usually pre loaded apps(so I am thinking it is something with the way they are loaded).Also, Does anyone know of a way to remove pre loaded apps. Say I want to use handcent instead of the default messaging program. Can I remove the messaging app??THANKS A TON for any help!

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Newbie with mytouch and android

Sunday 06th of March 2011 /
Hello,i tried searching for some questions on here but some I couldnt find, so I was hoping someone could help. I just got the mytouch 4g upgrade from a blackberry flip - so completely new phone! 1. issues with apps running in background - -----I was wondering if I could somehow save some battery power by closing all the random apps running in the background. some of them ive never used before and somehow there still on and running. I heard a task killer is no longer needed because they changed these background apps to hardly use any battery but i was just wondering your opinions.-----My MAIN CONCERN is that these apps running in the background are using the internet. I have the $10 plan where I get limited internet and I dont want thesee apps using all of my internet and going over my limit without me even knowing it. Im usually in a wifi area, but when I knowingly want to use the internet (facebook, email, etc) ill turn my wifi on and use it so i know its free.-----Also, whenever I go to send a text, I send it, but i also notice that theres a "text" app that is still runn

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Apps running in background, Help.

Friday 12th of February 2010 /
Hi, I did a search and couldn't come up with an answer for this.I have the HTC Droid Eris, and LOVE it. But I'm starting to get frustrated. Apps that I rarely use keep running in the background, and I don't want them to, they are killing my memory.Apps like: Music, Albums, a game, and Express News.Now, I use all of these apps from time to time, but I dont need them running constantly. I bought Advanced Task Killer, and I kill the apps, then less than a minute later they are running again. They are killing my memory and making the phone run slowly.Does anyone know of any fixes for this that doesn't require uninstalling these apps.I tired looking through the settings of each of the apps to see if I could disable it, but I couldn't find anything.Thanks in advance.

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[App] Active Apps

Sunday 27th of March 2011 /
Active apps is replacement for Samsung task manager / Program monitor that comes with TouchWiz Launcher. A short explanation of how it works. Active Apps is an application that monitor active apps / applications that have tasks running. it's important to monitor active apps because most of the time they are applications that we didn't close properly thus, they are still running in the background and hence consuming battery and affecting performance. However, there are no stock applications to tell what is running (not merely showing what is in memory) and for this reason, Active apps can help in monitoring what applications are running in the background and showing you the CPU utilization so you can make a necessary decision. What are active apps? Those are applications that have tasks running in background. since they have tasks running, they will consume CPU and hence affecting performance and battery life. Why not task killer? Task killer lists all programs residing in memory not the running app. It doesn't provide a pointer as to which is necessary to kill and confuse users with

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Apps Running in Background

Tuesday 25th of June 2013 /
My wife and I share our data plan with my daughter and son in-law on Verizon wireless with 4gb data. Recently the data usage on my S3 has increased quite a bit. What can I safely stop from running in the background to help this issue. I mostly use WIFI so I am not sure what the issue is. My emails are not pushed through.

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prevent Google play services and Google maps from running in background

Tuesday 17th of September 2013 /
I know all the good stuff Android says about auto killing memory threads when there is a need BUT I am a micromanager for my Android . I JUST DONT WANT Google Play Services and Google Maps service to run in background as if they own the OS (sounds like Google like to keep google running after all ) .Is there ANY way e.g....-- Command via terminal -- Any APP out there -- a file change that will prevent these suckers from running in the background. Google claims that these are innocent little puppies -just sit in the memory and dont consume CPU . Really ? NOT SO ..-- They consume SLOW NETWORK bandwidth and cpu ( Keep a port checking s/w and see the android's IP doing some mischief through random ports, EVEN when its not in use ) -- Suck the battery -- I JUST DON'T like carrying a lot of unnecessary stuff in the trunk of my car ..Ok?I know there were some apps that would MODIFY default permissions on each app. Could they help . Could someone run me a few names

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Apps running in the background?

Monday 09th of December 2013 /
So in 4.2 we could limit the number of apps running in the background and tell the OS to shut down any app we closed, where do I find that in 4.3? I've had an stock version of 4.3 for a week and still haven't found that option again it used to be under developer tools I think. Any help would be appreciated thx

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Battery help?

Monday 10th of February 2014 /
My battery these days has been decreasing quite a lot. I charge overnight so I have 100 in the morning. Here is what I do Morning10 minute read CNN check facebook, Instagram, train status 1 hour of music via Shuttle Music Player while traveling. About 5 texts Most of the day the phone is in my pocket I don't even take it out. I get push notifications from Yahoo Mail throughout the day. Then some more texts Facebook browsingInstagram BrowsingWeb browsingTotal about 20 minutes Another 1 hour of Music When I reach home at around 4 I have about 40 percent. Why? I turn off wi fi when I leave, my brightness is 75 %, everything off, no apps running in background My day starts at 5 :30 AM to 4 PM Posted via Android Central App

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Which Apps are OK to disable without impacting other apps or phone functionality

Thursday 30th of October 2014 /
New Note 4 (Verizon) owner here... First time getting into the Note family as previous phone was SG3. I was tinkering with options and customizing features and was wondering if people generally disable apps that they do not use. I uninstalled some of the apps that came preloaded on my device like Candy something or other, Uber, etc, but was hesitant to disable some that I do not use once I saw the notice pop up that there could be impacts on other apps running in background if I continued. Thanks in advance for any help.

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