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New Droid will Not Automatically Connect to Car Bluetooth

Monday 12th of March 2012 /
Hello,I hope someone can solve a problem I am having with my brand new Bionic. For whatever reason, it will not automatically connect to my car's blue tooth. I am driving a Toyota Highlander 2008 (not that this should matter). I am able to pair the phone and the car. Unlike my Stratosphere or all my previous "dumb" phones, the Droid does not connect automatically. I go into settings and it shows that it is paired, but not connected.After trying different things for 30 minutes I went to my local Verizon store. A salesperson came out to my car and tried all kinds of things with no luck. We rebooted the phone multiple times, deleted the pairings for my old phone so only the Bionic is in the car's system, unpaired and paired the two. He was stumped and suggested I back up all my files and contacts, the do a factory reset and try again,By the end my battery was down to 20%. He said that the low battery may be causing a problem (that seems like a stretch). Finally, he said something that made my jaw drop. "Sometimes, a particular phone will not work with a particular car. Th

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help on a few things

Tuesday 19th of April 2011 /
i just got my A70 250gb today and am trying to get it all set up. 1) how can i tell what type of email account i have to sign in?2) Have you guys ever heard of ADW launcher? if that wont work are their really any good themes available?3) Im not too familiar with tethering but i have a Motorola milestone XT270 if anyone can explain that to me. I can connected them with blue tooth but it says they are paired but not connected thank you very much guys

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Tethering and Blue Tooth

Saturday 31st of December 2011 /
I want to tether my Vizio VTAB 1008 tablet to my Verizon Droid Incredible using PDAnet Tablet which is installed on both devices. I'm having trouble with the Bluetooth I think. Under Bluetooth settings > Bluetooth devices, each device has the others name with a remark "Paired but not connected". It seems everthing on the PDAnet side is working but I guess I don't have my phone and tablet connected via bluetooth. Can anyone help?Tim

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Blue Tooth Connectivity Huawei M835

Thursday 24th of November 2011 /
Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I just bought this phone and so far I hate it! For some reason this phone will "pair" but not connect to any other devices. It won't connect to the 2 different phones that I have tried. It won't connect to my Acer tablet either. It has 3 different devices listed in the bluetooth settings and each device says "Paired but not connected". Has anyone else had this problem? That and I cannot figure out how to save photos that people send to me via MMS. So if anyone has had the same issue and knows how to fix it PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

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u-connect and blue-tooth

Friday 26th of March 2010 /
Phone wont run with brand new truck. Bluetooth says paired but not connected . The u-connect bluetooth keeps freezing up. Thought it might be the unit in the new truck so the dealer put a new unit in and having the same issues. Any one else?? Help

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Blue Tooth transfer of Droid phone book

Sunday 31st of July 2011 /
I have no problem pairing or connecting my droid 3's (have two) to my toyota blue tooth. When I try to transfer the phone book to the car, it disconnects every time. I'm connected, hit transfer, still connected, choose group, the car shows transfer in progress but the phone shows paired but not connected as soon as the transfer begins. jBoth phones do the same thing. Previous LG had no problems.

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How do you send files to PC via Bluetooth?

Saturday 20th of March 2010 /
I went to Droid Gallery, and selected a photo, pressed "share" -> "bluetooth". Then a list of devices came up , I see my PC, but it says "paired but not connected". I go to my PC, and bring up Blue tooth devices window in control panel, and i see "Droid", and i click on the entry, and on the bottom is says "Authenticated: Yes", "Connection in Use: No".So, what's my next step, what do I do to transfer the file? Seems not very intuitive, this bluetooth technology. Could never get it working.

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Android Forums - View Single Post - What Tasker profiles is everyone using?? (This thread is NOT for requesting help with profiles)

Monday 06th of August 2012 /
Wondering if someone can give me a hand with my Samsung Galaxy S3... getting my auto blue tooth to connect to my hands free bluetooth car stereo...I cant seem to get it to connect with Tasker. It pairs ok, it just won't auto connect, i have to manually go to bluetooth phone settings, then click on my paired bluetooth device it shows my profiles One is called "Call audio" the other is called " Media audio"I have to manually check call audio so i can here calls through my speakers( Force Connect) My car scans for a Bluetooth device only at initial startup but I am I'm able to force connect my phone, through the phones blue tooth settings at anytime...Hopefully someone can give me a hand, I have been searching everywhere. My tasker profile consists of : incoming call : turn on bluetooth turn off blue tooth: once call has ended after 45 sec.........Outgoing Call : turn on bluetoothMy profilename= bluetoothconnected context = state/net/bluetooth connected action= variable set name variable = bluetooth set to=1 Outgoing call : Context = phone offhook task = Bluetooth o

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I lose Bluetooth (and earbud) Music after a call or other notification

Saturday 11th of September 2010 /
I've searched hi and low, so I apologize if this has been answered before.I have a stock Droid-X. I have my blue-tooth paired to Motorola HT820 stereo/phone headsets. SIDE NOTE: I also use wired stereo ear-buds that are music and phone capable as well.Here's the problem.I can be listening to Pandora with my HT820's all is fine, I am grooving.. then I receive a phone call. I carry on the phone call for 5+ minutes (or whatever) through the HT's and when I disconnect from the call, I have nothing but silence! Music does not come back. I check to make sure Pandora is running and the music is playing... yep, still no sound though.So I try and test what is happening...I then go back and call, say voice mail. The call goes over the HT's fine. But when I disconnect from the call, my music is not there. I try turning off, then back on the blue-tooth (I double check in settings I am connected and it is) but it still won't play my music, it will come over the regular speaker, when I turn of the blue tooth. The only way to bring it back is to power off the X. My music will then play again until

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Blue Tooth, paired, but not connected.

Friday 12th of July 2013 /
I know this topic comes up a lot, but I can't seem to find my particular problem, or how to resolve it. I have a 2011 Subaru outback that came equipped with BT. I used to have a Motorola Droid that connected to my BT flawlessly. This is not the case with my Samsung Galaxy S4. When I set up the BT in the car to pair with the phone all goes well and the phone pairs and connects to the car's BT. However, when I turn the BT off on my phone the problem starts. When I then turn the phone's BT back on it says it is paired with the car's BT but it isn't connected. When I touch the BT "carmedia" tab on the phone it says "connecting..." but it does not connect. If I unpair the "carmedia" from the phone and go through the whole set up again (from the car- choosing "pair phone") then everything works fine. But the minute I turn off the BT from the phone then I can't get BT connected unless I go through the whole pairing process from the beginning. I have deleted all phones from my car's BT memory- this seemed to reset my car's BT to the first time I turned

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