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Tried to change SD card, not recognized! What did I do?

Friday 18th of January 2013 /
In the past, I've upgraded the SD card on my old phone (LG Optimus C) without a hitch, basically just copying the files from the phone to my laptop, insterting the new 8G SD card, and then copying the files onto the new one. No problemo. So, I tried to do the same thing with my new phone (HTC One V), but now it won't recognize anything, and my phone says "no service" to boot! Here's what I did: 1. Hooked up my old phone and made a copy of everything on the SD card into a folder on my desktop that I labeled Old Phone, to back it up.2. Went into the phone's storage drive on my laptop, erased everything from the folder to clear out the SD card.3. Unmounted and removed the 8G sd card from my old phone.4. Hooked up new phone to laptop, made a copy of everything on its original SD card into new folder labeled "HTC storage"5. Removed original SD card from new phone. (I can't remember if I unmounted it!)6. Insterted the 8G SDcard into new phone & hooked it up to my laptop. Here's a screenshot of what I'm now seeing on my laptop: Also,after inserting the new SD card

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[ROM] SHIFTAO5P V IC3.2.1 [IMOSEYN Lean Kernel 5.1] (11/20/2011) - Page 8

Thursday 17th of November 2011 /
Originally Posted by WattsOnYourMind im going to try using a different aosp, what would you recommend for a aosp rom? I looked at Liquid Gingerbread 3.1 but I would prefer something a little different, what are some you would recommend? EDIT: I looked at CM7 but it didn't list HTC Thunderbolt under supported devices... but I would assume thats a mistake right?PS. I don't have the slightest clue on different launchers, what's the one you. have? that looks nice and cleanAosp roms i can think of off the top of my head- cm7, protekk unofficial cm7 build, omfgb/omgb and ShiftAosp. I don't think liquid gingerbread is aosp. Try a previous version of shift.. do you have one?Cm7 is "unofficially" supported but works just fine. Thing is, DH put his touches on cm7 to make it better than your typical aosp ROM IMO.I use Go Launcher. Has so many options your head will spin. Here's a screenshot of just one of the transitions I kinda dig. Also, Go Launcher is free and gets updates weekly. GO team also has a bunch of other apps (like GoSMS- awesome messenger, contacts, dialer, keyboard, we

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Blurry Screenshots?

Thursday 20th of February 2014 /
Ever since using this phone I've noticed the quality of my screenshots when posted to social media (especially Facebook) is really terrible. When cropped and posted to Instagram you can definitely see the blurryness/pixaledness. I never had this problem with my HTC one V, when posted to other social media the photo stayed crisp and clear. so I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or found a fix. BTW I do use screenshot (Vol down+Power, not quick memo or whatever its called)

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