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google play store - Can I restore downloaded paid apps after a factory reset?

Wednesday 03rd of April 2013 /
I need to factory reset my phone.However, I need to know whether I will be able to downloadthe applications I paid for on Google Play once I do thereset, and download them onto my phone at no additional cost.If once I do a factory reset I need to pay again to downloadall the apps, then is there a way to back them up prior todoing a reset, and then reinstall them back again?

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what to do after factory reset on rooted phone

Tuesday 23rd of April 2013 /
Complete noob question. I am having problems with phone vibrate and it has got to the point where I am going to try a factory reset. Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830i).Clearly though, I want to restore the phone to pretty much its former state afterwards -- i.e. (1) rooted (2) all apps and data back (3) all contacts back. (4) all old text messages back.I have Titanium backup installed. I am running the stock rom. I can find plenty of web pages explaining how to factory reset the phone (which is pretty obvious) but then after that they just seem to say "and then re-install from your backups". I don't even know whether I will be unrooted after a factory reset -- I am completely unclear about what the relationship is between a factory reset and SuperUser. Can someone point me to a place where these sorts of things are explained carefully? I'm happy to learn.

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Apps after Factory Reset

Tuesday 31st of August 2010 /
Hi guys!After a factory reset I use "App manager" to restore the apps, but in this way I can't see when the updates are avalaible, cause the apps don't appear on the market download list.How can I do to resolve the problem?

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Missing Keyboard After Factory Reset

Sunday 11th of March 2012 /
Help please! I just did a factory reset to my phone and I have no keyboard on my phone.Some more details:LG optimus one p500hI had my phone rooted about a month ago and was having some problems today to I went into titanium backup and rebooted into recovery mode to fix permissions. This sat idle for a long time not doing anything so I took out my battery. When my phone finally came back on my home screen had been reset and all my apps were force closing. The phone also wouldn't connect to the computer and had no keyboard so I'm not able to restore my phone or just re-install apps. So i completed a factory reset and now all of my apps are deleted and I need to sign into my phone but can't without a keyboard.I should also mention that when my phone was rooted I deleted the keyboards that came on the phone and installed Swype which obviously got deleted during the process.ANY help what's so ever is appreciated. I have no idea what to do

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After factory reset, Market remembers my old phone. Won't restore

Saturday 30th of July 2011 /
****************************** EDIT: Several hours after factory resetting, the web Market now shows my Incredible 2 as an option. So I guess it just takes a while to show up. It didn't do that last time so I thought I had some new problem. My phone still isn't restoring the apps automatically like last time, but I just tested it and I can do them manually one by one via the web interface on my laptop. Maybe if I leave it long enough, it'll do the rest automatically. Otherwise I'll embrace it as an opportunity for spring cleaning. So disregard the below. I'll leave it here just in case anyone else has the same problem. ****************************** After the recent minor update killed my Gmail, killed my Market, and made all kinds of things start force closing, I had to factory reset again, just like I did after the Gingerbread update killed my clock. But unlike last time, this time my Market apps did not restore. Last time a status message said something like, "180 apps restored". This time it said 2. When I open the market app and go to Settings > My Apps, it only s

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Crashes on startup after factory reset

Friday 05th of April 2013 /
My phone has been acting up recently. A bunch of issues I couldent find any fixes for. So I decided to do a factory reset. After it had completed it brought me to the setup wizard and I clicked the google thing and finished. After that the screen is blank for a few seconds and I usually get a message that android has crashed or something. Sometimes I get about 3 messages stacked on top of eachother of different apps crashing. All I can to get to is to the task manager. My phone was rooted but I didnt have a new rom or anything extreme and I have done a factory restore in this manner with my phone rooted before.

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can i restore apps after factory reset?

Sunday 28th of April 2013 /
The camera on my LG Venice recently stopped working saying "cannot connect to camera"... i have tried everything! Finally I. Did a factory reset, but removed my sd card first, so all of my apps and pics are still on the card. When i put it back in the apps have not restored, yet all of my pics have. Anyone have any advice on what i can do and also about the issues im having with my camera? Please help!

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Restoring Help - Using Astro, can't find apps after Factory Reset

Tuesday 03rd of January 2012 /
I have been having issues with my Bionic and Verizon asked me to do yet another factory reset. I have done this previously and used Astro to backup my apps, but this time when I go to restore, the screen is totally empty. Does anyone know where these could have gone ? I am finding no Backup directory on my SD card at all and there seems to be quite a bit more data "missing" even though I did not select to format the card, just the internal memory. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Installed 2.2, then did factory reset, now having problems with some apps!!!???!!!

Monday 23rd of August 2010 /
Alright, so I downloaded the leaked version of 2.2 last night, and after a while, I decided I wanted to root my phone. Well, turns out I cant do that with 2.2 yet, but i thought If I did a hard factory reset, it would somehow revert back to 2.1. very wishful thinking. attempt of course failed. Anyway, I backed up my apps and contacts, etc...and when I was done with the restore process, I found that I needed to re-install 2 of my most used apps: My Work ScheduleandMobile Banking For Android The Problem is, when I find them (in AppBrain, because they wont show up in regular market) and try to install, I get an error message that says Not Found! The requested item could not be found.For both of these apps. Is there anything I need to do to be able to "find" these? Also, I had paid for the full version of EasyTether a couple weeks ago, and it is no longer in my phone, or saved in my apps in the market, so if anyone can figure out that one too that would be amazing. Please and Thanks!

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How can I restore my apps in Google Play ?

Monday 01st of July 2013 /
I had to do a Factory Reset on my LG Esteem. Before doing that, I saw all my apps in Google Play on my PC. After I did the factory reset and synchronized the phone wiht my google account to retrieve my phone contacts, I went back to Google Play and saw no app!I purchased several apps and I don't remember their names. Does Google Play keep a track somewhere of my previously installed apps ?

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