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Both side Call Recorder...

Saturday 26th of March 2011 /
Hi...i just bought this phone... & looking for a working call recoding application... i tried many ones from android market... but either they record only my side or crashed out.. i really need a good application which support call recording facility... specially other side... & in normal mode only... not speaker mode...I hope you guys also faced the same problem like me... & some of you guys find the solution. Please guide me.Thanks

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Need Call recorder which record both side call convsersation on the Android Phone ?

Monday 16th of December 2013 /
Hi, I need call recorder for my Samsung Note 2 which record both side call conversation on the phone. If some one try this type of application please advise me. Thanks in advance.

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Call Recorder for Nexus 5

Friday 09th of January 2015 /
Hi, I am looking for app that can record calls both side for Nexus 5? Sun Recorder used to work but after Lollipop update this one is also not working. Can somebody help me out with this? Thanks!

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