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3rd Party Problem Apps with Jellybean

Monday 17th of December 2012 /
I thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread with 3rd party apps you've encountered problems with and exactly what issues they were causing. I'm sure not everyone will have the same issues with the same apps but if you've seen an improvement by uninstalling an app that may need more work done to be optimized for our phones put it here. Equalizer, by Smart Android Apps, LLC: the app itself kept crashing when changing presets, and when turning the equalizer on and off. When streaming audio over bluetooth and using navigation music skipped constantly, navigation would crash as when voice prompts were spoken, when using a hands-free bluetooth set up using the voice call function from the headset would crash voice dialing. Using Google Now voice recognition would crash. It would also crash when reading a response. There are some other weird bugs in general I was getting with this app installed but the above mentioned problems could be repeated on command.

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Gingerbread broke voice recognition, reverting made it worse.

Wednesday 21st of December 2011 /
Before the Gingerbread update, my voice recognition worked flawless for dialing any of my contacts in any enviroment I was in and using my bluetooth. When the update rolled out, there was one contact that it just flat wouldn't recognize. No matter how I tried to change my pitch, pattern, background noise, etc, it just would not pick up the contact I was saying. Not even once. I recently had my phone wiped and reverted back to Froyo at the Sprint service center for an unrelated problem and now that voice issue is... well... odd. Now when I speak the contact to dial, it repeats the contact name back properly, only it will then proceed to dial a different contact. And it always tries to dial this one specific wrong contact. To be clear, it's not repeating back the name of the wrong contact as if it mis-heard me. It is very clear in repeating back what I said, despite dialing someone else. Is there any way to train the voice recognition, or fix whatever went fubar with mine?

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BT speakerphone voice input problems

Thursday 25th of April 2013 /
Hi everyone, I'm new to android devices so please be patient with me. My Xperia Z will only route spoken commands from a BT speakerphone (or BT headset) to the Sony provided voice dialer app. Googles voice recognition apps (via the android microphone) give me a better than 90% hit rate, but the voice dialer is maintaining a steady 0%. Is it possible to route audio from the BT microphone to any app waiting for audio input? I tried using an app called "Bluetooth Launch", suggested in another forum, but it did not run properly on the Z. Are there any other apps out there to solve this problem or have I missed something really basic?

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Android 2.3 - Page 2

Thursday 20th of October 2011 /
Audi, I did have to pull the battery and reboot to get my phone to work. The bluetooth disconnect was solved by doing a hard reset (Power off the phone first and then hit Volume Down + Home + Power). Here is what I noticed so far: 1. Bluetooth would not connect (fixed by hard reset). 2. Apps saved to SD do not show on Downloaded list and icons do not work properly after power off (resolved by moving back to internal memory which defeats major purpose of upgrade). 3. NuanceVoice Control does not work properly (cannot adapt voice). Without it I can no longer do effective dialing. Under 2.1, I could adapt my voice to Nuance and it quite good at voice dialing. Now it is useless. There is a new Voice Search by google which has accurate voice recognition, but is not adapted to one touch hands-free dialing. Makes the phone kind of useless. 4. FM Radio does not work (cannot change channels or turn off radio unless you do a power off of phone). 5. Music lost almost all album covers. Some will occasionally pop up so they are there, but it seems that the new system has problem reading them. 6

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Bluetooth voice recognition problem

Saturday 07th of May 2011 /
The voice recognition does not get anything right when going across the bluetooth. It I tell it to "Call Mary Frankenstien on Mobile", it comes back with "Call Andy?". It is not even close! It works great when talking directly to the phone. If I use the Voice Dialer, it never misses. I have tried two different Motorola blue tooth headsets on 4 different Thunderbolt phones. Has anyone had success in voice recognition over the bluetooth?

