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Developer creates lockscreen application for Google Glass to fix its glaring lack of security

Wednesday 01st of May 2013 /
It was a glaring omission in Google Glass, one I’m not sure how the boys at Google managed to overlook. Apparently, Glass has no lockscreen or security of any kind to keep someone else from strapping your Glass to their noggin, and taking a look at all your personal info. Things like pics, videos, contacts, messaages, etc. Pretty ridiculous, right? This oversight was actually highlighted by jailbreaker Jay Freeman, a first run Google Glass Explorer Edition owner, who noted this fact in a lengthy post on his personal blog.As so often is the case, it didn’t take long for an Android developer to come to the rescue, coding up a quick lockscreen app for Glass to keep prying eyes out. Developer Mike DiGiovanni announce via Google+ today that he put together an app called Bulletproof that acts as a lockscreen for Glass, and can be unlocked using a combination of swiping gestures and taps on Glass’ touchpad. Once unlocked, the headset remains so until it’s been removed from the head (there’s a sensor that can detect when you’re not wearing it), at which po

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Android 2.1 on netbook; screen rotate problem

Tuesday 18th of January 2011 /
Hi everyone... my first post here. I didn't see a more pertinent forum for my question, so here goes...I have Android 2.1 OS on a netbook. This is obviously meant for a cell phone but manipulated to be used with a netbook.The problem is that when I open any game downloaded off the App Market, the screen rotates 90 degrees to the left, making the game essentially unplayable (it messes up the functionality of the touchpad as well).I have searched through the Settings multiple times and cannot find a solution. I was hoping hoping under Display there would be an "Orientation" option, but nothing there.I have tried multiple keyboard shortcuts with no success. Maybe there is a shortcut that I haven't tried??As for Apps that might resolve my problem, I have searched for Apps that I've read online can toggle the auto-rotate off/on, but when I search via App Market on netbook, no results are found. If I download an App on a PC, how do I transfer it to the netbook? (do I just put it on an SD card; are there any special steps? sorry for being new to this)So, any advice, ideas would be

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UPDATE: $1500 for first HP TouchPad Android port, Hack N Mod first to Donate

Monday 22nd of August 2011 /
With HP’s recent announcement that they will be discontinuing all webOS hardware devices, they dropped the HP TouchPad down to a mere $99 for the 16GB and only $149 for the 32GB. Now obviously this price is unbeatable (I bought 3) and is a steal for a 9.7″ screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor tablet. The only question the Android community has now is: “Can we put Android on this tablet?”The TouchDroid Team is already working on porting Gingerbread to the TouchPad and Hack N Mod has joined in on the fun by offering a $1500 bounty to anyone who can fully port Android to the TouchPad. As of right now, they have almost all the sponsors filled, if you would like to sponsor this project, visit the site here.Hopefully we can see the rest of the sponsor spots filled because if we see this accomplished, the TouchPad will become the most inexpensive ”high end” Android tablet at only $99 – $149. Would you want to see this port come to life? Did you rush out on Saturday to purchase an HP TouchPad? Leave all your comments below.Source: Android an

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read more Selling 32GB HP TouchPad for $220

Friday 27th of January 2012 /
It’s no $99 fire sale but daily deals site is offering the HP Touchpad at a pretty good price, all things considered. You can get the 9.7 inch 32GB WiFi variant for $220 + shipping. If you have been unable to find this thing this long after the TouchPad fire sale this is a great chance to get one.It’s also good timing considering recent developments in the community. CyanogenMod 9 is as stable as it’s ever been on the TouchPad, even if it is unofficial right now. Once stable, you’ll have one of the cheapest, yet most capable Android 4.0 tablets around. Take a look at its section on RootzWiki to see what’s available for it so far. Most aren’t even 80% stable yet but still worth checking out.As for those who will opt to stick with WebOS, you’ll be happy to know that HP will soon be open-sourcing the software so that the hard work put in by the Palm team doesn’t go to waste. Exciting times, indeed. Find the 32GB version here. For what it’s worth, sellout.woot also had the 16GB version for $170 but, as you can imagine, it has

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Most stable android for hp touchpad?

Friday 16th of December 2011 /
Hi,I just bought a hp touchpad not to long ago and realized how much better it seemed with android. So what is the most stable and trusted version of android I should put on it? Also as much fun as its going to be, I still need it for class. Is there a program that can not only view powerpoints but also draw notes on the slides???thank you very much

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Is the Kindle Fire that good of a deal?

