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Text message alert sound?

Sunday 06th of June 2010 /
Is there an app that lets you customize text alert sounds for individual contacts? I can only set custom ringtones for individual contacts, i dont see why I cant do the same thing for text alerts. Would be nice...

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individual text ringtone for contacts

Wednesday 17th of November 2010 /
i loved on the blackberry that you can set ringtones for contacts when you get a text message from them i searched the forms and i couldn't find a topic about it is there a app that would let me set a ringtone to ring when i get a text or call from a individual contact

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Can You Set Different Notification Ringtones For Individual Contacts?

Friday 14th of November 2008 /
I feel a little slow...but i wanted to know if i can have it where everyone has their own notification ringtones or is this impossible?

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Can You Set Different Notification Ringtones For Individual Contacts? - Page 2

Saturday 17th of December 2011 /
The Handcent messaging app will let you set custom notification tones (for SMS, MMS). Just go on the message settings (upper right icon on the conversation thread). Will give you options.As for creating ringtones, see this thread:Adding music to use as ringtone

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Can't Assign Ringtones to Individual contacts on Galaxy S

Friday 22nd of February 2013 /
Hi everyone,I am new to this forum and I have enjoyed reading the post. I have a real problem which I know will pick rack your brains. It has been racking my brain for hours and I can't seem to find an answer online. So I am coming to this forum for help. Here it is I just got a S Galxy S, transferred my numbers from old Sims card to new phone, at least I thought. Well I tried to assign ringtones to a few contact on my phone there was not ringtone feature when i went into the edit properties in contactsThis is what I didOn the Main Home Screen Pressed the contacts icon.> selected desired contact where you to set and assign a desired ringtone.> went to menu > Tap Edit.> Tap Ringtone. this feature was not listed. could not find it anywhere. I was baffled. I read some obscure post that integrating google mail and importing your contacts from google will affect ringtone feature. I don't know how true it is but I have synced my gmail and gvoice to phoneSUMMARYin my SG S phone in individual contacts edit properties, there is NO Ringtone feature to change/add ringtone. I don't u

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How Is The Vibrate On This Phone? Can You Make Your Own Ringtones/Msg Alerts?

Saturday 20th of February 2010 /
Currently with T-Mobile and have the Sidekick LX 09, and about to switch to VW! Excited about the change, but trying to learn as much about the Motorola Droid as possible because it's likely the one I'm going to get... How is the vibrate feat (like for phone calls, sms/mms alerts, etc) for this phone? I know the vibrate on my Sidekick is AMAZING-damn near falls off of my desk as work whenever someone is calling, and I can actually FEEL it if it's in my pocket and I get a text alert. Just wondering if the vibrate feature on the Droid was very strong. Also, I wanted to know if you have to download certain ringtones from certain places (like the download catalog with the T-Mobile Sidekick), or if you can just put and .mp3 on the memory card and use IT as a ringtone/message alert. Can you set individual ringers/alerts for individual contacts too? Thanks so much to anyone who has the answer to all these questions LOL!

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[New App Hands-On] ViBe Replaces Ringtones With Custom Vibration Patterns, Eliminates Need To Stealthily Peek At Your Phone During A Meeting

Monday 11th of November 2013 /
My phone spends about two thirds of the day on silent or vibrate mode due to classes, meetings, or other events where it may be inappropriate to have a ringtone going off, so when I heard about ViBe, my interest was already piqued. The problem – until now – with keeping your phone in vibrate mode, is that there is no way to know who exactly is calling or texting without indiscreetly peeking at your screen, which can be almost as distracting as if you had the ringer turned on.All of that changes today, however, with Base2Apps' introduction of ViBe, an awesome new app that allows the user to set custom vibration patterns for individual contacts. I was lucky enough to get some experience with the app before its official release, so I've prepared a brief hands-on to show you how it works.One of the brilliant things about ViBe is that it's simple. The app's interface and functionality are extremely intuitive – the screen that appears every time you open the app tells you everything you need to know to get started. After the instruction screen, ViBe takes you straight to

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Can You Set Ringtones for Individual Contacts?

Friday 06th of November 2009 /
Picked up my Droid this morning and cannot figure out how to set a ringtone for calls received from a contact. I can set the general ringtone, but not any contact-specific ringtones.The manual (page 21) says it is doable: "Tip: When editing a contact, you can set a ringtone, address, and other details that will be saved on yourphone."but I find nothing in the edit contact screen that lets me select a ringtone for it.Can anyone give me the steps?Thanks!Randy

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2 questions ZTE Engage.

Sunday 23rd of December 2012 /
I just purchased the ZTE Engage through Cricket with the Muve Music Plan. 1. Is there a speed dial feature where you program a single number on the phone keypad to relate to a contact? I see there is a favorites, but haven't found a speed dial. 2. I am having a problem setting ringtones for individual contacts. I put 5 made ringtones on the phone and it appears in my list of tones. When I go to my contact and then menu to add ringtone, I find and click on the tone, but it doesn't save it. It goes back to the default ringtone. I was told by Cricket to go through the Muve Music and use the Ringback tones, but I am not looking for ringback tones, I am trying to set indivual ringtones, but they aren't saving. Update Weird. I was able to save one but can't save anymore. I am confused Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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Shuffle Ringtone Playlists - Set to Each Contact?

Thursday 06th of January 2011 /
I was going to post this in "Post Your App Idea" thread, but if it already exists, then that'd be silly of me. So my question needs a bit of explaining:1. We have ShuffleTone, which allows you to create playlists of ringtones you would like to shuffle through whenever someone calls/texts you. It's a general app, so it applies to anything that has "Default" as its ringtone.2. We have Group Ringtone (though I haven't used it), that allows you to set people into groups and then set ONE custom ringtone for that group.Is there any existing app that does the functionality of both? And would use Google Contacts information (as far as I can tell, you can't set custom ringtones for those from Google Contacts? Is that right?)?So it would allow playlists to be created that you can select for individual contacts, or groups of contacts (using perhaps the groups/labels features in Google Contacts), or a general use ringtone (for those not specified in anything), and that playlist will be shuffled through every time someone calls.I haven't been able to find anything that does an

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