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Motorola Photon 4G Actually Doesn't Have An Unlocked Boot Loader

Thursday 09th of June 2011 /
It seems Motorola doesn

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bootloader lock - What's the security implication of having an unlocked boot loader?

Friday 04th of January 2013 /
Nexus devices can be unlocked using the fastboot command fastboot oem unlock to install a custom firmware. For security reasons, the phone is wiped when this command is executed. However after this is done, most people leave the boot loader unlocked.Devices that support unlocking the boot loader: SonyEricsson (now Sony), Sony, newer HTC devices, ??Is there a security problem with an unlocked bootloader?If this is the case, what can be done?

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Metro PCS WFS, S-OFF, Unlocked Boot Loader, But No Root!!?

Tuesday 06th of March 2012 /
that pretty much sums it upnever rooted a phone before metro pcs wild fire s, took ten hours got the s-off using the goldcard method went to the htc dev site for the bootloader but for some reason i still dont have root, once again, BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED, S-OFF, NO ROOT??? HELP!

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Benefit of unlocked boot loader?

Saturday 19th of November 2011 /
Would someone please explain the benefit of having an unlocked boot loader? Both the Razr and the Rezound have been rooted and you can apply custom roms. I know you won't be able to change the kernel, but in the 2+ years I've had an OD, I've only loaded one new kernel, but I've tried many roms. I'm starting to waiver on the Nexus. I hate contemplating bloat and unneeded skins, but knowing that both these phones will eventually get ICS I'm wondering if unlocked boot loader is worth it.

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unlocked boot loader.

Thursday 13th of May 2010 /
I have a Nexus One and after a month of having it (feb.) the radio started to drop calls, and get bad reception. 2 months later It got so bad that i decided to update the radio baseband. doing so I had to unlock the bootloader. The problem is still there. I have called HTC and they want to try to fix it, but I know that the bootloader would void my warranty. do you know if that only means that if its bricked or voids it all together. It really has nothing to do with the problem I'm having.Thanks.

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Lets unlock this boot loader!!!

Friday 12th of July 2013 /
Lets get this boot loader unlocked so we can get some custom roms!!!!!! have started a petition with intentions for LG to give us the source code and or update to out phones that will make it possible to unlock this boot loader. Please sign the petition so we can finally get all of the benefits of having an unlocked boot loader.

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Unlocked boot loader how to restore back the locked one? Screen acting up

Monday 15th of July 2013 /
Greetings, I unlocked bootloader 2 weeks ago, since then phone started acting up. Recently, my screens top part doesnt work with touch. I cant pull notification bar down. Activating pointer tracing in dev tools top half an inch doesnt show any touch input at all. Want to take it back to the shop for repair but need to get my original bootloader restored. Anyway to do that?

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unlocked boot loader/warranty

Saturday 28th of September 2013 /
I want to play with custom Roms but i will probably break something on the phone after I do it, does unlocking the boot loader and installing a custom ROM completely void the warranty? (Bought it from Google play) Posted via Android Central App

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unlocked boot loader

Saturday 23rd of November 2013 /
First off I am new to this forum.I am enjoying learning and thanks to you all. Also a noob to androidsI have a S4 on SGH 1337 and with AT&T as carrier (not under contract but the phone was locked to AT&T. I ordered an unlock code on line from a recommended porvider and have successfully unlocked the device. .I inseted my SIM card from Thailand and proceeded to make a few calls to be sure . I here of and am beginning to research rooting. My questionIf the phone is (now) unlocked, does that mean the boot loader is also unlocked? This becomes a issue as I eventually want to eliminate anything to do with AT&T when I return to Thailand. In later posts I will have many questions and many thanks in advance Garvin Thanks Posted via Android Central App

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GS5 with unlocked boot loader?

Thursday 19th of June 2014 /
Looking at getting a GS5 and a guy in my area posted an ad selling a brand new white verizon version. He says it has an unlocked boot loader yet it is brand new. I emailed him asking if he meant sim unlocked as opposed to unlocked boot loader and he replied back and said sim unlocked but then replied back again a few minutes later and said they are both unlocked. Is that even possible on a new device from verizon? Since the dev edition is black I know it's not a dev edition. I'm guessing this guy just doesn't know what he's talking about right? Don't want to buy this and get scammed. He says it's brand new and he had pics in his ad. I am not interested in rooting so don't really need an unlocked boot loader. Is there a way for me to tell if the boot loader is unlocked and if it has been rooted? If I call to verify the ESN is clean would verizon be able to tell me? Thanks for any advice you guys might have. It's a good price and I'm ready to jump on it, just not ready to get ripped off.

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