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calendar problem after kitkat

Monday 02nd of December 2013 /
so in the google calendar app, it only displays my exchange items. when i go to my gmail account within the app, the buttons for sync are unchecked. when i check them off, then come back again, they are unchecked. anyone else having a similar issue? it won't even let me add items to the calendar from the app to any calendar but the exchange account. not even "phone" calendar.

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Samsung account not syncing after 4.4.2 Kitkat update

Wednesday 18th of June 2014 /
After updating to KitKat my Samsung Account will not sync I get a sync error that says it will be back shortly. But its been 3 days, all my other accounts sync as normal except Samsung. I need this to save my s-notes and calendar. Plus I think it's effecting my Galaxy gear from syncing my pedometer steps. Has anyone else had this problem? If so do you have a fix? Posted via Android Central App

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Why are my widgets not refreshing or being functional? (Note 3)

Friday 26th of September 2014 /
My issue: Some, not all, of my widgets will not refresh/update. Specifically I am having this issue with weather/clock widgets (I have tried several different ones, none work), Samsung music, Twitter, reddit, ect. The calendar and e-mail appear to refreshing regularly though. What I've tried:-updated apps/widgets-cycled phone-reset phone-updated phone What I use:Samsung Galaxy Note 3, SprintAndroid Version: 4.4.4 *I recently updated to KitKat 4.4 and the problem worsened after that. Before I was able to temporarily fix the issue by removing the widget and replacing it but now just nothing works. **I should note that the applications work fine and I can still tap on the widget to open the app, but the content in the widget does not refresh.

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