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Microsoft’s Official SkyDrive for Android app coming in a few weeks

Tuesday 14th of August 2012 /
 There’s a couple of apps on the Google Play Market that has some SkyDrive integration, but an official SkyDrive app has yet to be seen. Soon that will change as Microsoft have officially announced the official SkyDrive for Android app.Today, as part of making sure SkyDrive is available to all Windows customers, we’re excited to announce that an official SkyDrive app for Android phones will be available in just a few weeks. The Android app is similar to our mobile apps for Windows Phone and iOS and allows you to browse your SkyDrive, upload files to SkyDrive, as well as share SkyDrive files with “Send a link.” You’ll also be able to open SkyDrive files from other apps, as well as upload, save, and share to SkyDrive from other apps.While Microsoft has yet to give out an official date as to when the application will be available, we’ll be sure to inform you all as soon as we get word. Would this app be of any use to you guys? Let us know!//source: Microsoft» See more articles by Macky Evangelista//

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Play Store userscript. View entire app history in a scrollable box.

Tuesday 02nd of October 2012 /
I made a simple Greasemonkey userscript that reveals your entire installed app history in the "My Android Apps" of the Google Play Store, which can be easily viewed in a scrollable box. This allows you to circumvent the twenty page/180 app view limit on the Play Store. If you're interested, here are some instructions... FIREFOX USERS:Make sure you have the installed. Go to and install the script. After that, you can go to the Play Store, and from the section, your entire app history should be navigable from a scroll box under "Other apps in my library". CHROME USERS:Chrome can no longer automatically install userscripts. You either have to install them manually or the script must be on the Chrome store. To install manually... Go to and download the script. Paste this url into your Chrome browser: chrome://chrome/extensions/ Now drag and drop the userscript you downloaded into your Chrome browser. The script should install. After that, you can go to the Play Store, and from the section, your entire app history should be navigable from a scroll box under &quo

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Go Launcher EX: Missing App Icons in Drawer

Thursday 15th of September 2011 /
I've been using Go Launcher Ex for a couple of days now after switching from LauncherPro, and I must say I'm highly impressed. I'm just about ready to uninstall all my other launchers (perhaps including LP and Stock TwLauncher).However, I've noticed sometimes when I start GOLEX (i.e. reboot my phone) that random app icons are missing from the app drawer!Most recently it was the YouTube icon. I've checked and YouTube is definitely installed (it's a Stock app on SGS4G), it shows up in every other place I've tried. I can even place the icon on the Home screen via (long-click on home) > Applications > YouTube. It's just not showing in the drawer.Any ideas why this might happen, or how I can prevent it?Thanks y'all!

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Arranging app icons in a 'wheel'

Wednesday 10th of August 2011 /
How do I arrange my apps to look like this? Thanks!

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HELP! Unable to customize app icons in app drawer!

Tuesday 29th of January 2013 /
So ive made some super cool app icons but am limited to the homescreen. I have ZERO computer access and only my phone so i cant do any adb (not like i know how anyway but i did get as far as screencasting and screen capture and getting adb to recognize my phone to make custom splashes). BUT my cpu broke so i NEED someone to steer me in the right direction so i can do the fun part of customizing more icons. If all else fails, in theory, if i can change my froyo app drawer to MIUI can i THEN have only my cool custom icons? If so, does anyone have a MOD that i can flash which will turn my froyo go launcher to miui???I havnt tried miui custom apps yet. I keep cm7, miui amd froyo for different features so i only need help with the froyo.Any ideas??? I dont mind working with es file explorer or build prop but please give simpler ideas first, im not a programing genious like you guys and gals lol

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Change individual icons in a theme?

Wednesday 04th of August 2010 /
Is there a way for an idiot like myself to change just one icon in a theme?Trying to change just the wifi icon.

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Change the size of recent app icons in notification pull-down bar

Wednesday 31st of July 2013 /
Hi everyone,The title pretty much says it all, I'd like to reduce the size of the icons (or the bar) that shows you recent apps in the notification bar when you pull it down. The bar is larger than other notifications, and is just larger than is necessary, and if there's several notifications on there, they just feel like they're clogging up the screen.Is there any way this can be done without rooting the device as I'm not planning on doing that?Pic - As you can see, the notification toggle app bar is much smaller and nicer looking, and the generic notifications are smaller

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how to add more icons in a folder

Tuesday 11th of February 2014 /
for go launcher ex how do i have more icons showing when i put the apps in a folder? i only have 8 showing in my folder and i will have to scroll to the next page to see the other apps. i want to have 12 or more showing on one screen like this.. thanks

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Custom App Icons in the Lock Screen?

Tuesday 13th of May 2014 /
Hi all, I just installed Action Launcher and the Voxel Icon pack today. Both are awesome, but I noticed that the app icons in the lockscreen are still the standard ones. Is there any way to change this? Thanks!

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Any way to get more icons in a homepage group?

Tuesday 24th of June 2014 /
On my S3, if I made a group of icons on the home page it showed them 4 across, just like the regular icons on the home page do. On my S5, it only shows 3 across so they go off the bottom of the screen. It's also not very evident that it's a scrollable window so I forget that I have other icons in there that aren't showing up.Is there any way to change this to show more icons without having to scroll?Thanks.

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