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Calendar default reminder time

Thursday 06th of May 2010 /
I hate calendar reminders, almost never use them, and I have my Google calendars set up to default to no reminder when I enter a new event.But on the Incredible, I can't figure out how to do that. When I enter a new event there is an option to set the reminder as "none" for that event. But under calendar settings, "none" is not listed as one of the options for the default reminder time - there's nothing above 5 minutes on the drop-down list. Anyone know if there's any way to do this? I just can't believe it's not an option and that I have to manually delete the reminder for every single event I enter into the calendar...

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Calendar Reminder

Monday 20th of September 2010 /
Does anyone know if there is a way to set the default reminder time for all day events? I'd rather not have my phone's alarm go off at 11:50pm, when I'm trying to sleep. Instead, I'd rather have the default time set for, say, 10am. Any suggestions?

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Google Calendar reminder time changes not syncing to phone

Saturday 04th of February 2012 /
I'm new to this forum. I've had a Stratosphere from Verizon for two months, running Android 2.3. I have set the phone to sync with my Google Calendar online. I have checked and double checked the sync settings in the Calendar app on the phone. They are correct, and the phone generally syncs to Google Calendar events correctly. Except for one thing: When I edit an event in Google Calendar online and make no change to it other than the time when the reminder is to occur (changing, say, from 4 hours to 1 hour), that change is not synced to my phone. All other types of edits are properly synced, but not these. This has caused me to miss at least one important appointment. I don't think the problem is on Google's end. I suspect that it must be either an issue with the Android 2.3 OS itself (unlikely, since other Android users do not report this problem); or with the Samsung Stratosphere's implementation of the OS; or with the phone's default Calendar app. Somehow a sync that includes only a change in reminder time is not being processed on the phone. Is anyone else having this problem wit

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How to set default reminder time in calendar?

Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 /
I used to have a default reminder of 30 minutes set in my calendar for new events that I create. Suddenly (in the last couple of days), new events that I create do not have a default reminder set; I have to manually create the reminder when I create the event.This is driving me nuts and I can't find a setting to investigate anywhere. Anyone else having this issue? Got any ideas?TIA!

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problem with calendar notification settings

Monday 18th of November 2013 /
Hi, I do NOT want automatic notifications on every event I add to my calendar. I keep going to the Calendar>settings>general settings>Notifications & reminders and UNchecking the Notifications box and then changing my default reminder time to "none". This works for a little while (days? weeks? not many) and suddenly I notice that, once again, I have default reminders 15 minutes before every event. What am I missing? I am using the default Samsung calendar app but I have it set to only display my google calendar. I read in another post a suggestion to check the settings in Google from the PC, but I can't find anything there that pertains to my phone calendar notifications.

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Birthday Reminder Settings

Friday 28th of February 2014 /
hello. I can't seem to find where to edit the birthday reminder (notification) settings. i use the people's account on my (Sense) calendar to keep track of birthdays and by default I am getting a notification 12 hours before the event. I know how to change this for 1 event (tap and hold on the birthday event and edit the reminder there) but how do i change the default settings for all? my default reminder time in my calendar app is 30mins before the appointment, but obviously this isnt applying to birthdays or all-day events. thanks!

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Problem with Google Calendar & SPlanner since 4.4.2 upgrade

Saturday 15th of March 2014 /
Can anyone please help with an issue i have had with my calendar's since upgrading to android 4.4.2.I personally like google calendar and use it regularly, i dont really like splanner that much, since upgrading to android 4.4.2 both google calendar is acting really strange, the options for notifications keep resetting all the time, notifications, vibrate and pop up notification keeps unticking its self and the default reminder time keeps resetting back to 15, i keep setting it to 10 splanner i keep trying to turn off notifications and keep setting them to off, but every time i go back into it its set back to status bar notification.All i want it for just google calendar to work on its own and thats it, it shouldn't be too much to ask should it lol Also when i have just set everything the way i want, it will sometimes work first time but then all reset after the first notification.both calendars also keep popping up with notifications at the same time.My phone isn't rooted so i cannot just uninstall splanner unfortunately.Can anyone please help?ThanksJames

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Calendar Events - Set Default Reminder Time?

Sunday 18th of May 2014 /
On every other phone I've ever had, which is a ton, there has always been an option to set a default reminder time for calendar events but I can't find it on the S5 to save my life. It seems that it's setting the reminder times for 30 minutes prior and I'd prefer it be 5 minutes before the event. Does anyone know where this setting is found?

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Calendar Notifications not working!

Wednesday 05th of November 2014 /
i searched "calendar" and i didnt see any similar issues I have a bone stock LG G3 (no apps downloaded, no gmail accounts synced up, etc). love the phone so far, but one really annoying problem is that anytime i put an event on my calendar the phone never notifies me of the event!! things i have done: Calendar Settings --> put a check mark on "Lock Default Time Zone"Calendar Event Notification Settings -->Default reminder time: 10 minutesCheck mark on "Notifications"Notification type: (status bar or pop-up, doesnt work with either)Notification sound: defaultvibrate: only when vibrate mode example: i put an event on my phone for 3PM today. reminder defaulted to 10 minutes before. 2:50PM rolls around, no notification, no LED light, nothing. 3PM rolls around nothing. etc. etc. anyone have any ideas?

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How do I change the Samsung calendar default notification reminder?

Tuesday 13th of January 2015 /
Anyone have a suggestion on how to change the default notification reminder in the stock calendar app? I love that I can jot down an event with the S-pen but I'm forced to go into settings to change the reminder time. Typically I like to be reminded a day prior and then an hour before an event. Thanks Posted via the Android Central App

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