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Another bluetooth problem and my fix

Wednesday 03rd of April 2013 /
About a year ago I upgraded to the Droid Razr XT912 , my service vehicle had a Motorola Bluetooth. Both components paired up with no problem. In Nov of 2012 I purchased a 2006 Nissan Titan and had a Parrot 7100 installed, again both components paired up perfectly. Last week 03-29-2013 Verizon/Motorola performed a Google update resulting in a total disaster. The first time I went to use the Parrot Bluetooth it started calling the numbers in my phone book one by one. When life was good, I would hit the start bottom on the Parrot and the Parrot would respond "say a command" etc. In order for me to fine tune the Parrot I now have to go through my phone book name by name and train the voice recognition. Verizon has replaced two of our phones today admitting that this a problem with the Google download, Motorola concurs. Verizon had hoped that the new phones would have solved the problem. Tomorrow 04-03-2013 I will be calling the Parrot support center back east in hopes they may have a fix for the problem.

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Vlingo and bluetooth on I717 note

Thursday 05th of December 2013 /
Hi Folks The one big issue I have with this phone (Galaxy note 1) is that an upgrade to jelly bean has rendered the bluetooth mostly disabled. I have a motorola earpiece that works with it but voice commands don't work at all recognition is bad and it also I noticed today puts the audio through the earpiece but the voice actually only registers on the phone mic directly. I tried a samsung earpiece today and it's the opposite. audio through the phone and voice through the earpiece. This is a serious issue because using the phone directly while driving is not legal here now. And this was working fine before... I reread a few things where some technology was removed because of a lawsuit and google isn't saying anything to acknowledge the problem but I think there mush be a solution because theres not enough people recently complaining about it everything about it seems to be many months old. Because this happened though the update to jellybean who is to blame for the things that are broken. is it Samsung? Google? the phone company? I have searched for solutions and theres too much to w

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Voice dialer on LG G2

Friday 07th of February 2014 /
Hello Recently got an LG G2. (Android 4.2.2) Paired it with my Jawbone ERA without any problem. I can hear music, answer incomming calls and talk without any problem. The bug is when I try to place a call from my Bluetooth device. When I push the button on my Jawbone era the voice dialer opens on the phone and tell me to say the command. This is done in French since the language pack is set to Francais(France) I would have liked to see French Canadian among the language packs but to non avail. ( may be it could make a difference if one existed ?) Bizzarely, the splash screen of the "reconnaissance vocale" (vocal recognition or voice dialer) states "US English" at its top, even if I hear the commands in French. When I say "appeler" (call) "un_nom" ( a name ) it will offer me multiple choices but then after I pick one and say the command, it says "je n'ai rien compris" ( I did not unsterstand). I love the new phone but as far as this part is concerned, it sucks ! It used to run soooo smoothly on my old iPhone 4.0. I want to be

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Default Music Player

Monday 02nd of June 2014 /
I bought a new LG Tone+ Bluetooth Headset. It links just fine to my Toyota Phone and Galaxy note 3 media. I installed Dragon Voice Recognition app. Great app except when i tell it to play a certain song it goes to page showing 1. music player 2. Google music player 3. Youtube 4. video player. Even when I set Google Music player as default. It still won't auto play. it keeps going to the selection page. Has anyone had a problem like this and do you know how to set default music player so it automatically starts your song. It has to be an (Dragon issue) i'll bet. Iam headed over to there forum now. Thanks for any input. Thanks in advance Jose'

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Can't use bluetooth voice dialing completely hands free - Rooted 4.2.2

Sunday 24th of August 2014 /
I've just bought a Fairphone which uses a rooted version of Android 4.2.2I have several bluetooth devices (Nokia CK-7W car kit, Parrot CK3100 car kit with the most up to date software, and a generic bluetooth headset). When I pair any of these these with any other phone (Nokia 6230i, Sony Ericson T610, or Blackberry Curve), I can activate the voice recognition function of the phone with the press of a single button on the bluetooth device, and issue a voice command which the phone recognises.However, even once I have successfully paired any of them with the Fairphone, the Fairphone will not take any action when I press the button on the car kit.This is a major problem.I used to leave bluetooth enabled on my other phone so that it would automatically pair with the car kit (either make) as soon as I switched the ignition on. I could make, accept or end phone calls with a single button press on the car kit and then a voice command, even if the phone was in a bag or in my pocket.I need to have the same functionality on the Fairphone or else it will be back to my Blackberry!I have looked

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