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Just received new vox....plugged in and trying to set-up. Downloaded

Sunday 01st of July 2012 /
Just received new vox....plugged in and trying to set-up. Downloaded update but when it has to re-start, it says there's not enough battery power to download updates. How long for it to be fully charged? I guess you can't set-up while it's plugged in (as per the pamphlet included in box)?Already Tried: Re-started 2 more times....can not get past the 'check for updates'

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Losing charge while plugged in and using.

Sunday 06th of January 2013 /
Long time lurker, first time poster... Lol (edit: Ok, apparently this was my 3rd post... lmao)But seriously. I just got my Nexus 7 about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. My only issue is that if I have my N7 plugged in and I am using it that it still loses a charge even though it states that it is charging. I recently noticed it when playing Final Fantasy III when I lost 3 to 4% charge. I am charging fine when not using it and it is placed in standby mode. I am assuming that maybe I am using more power than it can drawing from the charger, but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this. Before my N7 I had a TF101 that died but I never had charge while using issues like I am experiencing now.s2

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Bionic battery still drains though plugged in and charging on USB port with pdanet 4G

Friday 18th of November 2011 /
I am using my Droid Bionic plugged into a Samsung NP-QX410 via a stock VZW ECOMOTO USB cable. I'm running PDANet on a 4g connection.Though the Bionic shows it is charging, it consistently loses ground all day long. I can make it just over half a work day, then I need to plug the Droid in to the wall and use the coffee shop wifi for an hour before I jump back on the 4g. The hour charge is good enough to keep me going till the battery drain is a good reason for me to leave the coffee shop before they close. Is anyone else experiencing this? Charging should be charging not draining more slowly, but I guess the USB port is to blame for not pushing out enough juice.I thought I would ask because on day 1 or 2 of the Bionic rollout, I remember reading about someone experiencing different charge rates from stock Verizon cables. I'll buy a different cable if needed - even if it is from a Sprint store or wherever. I plan on buying an extended battery during the sale. That should at least make give the Bionic a bigger pool to drain power from.Thoughts? suggestions?My thanks!

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HELP: My tablet wont turn on in battery but works when plugged in

Sunday 15th of April 2012 /
I have MID 7 Inch EPAD. Yesterday i tried to switch on the tablet, but it wont work. Then I plugged the charger in, i tried and it worked. I also found when the tablet is plugged in the charging LED blinks with red. The tablet switches off immediately i take out the charger plug however shows full battery. What could be the problem ? thanks

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Battery drains when plugged in and using Google Navigation

Monday 12th of April 2010 /
So I noticed over the past couple of days that when I use my phone as a GPS (Google Navigation) that the battery drains even when I have it plugged in with my Motorola Car Charger and the Motorola Car Mount for the Droid. This really bugs me because if I have a low battery from normal usage, and then I need to travel using my GPS, I can't, because the battery on the phone will just die...Anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix to this?

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My warp goes crazy when plugged in and charging

Saturday 01st of September 2012 /
I found that when i plug in my phone and want to respond to text or something, the home screen, the keyboard and everything else goes crazy. Like it takes several time to unlock the lock screen, typing using the keyboardi s a hit or a miss since it doesn't put in the correct stuff i tapped. This only happens when I have it plugged in.Any fixes / reason why ti does this or fixes?Im using noob IV as my rom and i don't think it's that since it did the same on stock.

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Plugged in and on all the time?

Saturday 21st of September 2013 /
Just a everyone keeping their Chromecast plugged in and powered-on full-time? I am, but I noticed the adapter gets a little warm. Just wondering everyone's thoughts.

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Backlight when phone is plugged in and charging

Wednesday 14th of May 2014 /
When I receive text messages while my Galaxy s5 is plugged in and charging the screen will light up bright and then go dim, but the screen does not go back to the locked black screen, therefore, the phone remains lit up all night until I physically re-lock the phone. How do I get my phone to go back to the black screen after receiving a text message while plugged in? I currently have "Preview Message" on lock screen off. Thanks.

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Galaxy S4 drains battery while plugged in and charging

Wednesday 25th of June 2014 /
I have a galaxy S4 with an abundance of problems overwhelming me such as not starting up, or dying on start up. About 6-7 problems all root down to the charging. whenever I have my phone lugged in, it does not charge all the way, ven htough it says it is charged all the way .I also have it sometimes when i plug it in, and do something like watch a video, it just loses power. I started at 40% today after I charged it a bit, grabbed it and started watching videos. It's currently at 1% battery power.I also had to have my phone repaired once because I could not charge it for anything, because the port was broken, got that fixed, and more problems sprouted out form it. can someone PLEASR HELP ME

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Galaxy s3 battery draining while plugged in and slow charge?

Tuesday 02nd of June 2015 /
I have a galaxy s3 and its about a year old. Just recently Ive began noticing problems with the charging and the battery. The battery was dropping at about the rate it normally did but while it was plugged in and I was using it.. I decided to leave it and let it charged after it DIED while plugged into the charger i tried several chargers and nothing changed I also switched the battery and noticed no difference in the charging speed after at least 15 minutes of charging it had only gone up to 2%. by the time I went to bed it had gotten up to 20 something % and I let it charge overnight but by morning probably around 8-9 hours later it had still only gone up to 68%. i kept it plugged in all day unplugging or using it while plugged in for small intervals but throughout the day the highest the battery charged to was 79% and that was because I hadn't touched it most of the morning. I went to the store for maybe 30 minutes and my battery was at 42% I wasnt even using it a big part of the time yet it had dropped all the way to 2% when I set off back home... Ive tried different chargers and

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