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Fring Updates Its Android App, Improves Call Quality and Adds Galaxy S Support

Wednesday 21st of July 2010 /
While I was mulling over the Samsung Galaxy S, reviewing its features and beefy hardware, one aspect I was never able to explore was video calling via the front-facing camera found on the international version of the phone. Not knowing anyone else with a Galaxy S I turned to fring in attempts to set up video calls to friends with the EVO 4G and iPhone 4. No dice. Only the rear camera was working properly. I am happy now to report that fring has updated their Android app bringing support for the front-facing camera on the Galaxy S along with overall improved call quality.Call audio is now clearer and easier on the ears, and if you have used fring before and noticed an echo, that problem is solved as well. The rest of the update is dedicated to bug fixes and general enhancements to provide a much more pleasant user experience all around. While most OEMs continue to push out devices with proprietary video calling that will not work across platforms (an iPhone can’t FaceTime an EVO 4G), fring throws any allegiances out the window. They don’t care who you want to video call, a

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iPhone 4s user considering the jump to Galaxy S4, looking for pros and cons

Friday 15th of March 2013 /
After having the iPhone for 3 generations, I must say i am now considering jumping to the S4. I am the kind of person who enjoys having something "new" from time to time and I am getting bored with the iPhone platform. My issue is my home computer is an iMac and I am trying to figure out the difficulty in switching over platforms. My wife has the iPhone 5, which is a nice device, but not much difference from the 4S. Can someone give me some guidance on the level of difficulty in switching platforms, my main concern is music. i have bought the majority of my music from iTunes. I realize I would lose the ability to Facetime with her but we could still Skype to video chat. I could get over having to re-purchase a few apps that i have paid for. Are there any other considerations I should consider from anyone who has done this?? Thanks for the advice and feedback!!

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FaceTime or similar App for Android 3.0?

Wednesday 04th of May 2011 /
Hi all. The gurl recently got hold of a iPad2 and after two nights of finally getting it set up I read some graphic novels on it and it was actaully quite good! What stole the show was the FaceTime App. Now we both have relatiives in different countries, so just by calling up her sister in Manila with an email address over wifi I was pretty impressed with both the quality and FPS of the service. Very impressed. I have my sights on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for next month but would love to know if Android 3.0 has a similar App and how would it work as iPad can FaceTime with iphone or another iPad. Would the Android version work with any device using the Android (hardware being suitably equipped of course) O/S ? Anyone in the know? Any advice greatly appreciated.Thanks,Mitch...

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If iPhone 5 also has a 5-inch screen, would you still be getting the Galaxy S4?

Thursday 09th of May 2013 /
Played with the Galaxy S4 today, such an impressive hardware without any doubt. I was especially in love with the 5" display, I thought it was the perfect display size for today's smartphone. Sure, its still pretty hard to be used with one hand, but it feels just right in the hand. My problem is that all of my family members use the iPhone, it'd be nice to be able to use the iMessage and Facetime features. Many of my friends have iPhone as well. I also personally prefer the iOS, and somewhat excited for the upcoming iOS 7. This made me wish that Apple releases a 5" iPhone, I will get it without any hesitation.. In the meantime though, I can only envy the Galaxy S4 owners. Do you guys feel the same way?

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Thinking about switching from iPhone

Friday 13th of July 2012 /
Just a few questions:1. How do you back up the pictures and other data on the phone? With the iPhone, it syncs to iTunes any time you plug it in. I'm assuming that there is no way to back up the Galaxy SIII on my Macbook?2. Incidentally, how do you take pictures off the SIII and put them on to your computer?3. Does the Galaxy SIII have video chat similar to FaceTime for iPhones?4. Can the Galaxy SIII sync with Google Tasks? (This is one of my biggest frustrations with the iPhone as I use Google Tasks often)5. Is it really not too big? Can it fit in your pocket comfortably without slipping out every now and then?6. And I'm sure this is one everyone asks, but is there going to be another android that is rumored to come out in the next few months that is supposed to be even better?Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Facetime or similar on the Galaxy Tab

Saturday 11th of December 2010 /
Anyone know if it is possible to call video chat from the Galaxy Tab to someone with an iphone or ipod touch? Can the GT "call" facetime? or would the iphone/touch user need to install a 3rd party app?Maybe this is more of a iphone/touch question, but I'd like to be able to video chat with my kids...them having a 4g touch and me with a Galaxy Tab.Thanks.

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Time to upgrade... can't decide.

Friday 17th of May 2013 /
Hey everyone,I have had the iPhone 4S since around last June, which was my first smartphone. Since I got it off contract off of eBay and use it on Straight Talk, I'm deciding to upgrade. That's what I like about Straight Talk; it's contract free and it's a deal.Anyways, I'm conflicted with all of the great android smartphones out now. I have the Nexus 7, and I love it. iOS is just so bland, while Android has that flare to it that I absolutely love.The phones that I've had my eyes on are: the Nexus 4, Oppo Find 5, HTC One, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 (International Version).With so many different features and specs, you really have to think about what you want in the long run because there are so many choices now.I got my iPhone for different reasons at the time: Siri, iMessage (many of my friends have an iPhone, so this was great), FaceTime, the camera, and because I had been using an iPod touch since the second generation. Now, I wanna go try Android; the Kindle Fire & Nexus 7 really changed my mind.. c;Can anyone help me decide what phone I should get? Thanks!

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Need help with video calls between the Galaxy S Blaze and an iPhone

Saturday 08th of February 2014 /
Hi, I have the samsung galaxy s blaze 4G phone. My friend has an iphone and she has the facetime feature on her iphone which allows her to make video calls. My phone is an android as you know. If she calls me through the facetime feature on her iphone is there a way for me to connect to her video call so that we can both see each other on video? Do I need to download an app(maybe an app made by apple that is made to run on android phones) to enable my phone to have the capability of accepting facetime calls made from her iphone? Or should we just forget about the facetime nonsense and just use something like skype or another similar app that will run on both the iphone and android devices? But she does not want to go to the trouble of singing up to something in order to use an app. Thanks.

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Difficulty sending/receiving sms texts.

Sunday 08th of June 2014 /
Hi Guys,Hoping someone can help me out. I have recently bought a new samsung galaxy s5 (old phone was an iPhone 4s). I synced my galaxy using Smart Switch Mobile (to sync old contacts, photos, messages etc) through my apple account. I have had it for about 8-10 weeks and no issues with it up until 2 weeks ago. I can no longer send sms texts to one number in my contact list. She has a motorola razr and received all my texts when i first upgraded phones but recently can't receive any. She is ABLE to receive my MMS messages and also receives texts from everyone else.Since finding out that she is no longer receiving my texts I have disabled third party apps (chat on and hangouts) - this hasn't helped. I have also done 3 complete factory resets. After doing this i synced my galaxy using Smart Switch again. Directly after doing this she was able to receive my texts for about 12-15hours and then nothing. No one else on my contact list has any issues receiving my sms.I still have my old iPhone and have disabled FaceTime and iMessage and this phone is always turned off.This is really annoying

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Does anybody think galaxy and other latest smartphones should have iMessage and facetime?

Sunday 09th of November 2014 /
I think people with galaxy's and the latest smartphones should have a way where they can instant message and be able to contact other galaxy users over WiFi and facetime. I'm anti iPhone but I like some of the specs they have over us. I also like how they can access their text messages from their macbooks. Not fair. Does anybody agree or slightly agree?

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