Thursday 29th of September 2011 /
When I saw the announcment for the A1, I thought that was a good deal. When I saw the announcment for the Fire I thought that was a good deal too, but not better so that it deserves a crown as being the cheapest best device.I probably won't get either as I had the nook color, but now enjoy a larger screen in the touchpad, just can't wait for an android port. I put this spec list together which may not be perfect, but is the Fire really that much better for being $50 cheaper. The only thing I think it has going for it is the processor, though I would think the A1 will hold it's own. Too bad Lenovo isn't releasing the 8GB version here, then the price would be a level playing field. Amazon Kindle $199 8GB on board storage Android (Amazonified) Amazon Market WiFi, no 3G option No Bluetooth No offline GPS 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor ??? Ram 7" Gorilla Glass IPS Display runs at 1024 x 600 Amazon Silk browser 14.6 ounces Micro-USB port Speakers at the top with 3.5mm stereo jack Free Amazon cloud storage for all your Amazon content Battery lasts 8 hours with WiFi off No camera

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[FREE] Flexible Remote Control

Tuesday 01st of May 2012 /
Hello, everybody. Glad to introduce my new app for Android: QL Remote Control.Though there are a lot of Remote Controls for Android already created, this app is somewhat special because of the huge variety of commands you can make your PC to execute.Each button have default command associated with it. But if you need your PC to do something special, you can easily assign another command to any button.Default buttons behavior:Turn off PCChange sound volume/Mute.Start screen saverLaunch default Web Browser, Audio/Video player.Switch task.Start screen saver.Change display brightness.Start Magnifier Additional commands (need to be configured):Start any program.Reboot, put into sleep, hibernate, logoff you PC, or show shutdown dialog.Control mouse pointer.Speak text on your PC.Show configurable popup menu. You can also directly control your desktop like using Remote Desktop.Touchpad mode will be soon available.You can zoom in, and zoom out, use keyboard of your phone to type text on the PC.Apk is available at aim is to create such pr

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CyanogenMod 9 Preview on the HP Touchpad - Android Authority

Friday 13th of January 2012 /
The HP Touchpad was a turning point. Everyone saw that there is a huge potential for inexpensive tablets that are simply “good enough” for daily tasks. So when the firesale happened, and the tablet was being sold for $99, a lot of people rushed to get it. Many of these people, while they knew they would be pretty satisfied with webOS, too, what they really wanted was to get the tablet so they can put Android 4.0 on it later on.Since Honeycomb wasn’t open-sourced and Android 2.3 didn’t look all that well on tablets, everyone was waiting patiently for Google to open source Android 4.0 and for the CyanogenMod team to start working on a port for the HP Touchpad. Fortunately, the CM team adopted the project, first by starting to work on an Android 2.3 port, just so they get to build all the drivers and fix the general bugs  that would appear with an Android port on the Touchpad, and then by continuing the work on ICS and re-using some of the the code they wrote when porting Android 2.3.The Android 4.0 port is not ready yet, nor fully stable, and video playback and

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how shady is the android central store?

Monday 29th of August 2011 /
So last friday I ordered a some otterbox cases for droid charge. it went through ok as far as i can tell but today i get an email from them demanding the following The following information is requested to ensure that the authorized cardholder placed the order. Please email or fax at least two of the following: - Top portion of the most recent credit card billing statement showing, name, billing address and last four numbers of the credit card- Photo copy of your driver license - Photo copy of the front and back of the credit card before the order can be filled (optionally block out all numbers except first and last four) what sort of BS is this? the email mentions that they are out of stock. is this some sort of ploy because they sold them too cheap and don't wan to fulfill the order? i have had enough vendor BS for a lifetime coming off of that hp touchpad deal. and of course they put a phone number to call in on and of course it didn't have hours so i waste time calling and of course they're not there. nice AC. nice.

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Should I upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus?

Wednesday 29th of February 2012 /
Hello there, this is my first time posting and I just wanted some advise on whether or not I should upgrade. I currently have an iPhone 4 and am long overdue for an upgrade. I've been an iPhone user for 4 years and I recently picked up an HP Touchpad, put Android on it and now I'm hooked. Everything just integrates so well.Anyway, I'm ready to make the jump to Android for my phone usage. My iPhone is starting to be sluggish and I figured now would be perfect time to upgrade. I have a few candidates in mind, one being the Galaxy Nexus, the others being a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket or Motorola XT-910 (RAZR).I'm on AT&T and would have to buy GSM versions of the Nexus and Razr. This is a big plus for me as they will be unlocked for global use (especially the penta-band Nexus) and I have some global travel ahead of me, specifically China. However, I believe you can unlock the Skyrocket putting it at the same level as the Razr in terms of frequencies if I'm not mistaken.I'm going to break it down into categories that I absolutely need out of a phone and my thoughts on them.1. Speed: I do live

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