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Bluetooth Autoplay in Car

Friday 23rd of July 2010 /
This is a growing problem with cars that have built-in media centers such as Ford Sync and Subaru Media Hub. This also happens with some bluetooth headphones. When the droid is connected using the headphone jack it works perfect. When the droid is connected using bluetooth, autoplay finds a random mp3 on your card and starts playing it automatically using the default music player. Even if it is not open. It also turns shuffle on. Beyond annoying. Please help. Thanks.

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Autoplay on Bluetooth connect = fail!

Saturday 26th of February 2011 /
I'm not sure if this is Liberty-specific or is standard on Droid X (I've not ran a standard ROM in so long that I wouldn't know). However, my problem is when I dock my phone in my car, I have it such that it automatically turns bluetooth on and pairs with my car's stereo. As soon as my phone pairs with my stereo, it attempts to start playing my music player. If I install a third-party app (like WinAmp), it'll start whatever my default is.How can I get this to either not autoplay any app or to consider Pandora as my default app to autoplay?This autoplay is dependent upon simply the Bluetooth pairing and has nothing to do with my Car Dock apps (I've tried 3 of them in case any would help me). I simply want to have my phone (running Liberty 1.5, no theme) to not autoplay anything when it pairs with my stereo.

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Rhapsody Autoplay

Saturday 24th of November 2012 /
Is there a way to have Rhapsody begin playing when it's opened (or a way to do it using Tasker)? I've set up Tasker to recognize when my phone (Droid RAZR Maxx) is connected to my car bluetooth and automatically open Rhapsody. I'd either like Rhapsody to then begin playing or have Tasker do it for me. Either would work. Thanks in advance for any help! I've been searching the Forum but didn't find anything...Thanks!Stu

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HTC mp3 autoplay feature

Wednesday 14th of July 2010 /
Does anyone know how to disable the auto play feature in the HTC evo mp3 player. It auto plays as soon as Bluetooth connects or pairs with my car. It's freakin annoying and it drains battery power. Sent from my HTC EVO using Tapatalk

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Bluetooth auto play when getting in my car. Help!

Friday 13th of December 2013 /
I have my N3 connected to my 2009 Ford Edge via bluetooth. It connects quickly every time. The phone has 911 assist almost immediately. The same can be said for media. Bluetooth connection to enable media playback always connects. I have two bluetooth media related issues that revolve around autostart of media player when I get in the car... 1. Default app to play media. No matter what I'm playing when I leave the car (it could be BeyondPod, Pandora, Play Music, etc.) the app that starts automatically playing when I get back into the car is ALWAYS BeyondPod, my podcast player. For some reason it has become the pseudo default media app when connected via bluetooth. If I was playing Pandora I know that when I get back in the car I'll have to go into my phone, stop BeyondPod and then to into Pandora and hit play. I would very much like it if there was a way, or a setting, that tells the autoplay feature to use the app that was playing when I left the car. I don't want a default player, just the player that was being used when I left the car. 2. When I get in the car sometimes it will st

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How to turn Music Player off and on?

Wednesday 30th of April 2014 /
I am sure these are silly questions. Thanks in advance for the help. 1. How do I turn off Music app once it is on? I don't see it under settings on the phone or in the app? Once it is on, the only way I can stop it is via task manager? That cannot be right can it? 2. I have Bluetooth in my car. As soon as it sees my phone, it turns on the music app to play music. (Also, goes to lockscreen - see 3.) I do not want it do that? I thought it was the bluetooth autoplay feature in my car but I have turned that off and on multiple times to see if that was the problem and it keeps happening? 3. How do I keep music player off my lockscreen? Once I hit play, it goes to the lockscreen. I do want it to do this sometimes but I cannot find where to control it?

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BT audio auto play

Thursday 21st of August 2014 /
I have a stock s4 active. I also have a bluetooth car stereo system. When ever the phone auto connects to the car stereo (every time i get in it). The phone automatically starts playing the last audio-app I had running. It doesn't matter if I have the stereo set to play bluetooth audio or not. This is getting really annoying. I listen to a lot of podcasts and pandora and for the podcast it just starts playing them on the phone even though I am listening to something else. You cant hear the audio (an I dont want too) but it definitively moves my last position on where i left off on the pod cast and for Pandora it is playing over my phones data plan. Is there way to disable autoplay on the phone? I don't want to disable BT audio just to stop it from playing stuff till I tell it to.

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Podcast app that plays music

Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 /
I use my S6 Edge through the stereo in my car connected via bluetooth (Ford Escape with Sync). I listen to both podcasts and music throughout the day. I am in and out of my car often, and the autoplay usually, but not always, starts on the wrong one (if I was listening to a podcast when I get out of the car music will start when I get back in). It does this even if I have the app closed for the service I wasn't using. I use the stock music player for the phone, and DoggCatcher for my podcast app. I am looking for a podcasting app that also plays the music stored on my phone. I think this would solve the problem for me. So far the only one I have found is DoubleTwist. There are a few things I don't like about DoubleTwist so I am looking for other options. Any help would be great. Thanks, Kevin

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