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Droid 2 no display just dim backlight

Monday 30th of January 2012 /
Yesterday my phone display was perfectly fine then i went to make a call and it wouldn't show a display just a dim back light. i thought it was just being slow so i waited until the menu, home, back, and search button stopped lighting up then i hit the lock button again and still the same thing i tried to unlock it and it vibrated like it does when you unlock it but still no display. i had my wife call me and went though i just had no display. I have seen other people post about this but no one has gotten a solution. does anyone have trouble shooting or a way to fix it i can try? any help is appreciated. Thanks

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No backlight on SLCD: screen is fine, but logic board doesn't turn on backlight

Saturday 07th of July 2012 /
Hi,I've got a) an SLCD logic board and b) an SLCD Nexus One with logic board error. Obviously I would like to make a working phone with these two. The problem is that although the assembled phone turns on, the SLCD screen remains black. First I thought that the screen does not work at all, but then I found out that I can see a faint image with a flashlight. So the problem is that there is no backlight.The strange thing is that I have another Nexus One, so I verified with the other logic board that the SLCD screen works just fine, including the backlight.Do you have any idea how can it be that an SLCD logic board doesn't turn on the backlight on the SLCD display? Did you ever encounter this problem?

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No display but touch screen working on Samsung Galaxy Gio

Thursday 06th of December 2012 /
I have Android 2.3.3 Samsung Galaxy Gio phone. From past few days there is no display on the device. Rest other functions works fine including touch screen (I can unlock).Not sure if its a software issue or hardware problem.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Droid 1 screen dead-no display-only backlight

Thursday 30th of September 2010 /
Hello everyone.This droid is bricked or what?Faulty hardware? (Do I need to reflow any chips?)Following sbf files give different droid shows only a backlight upon turning it on (with the keyboard/touch buttons not lighting up).FRG22D.sbfShows backlight on the first 15 seconds upon power on starts dim, gets a little brighter, then goes black with touch & keyboard buttons now lighting up. Also touch buttons respond with the little vibrator jumping.Bought this listed on Ebay as "AS-IS No Power and not Charging Battery" for $60 "Best Offer". The battery works fine and powers the phone. For some reason I thought I could fix this so it was a boredom/impulse buy.Would it be possible to root this so I can display the screen onto my pc over usb with "android screen cast" or "android screen monitor"

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Backlight On, No Display, Faulty Unlock Button...

Thursday 22nd of April 2010 /
Alright guys, i'm going to do my best to document everything i've done so far.I got my phone, and within the first 24 hours, I would lock the phone, and everything would lock properly. Then, I would press the unlock button, only to have the backlight come on for the bottom 4 buttons (Back/Menu/Home/Search). I would press it one more time to turn it off, then again and it would turn on properly. Since I didn't know otherwise, I considered this a "feature". Another minor problem was that the screen would not turn back on after I was in a phone call unless I was in direct sunlight. I would have to unlock the phone, which was already a problem of its own.Over the next 24 hours, I would have to press the unlock button more than 3 times, sometimes 12-15 before it would come back on. I intuitively pulled the battery, and, it began to work.Within 30 minutes or so, it began to happen again. When I called Verizon, they instructed me to pull the battery. Of course it worked, but when I told them that I had done that already, they said,"Well, this is your first documented time cal

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no display on phone Please help. Im deserate!

Saturday 05th of October 2013 /
I dropper my phone the other day at school and the underneath LED screen broke so there is no display at all. All my stuff is on that phone I was able to get my pictures and videos but I can't get my contacts and those I need for "important calls" I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 from U.S. Cellular. I tried plugging it in to the computer with a USB cord, but it wont let me see any of my files on the phone so I can imagine that the debugging mode I think it's called is on. I'm ok with technology but I have to have general words not technological words. I'm sure I can look stuff up to figure it out too. I just bought this phone like 3 weeks ago and I broke it hmmm... I've looked a lot and they say if you have another Samsung Galaxy S4 you can do a motherboard switch, but I don't have another one. Does anyone else have any ideas of what I can do and remember somewhat simple words)))) thank you ohhh and I have to send it in to insurance in 5 days so please help quickkkkk thank you

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Smasung tab 2 no display. But sound is on.

Friday 13th of December 2013 /
I have samsung tab 2 10.1. The problem I have is the display does not happen. I can hear the sounds, like message tone, vibration, ringtone etc. But no display. Please advice what to do.

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nexus 5 backlight but no display

Tuesday 27th of May 2014 /
yesterday, i droped my nexus 5 and now my screen won't display anything any more. But the backlight works and so does phone (i know the phone still works because my alarms still are going of) What do you (people on the forum) think is wrong with my phone. Do i need a whole new display and touchscreen or is there just a wire that needs to be reconected?

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No Display on my Xperia Z3

Wednesday 24th of December 2014 /
First of all I do not know what I did wrong, because I was just using my phone and then left it for a few minutes on my bed then suddenly the screen is just black all buttons are functional, even notification lights are still working, the screen is still working I can still open some apps by blindly clicking but there is totally no display. Tried soft restarting but right from the start there is no display it isn't even displaying the SONY logo on the very start of the boot process. Please help me, I would hopefully want a solution that will not require me to go to a repair shop, hopefully there is a home remedy. Thank you very much and merry christmas!

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Why does the backlight and sound work, but I have no display?

Thursday 18th of June 2015 /
My LG G Pad 7.0 will power on, make sound, and the backlight to the display comes on, but the actual graphics do not appear on the screen.

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