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Norton 2012 Product Line Includes Trio of Android Apps

Thursday 08th of September 2011 /
Norton announced their 2012 product line this week and, sensing the growing mobile trend, unveiled a couple of new mobile-focused titles. Android users will be most concerned with a trio of titles, Norton Tablet Security, Norton Anti-Theft Beta, and Norton Online Family. These three are all new and speak to Norton’s commitment to protecting users everywhere, whether at a desktop or on the go.The full Norton press release can be found after the break, but the following three are geared toward Android users.Norton Tablet Security – Available in the next few weeks, this new offering is designed specifically for Android tablets to protect the device, your privacy and your important data against loss, theft, viruses, and other threats.Norton Anti-Theft Beta – Available as a free download today, this new web service allows users to quickly and easily lock, locate and possibly get back a PC, laptop or Android device – and the invaluable information on it – in the event it is ever lost or stolen.  Norton Anti-Theft beta includes several key features including Sneak Peek, which

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Help... viruses on tablets??

Wednesday 01st of August 2012 /
After reading other threads, I thought I should still post this. Some user couldn't understand why one would get excited about viruses...because they have been around forever. Well, the difference is that PC users have learned how to deal with them with virus protection, knowing what to look for, etc. The android operating systems is completely foreign to a non-techinical person. Also, after viewing the market for many hours, I have yet to see anything that says, 'you need to protect your tablet', so I guess one falls into a sense of security from that. Anyway, I installed a remote control app to connect my tablet to my other 2 pcs. It worked great... only today, when I attempted to access a site on my tablet, it kept redirecting me to some japanesse site (that also didn't exist). So I just went to my other 2 pcs... the same thing, only 1 of my pcs (with norton) alerted me to a block it just did of a malicious cookie with the same japanesse name. Since my 2 pcs are heavily guarded by virus protections, I can only asusme my tablet became infected and infected my other devices. Luckily

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Apps used for destructive purposes....

Sunday 22nd of January 2012 /
I am rather new to this forum and the Android operating system...I have a Coby Kyros MID7127 running Android 2.3.3. I'm a longtime Windows user on several PCs over the years (Win 98, XP, and 7). I've been wondering how easy or difficult it is for hackers to use applications as back doors or hacking tools to get inside tablet PCs. It seems everyone has an app out there...many are well known, free, and commonly downloaded. But there are gazillions of other apps published by various unknown, to me at least, sources. People seem willing to try out apps, often without proper caution or care as to what damage they might do to one's device. It's also unsettling to not have any selective accept/deny rights when an app asks for several permissions before one allows the installation. I'm VERY careful with my Windows PCs, but somehow I don't sense the same degree of wariness with people using Android tablets. So, my questions are....--Can hackers use Android apps to perpetuate viruses and other destructive things, much as has been done on Windows PCs? --Has anyone encountered an Android app tha

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Lookout Security Now Available For Android Tablets – Droid Life

Wednesday 26th of October 2011 /
Lookout Security has been making sure that Android users feel safe by providing their services for quite some time now. With device tracking, checking apps for viruses and a lot of other safety features it has become very popular among users. Lookout has just upped the bar with their new support for Android tablets. Hooray.At Lookout, we know tablets are the new mobile frontier, so we made our same smartphone security protection and find-my-phone functionality available on any tablet or iPad—including Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and WiFi-only tablets. So regardless of which kind of tablet or iPad you have, you can keep your device safe.Now as we can see in the above image, when you open up your Apple/Safari browser on your Motorola XOOM, you can track your devices, remote wipe, lock and set your device to “scream” so those pesky thieves get so annoyed they hopefully just give up.Market Link

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Avira Free Android Security App Review - Protect Your Privacy & Device

Friday 16th of March 2012 /
There are times when we get too busy with other stuff that we tend to forget and misplace our phones and tablets. The worst case scenario is that someone takes advantage of these busy moments and steal our device.To address this need for additional security, Avira has developed an anti-theft Android application that allows the device owner to perform several anti-theft operations remotely. Read on to know more about how this app can secure your Android device.Features of Avira Free Android Security AppThere are numerous security applications in the Google Play Store geared to protect your device from malicious content like viruses and malware.  There are also several Android security apps that can remotely control your device in case your device gets lost. Avira Free Android Security belongs to the latter.Dedicated to protecting your Android device from theft, the security app features several anti-theft options packed in it. Using this app, a user can locate the device on which the app is installed, wipe data on the device, lock the device, or sound a loud alarm (called a “sc

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