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Play Safe App - let your child safely play games on your phone

Tuesday 03rd of April 2012 /
Hey guys - My friend and I hacked together an app which solves a problem we constantly face, I'd love to get your feedback (remember, this is our minimum viable product, we dont yet have a design, but we are working on it! )Problem:My nephew always wants to play on my droid and when I get it back, I find it to be a mess (applications disorganized, email drafts created, deleted application, installation of new apps, etc...)Solution: Play Safe App allows you to select the applications you want to limit your child to access, at which point it takes over the OS becomes the default app, disabling any attempting by the child to exit the app. Within the app, the child can only acces the enabled applications by the owner of the phone. To exit the app, you would insert a password which brings you back to your standard Android home screen.**Visit from your Android device to download the APK. Please check "Unknown Sources" in settings if you dont have that checked alreadyFirst Time Instructions : 1)Start the App2)Wait for the parent home screen3)Click on Sel

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I have a Samsung SCH dash S 720 c Android phone. bought a couple

Thursday 08th of November 2012 /
I have a Samsung SCH dash S 720 c Android phone. bought a couple weeks ago had no idea about Android phones computers or any other kind of technology somebody hacked into my phone and it been screwing around me for 2 weeks now driving me crazy. just a minute ago it woke me up with a credit card site is trying to steal from me is taking over my phone is blacked out the controls for whatever you call them so I can't control my phone . it's his phone now not mine. I'm ready to just throw it in the river. its cost me a lot of money between the phone and the plan and lost web sites it's my own fault for being naive I just don't know what I'm doing with computers even on this page you guys have I could enter the information for the credit card I tried if you could please help me get this asshole out of my phone I be so gratefulOptional Information: What have you tried so far?: I've tried to factory reset The phone twice The trouble is there from India I have a hard time understanding them like I said I've learned a lot but I suck at using this phone the manuals suck they don't tell you ex

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Will your Android Phone Get Gingerbread? - Android Authority

Sunday 10th of April 2011 /
No doubt if you own an Android phone, or are thinking of getting one, one of the prevailing questions you might have is “will my phone get the latest version of Android, will I get Gingerbread?” Currently, there are only two handsets officially (a few others hacked of course) running 2.3. These are the Nexus S and the Nexus One. Of course, if you’ve done your due diligence, and rooted your phone, then  you can hit up a Cyanogenmod 7 release candidate (which we highly recommend) and experience Gingerbread right now. However, if you’re not the rooting type, and would prefer for a more official release, then check out our comprehensive list below.Thankfully, the list has kept growing ever since Gingerbread was officially announced. More and more carriers, it would seem, are eager to provide the latest and greatest iteration of Android on their hardware, which is a great thing for everyone.Header image courtesy of Sam Spratt, GizmodoAlso, big cheers to JR Raphael for doing the hard work!Is having  the latest version of Android on your phone important to you? Any

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All A Twitter Over #Android

Sunday 12th of September 2010 /
Happy Sunday everyone! Football: fantasy for some, a reality for others. It’s gameday, are you ready for some football apps? It’s okay if football isn’t your thing, there is plenty of Android to go around.  Welcome to the club all new Android owners, we hope you’ll be very happy here. If not, we understand there are no hard feelings, just don’t say it was an accident, mmkay?Everett_Duke If there weren’t games today, I’d probably just stay in bed watching game previews on the NFL mobile app forandroid…Guybumm Fine, I’ll download the LG Optimus and see what I can do with that, stupid xda not letting me theme. RAGE. #Android#AngryAndroidDevSteveHeye (agreed) RT @gordondym: (I own Android phone to make me feel better than iPhone owners, but just as cool as other mobile users )#chicountsYesImSpitz Is the android market down? Or is it just my phone tripping?srproff I kinda like twitter for android! I hope my iPhone doesnt get jealous..RuleYourDay Anyone have a hacked Android? I’m weighing my options since having to do a master

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Used Android phone: How can I make sure there is no spyware installed?

Sunday 15th of May 2011 /
I am new to Android and I am thinking about buying a used Android phone, but I am worried there may be some spyware installed by the previous owner.I am not worried about James Bond style hardware bugs, only what you can install using custom ROMs and stuff like that. Basic hacking skills any 12 year old can learn searching the web and wanting to have some mischievous fun.What should be the first thing I do if I buy such a phone and want to "scrub it clean" before I start storing my passwords and personal photos on it?Is there a factory reset that is guaranteed to work even if a hacked ROM has been installed? (Not talking about custom ROMs where you see there is a different interface, but a custom ROM that looks just like the original only with some spyware included inside.)Maybe I am paranoid but I would rather be that than being a fool that looses all my data to a school kid that posts it all over the web. Of course I could buy a new phone but my budget is a bit tight and I would not like to wait another 6 months before I get a proper phone.Please help

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My Android hacked or virus?

Wednesday 08th of August 2012 /
Hello,I just noticed my Motorola Defy, Android 2.2.2, has a big blue coloured 'thumbprint' type picture on it. It is just below the middle of the screen, and is persistent.My wallpaper is black, so I did not notice it, but when I went to the calendar, which has a white background, this image was plain to see. It is always there, on every screen, does not scroll, does not disappear, remains there after turning off/on my mobile. This feels like a virus. It feels like someone has hacked my phone. Has anyone else got this? Is it from an application? How do I get rid of it? Any help you can offer is appreciated.Leigh

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Protection from Android phone from being hacked?

Tuesday 24th of January 2012 /
What is a good app to get for protecting my Android phone from being hacked? If possible can you list the best free app's and the app's that cost.

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android and PC hacked

Friday 28th of June 2013 /
Both my LG Optimus and my old dell have been hacked. The bluetooth was turned on on my PC and all access software hidden so I have no control. I'm no programmer, so they have all the advantage. The admin password was changed on my PC and I was locked out of my android and thought I wiped it, but clearly, I didn't get it all. Now I can't even load a new antivirus program, so I'm reallly at a loss. I can't afford a new phone and PC< besides........if they got in these two, they can get in next. I wasn't careless with links or anything. Someone has gained access to my home and this is just a small part of the BS they've pulled.

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can't connect to server - Galaxy Nexus - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Hi all:I have had my phone for two years. Suddenly the last two days I get a cannot connect to server problem. I cannot make a phone call, email or browse! Yes, my bill is paid up.I've tried to get online tech help, but I get only phone numbers to call - well, my phone doesn't work, and I have no family/friends I can borrow a phone from for the length of time it would take to resolve this.I also tried to get into my account, and it says my login number - which is my phone # - is wrong.I suspect I might be hacked but I have no way of contacting Virgin as I live far from any of their service counters.Anyone have any ideas?Also tried the Virgin forum but I notice their techs don't bother answering questions unless it's about how to buy/upgrade!Thanks for any ideas at all.

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2 phones hacked within i week,

Wednesday 03rd of September 2014 /
on my android apps theres a red bend v d m c running everything and not android, on my google cache theres questions on how to install cctv camera, gps tracker and so on. my contact list is different in the aplications, i know the phones been hacked, i called fcc 2 weeks ago .suppossed to received paperwork from them have not received nothing, because of the info i had been searching also have info on cache about I D THEFT and ilegal activities this person is doing,i have gone to all local police, sheriffs dept, FBI, JUSTICE DEPT i cant get help i am being follow, please direct me to the right people so they can get this phonei have all the info in my emails archives they have already deleted everything else out of my phone the first phone is not active and is stil running, i am in a diifferent area emailing what do you suuggest cant call from second phone cause is obvious it has audio thanks, i am waiting here to get answer

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