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Saving applications to SD card

Tuesday 28th of October 2008 /
Have you noticed a "Low on space" notification which when expended reads; "phone storage space is getting low". How can they expect people to use the android market if I can only hold the apps on the phone's memory. I called T-mobile and was told that I cannot transfer the apps to the SD card!!! Doesn't this defy the whole purpose of this phone, use of the android marker and paying $25-$35 for unlimited use of all this. I should only be limited by the size of my SD card. Any suggestions on how to copy them to the SD card or do we need to wait for an application to that. The T-mobile "G1 Tech Support" were as puzzled as I was.Anybody know how to copy android apps to the SD card???

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Apps cannot be moved to SD Card

Friday 01st of June 2012 /
Hi, I just picked up a shiny new white S3 yesterday, the 1st day of its release here in India. Tried to configure the apps and ran into the following issues 1. I do not see the 'Move to SD' card option in the applications menu screen. So unable to move apps to SD card. Tried to reset the phone, still no luck. 2. Did a backup of my contacts, messages on Kies (S2) and tried to restore on the S3. Only contacts were copied. How do I transfer the messages? Appreciate your assistance in the above two issues ThanksShivram.K

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Transfer Photos Via SD Card?

Friday 07th of September 2012 /
Sorry about the newbie question, but I am looking at a new device mainly for the purposes of travel. We travel a lot, and have been using and Windows OS Toshiba netbook for our needs (internet, facebook, airline check-ins etc in the hotel room, and transfer of photos from our digital cameras onto our netbook). However, our netbook seems to have died, and we are considering something different.We will not buy an iPad for the reason that you cannot transfer photos from our digital cameras onto the device for upload to, say, facebook or other forums. However, can you do this with any of the mainstream Android tablets? That is, remove the SD card from the digital camera, shove it into an SD card port then import the photos into the tablet for subsequent internet upload (without downloading any special apps or jailbreaking the tablet). If this can't be done in Android either, then it will have to be another Windows netbook.Thanks all.

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Motorola Xoom 3.2 update offers read-only SD card access

Wednesday 03rd of August 2011 /
The Android 3.2 update for Honeycomb rolled out to folks with Wifi Xooms a few weeks ago, and word is that the update should be hitting LTE 3G Xooms any day now. One of the things people are really looking forward to is the long awaited SD card support for the stock Honeycomb Xoom, and that's included in the 3.2 update as well as things like better rendering and the zooming feature. But not everything is as it seems on the surface. According to Motorola, the SD card support for the Xoom is read-only, meaning you can't write anything to the card unless you use your computer. After a quick look through the Xoom forums, this certainly appears to be the case. Here's exactly what Moto's saying:The Google Experience Devices like the Motorola XOOM (3.2 update coming soon) and Motorola XOOM WIFI allow you to write to the SD card from your PC and use the Android File Transfer on Mac or a cable transfer on Windows to transfer files from the Motorola Xoom to the SD Card.While a user cannot move apps to the SD card, the device comes equipped with 32 GB of on-board memory that provides plenty of

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Cannot Transfer Apps to SD Card

Tuesday 09th of November 2010 /
So, I got the LG Optimus today. I cannot transfer downloaded apps to the SD card, however. I have formatted the card (8gb) within the phone and the button to transfer apps is still 'grayed' out for every app. I've googled with little luck. Any help!?

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sending to sd card? and see ya bionic...

Wednesday 12th of June 2013 /
its been good but its my last day with the bionic. My new razzr hd maxx is coming to my house today. After 3 replacements witht the bionic due to the headphone jack failing and now for the second time the earpeice speaker went junk.Now im going to give my bionic to my daughter to play games on. i hope.... i want to wipe the phone and download a bunch of games on it before i take service off it tonight. How can i save the games to just the sd card? and when i look right now i cannot find any of the current games i have or apps. Are they hidden or somthing? last night i downloaded one of her games to see where it saves and couldnt find it internal or on the sd.Lastly, will i be able to download games on my razzr maxx hd and transfer them via computer to the bionic sd card for her to play? If so how, if i cannot see where the games are stored lol. thanks

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sd card

Tuesday 02nd of July 2013 /
i have been trying to move apps from the tablet to an sd card but it won't let me, I grt the box allowing the move, when I look at the card they haven't gone but I find them on the nand flash. I have spoke to the support team and was told to upgrade firmware and that should put it right, it didn't so I returned it to supplier for exchange unit that was the same, again spoke to support and they looked further into the problem they spoke to google and apparently you cannot transfer to sd card using jellybean operating system without rooting the tablet. has anybody else had this problem or can the solution be confirmed

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Apps not really moving from device to SD card? What's this all about?

Saturday 17th of August 2013 /
Hi all, I've been reading through these forums and other pages on the web about this issue and no one seems to have a definitive answer. Why aren't the apps "really" moving from the phone to SD card when you click the Transfer to SD card button? I'm new to the Android world and came across from the iPhone. Now, i was reluctant to do this as i like the stability of Apple devices. I have several and they have never broke or crashed. Altough i love the S4 and think the phone is amazing, so far in the week i've owned it i discovered first that i couldnt really transfer apps to the SD card and secondly, my last SD card crashed and wiped everything on it, including all my recent photos since i picked the "save to SD card" option to free up space on my device for the apps that i cannot really transfer across. (admittedly it was a cheaper brand SD card so i bought a Samsung 32GB high speed one and so far have had no problems, touch wood) The latest update was supposed to enable users to store apps (that have the developers permission) onto the SD card. This is the only r

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Xperia SP app to sd

Thursday 22nd of August 2013 /
I know this has been covered for other devices but none of those answers helped. Running jellybean 4.1.2 and I cannot transfer apps to my microSD card using the app manager like I could with my desire s. The "app2sd" apps don't work either. Thoughts? Sent from my C5303 using AC Forums mobile app

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Emulated sd card on s duos

Friday 04th of October 2013 /
My sduos says that I cannot transfer apps as the sd card is emulated... In my camera settings the pictures are by default saved on memory card and not on phone. But still on my storage info in settings it shows a nearly full primary device storage and practically empty external card storage. I went to 'my files' and there all the photos were in external sd.I very often cannot access my gallery as it says please delete some apps to perform this action. I have hardly any apps left on my android now... Can anyone give me a solution to this?

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