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sms - Is there an Android Equivalent to iMessage?

Saturday 26th of January 2013 /
I don't get mobile reception at home and would love to be able to send and receive SMS either via the phone or by computer. I currently use Skype to send SMS but can't receive that way. I have tried a few apps but nothing seems to work unless you're in mobile range. My daughter has an iPhone and she can send and receive SMS with ease. I have a Samsung Galaxy S III.I am in Australia so I need a service that is available here. Google Voice is not available here.

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iPhone iMessage/Group MMS shows up as blank MMS

Tuesday 10th of April 2012 /
My Optimus V cannot receive iMessage/Group MMS messages from iPhone users. My friends all recently jumped to iPhones and started using Group MMS, which I can best describe as a texting chat room for the iPhone. However, every time they send one, all I get is a blank MMS message.I'm not sure if this is just me, because I've had plenty of past MMS issues with Virgin Mobile, or if this happens for everyone on VM or even everyone on Android. Who knows, maybe I'm having an issue receiving text-only MMS messages. I can SMS text and send pics (MMS) back and forth with any of these iPhones individually, just not in their "Group MMS."I'm writing to know if this happens to anyone else before I spend another grueling hour of hell on the phone with VM support trying to reset my MSID...TIA.

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New Android User - Problem with text messaging

Tuesday 22nd of May 2012 /
I apologize if I am posting in the incorrect forum. I have also done a search for this problem on this site and havent found a definite answer. I am on the AT&T network and I purchased a Skyrocket two days ago (went from an iPhone 4). I have two contacts that I can send text messages to and they receive them but I don't receive their responses. Went back to store yesterday and changed out sim card, reset to factory settings, called AT&T and no luck. I went on to my Gmail account and found these two contacts under the group My Contacts, along with all the AT&T numbers. I moved these two contacts to the group Unassigned where the rest of my contacts are. Still no luck. I know these two contacts have iPhones and we did use iMessage for texting. This problem is becoming very frustrating and have no idea why its these two contacts. All my other contacts so far I can send and receive just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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From IOS (AT&T) to Android (AT&T)

Sunday 04th of March 2012 /
Bought the Note Feb 19th, upgraded from iPhone4. While using the iPhone, had latest IOS of course and used iMessage, have iPad as well. The shift went well, very pleased with the Note and more and more understanding why folk like the openness of Android. Now the strange part, my wife, Mom and Pops all have iPhones (4S) an ever since I went to Android, I can only receive and/or send text with my better half. My parents don't receive my text nor do I receive theirs. I've checked iTunes account, removed the device, called AT&T, they put in trouble call, it's been over week with nothing back. Has anyone using Android now previous used IOS seen this an is with AT&T? Thanks in advance.

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Help with converting to Android from iMessage

Friday 08th of February 2013 /
So we bought an HTC One X for my wife who dropped her iPhone in water, and we're trying to figure out how to make an Android phone work for her. Here's the situation:Her family all has iPhones, and they are constantly sending pictures of babies and videos to each other through texting (iMessage). I know something like What'sApp or Skype would be better, but there's no changing everybody now. So the biggest problem I can see so far is sending and receiving videos to each other. The videos she gets are horrible quality and are very blurry. This is a dealbreaker for her. So how can you send and receive videos via text message to iPhones and have decent quality video? She also has a problem since group messaging doesn't get threaded in the same conversation on Android, but we've downloaded Handcent and supposedly it will fix the issue (haven't tried yet). Any advice related to getting along without iMessage, especially related to videos?

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MightyText is like iMessage mixed with Google Voice

Wednesday 20th of June 2012 /
A pair of former Googlers has launched a new app called MightyText specifically for Android smartphone users. The developers of the app are Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani and their app originally launched as a Chrome extension and gained popularity quickly. The success of that Chrome extension helped the duo raise $650,000 to build their new mobile app that has just recently launched.The app reminds me a lot of Google Voice in that you can send and receive text messages from any device just as you would with your Android smartphone in hand. One key difference though is that MightyText doesn’t require you to get a new phone number as Google Voice does, rather MightyTex…Continue Reading HereMightyText is like iMessage mixed with Google VoiceShane McGlaun –

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Droid/ IPhone IMessage... PLEASE HELP!

Tuesday 05th of November 2013 /
So I had an iPhone and it broke, so I activated my old Droid 2. All of my friends try and text me, and i don't receive texts from any of my friends but they receive mine. I receive all the texts from non-IPhone users, so its not a carrier thing I don't think. I recently found out that all the texts they have been sending have been sending through iMessage and have been received on my computer at my house. I want to resolve this issue so i can get texts from my friends again. I looked it up and this problem has happened to a few other people, but so far I haven't seen any ways of fixing it. I will be getting an iPhone in January again (Its not that I don't realize that android phones are better, i just need iMessage to keep my bill down) so I can wait till then but i would prefer not to. People wanting to go on Android rants need not to reply. Just things to help, me and my droid.

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android / imessage

Tuesday 26th of November 2013 /
a couple weeks ago, my note had to be sent out for warranty repairs...during the time it was gone, i used an old iphone 3gs...when my note came back i couldnt receive any messages from people with iphones...i could sms them, but when they tried to sms me, it went to imessage on my ipad. i did go thru the ipad and remove my phone number...and that seemed to work for all my iphone friends...except i have had her remove and relist me...i have gone to the iphone and disassociated my phone number from imessages...and when all that didnt work, i went to itunes and completely removed my iphone from my account. still no luck...and this is only this one person...any ideas on what could be causing this problem? is there something i can do?

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Note 3 Won't Receive SMS from iPhones

Monday 24th of February 2014 /
Recently made the switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Loving the Android OS on the Samsung device. But when attempting text messaging with family and friend who still have iPhones, their texts do not reach me. I can text them, though. I have disabled iMessage on my iPhone and iPad. My wife deleted then recreated my contact on her iPhone. We made sure my phone number is not associated with iMessage on my iPhone and iPad. Still, texts from iPhones will not come through. Any ideas what to do or where else to turn? Thanks in advance.

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Help!! I can not receive messages from people who use iMessage to my Samsung Galaxy S5

Sunday 14th of September 2014 /
So I recently "grew up" and made the change from Apple to Andriod, purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S5. I LOVE it! I cannot fault it!! However, I kept my phone number and now I can't receive messages from people who have iPhones that use iMessage. My number used to be associated with iMessage, but I deleted it from all my iDevices (iPad and old iPhone). I also deleted the email that was associated with it, as well as turned the iMessage function off. I still can't receive messages from those who still have iPhones. It makes me regret ever owing an apple product lol In all seriousness though... Help!! What haven't I done?? Is there something I need to do on my Samsung?? Do I need to contact my service provider?? I feel it is probably an apple issue but thought maybe there is something I need to do on the android system.

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