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Not Enough Space For Update

Thursday 29th of September 2011 /
Been trying to install the update & I can't get it to download. Keep getting the error "Not enough space on device to store the incoming file" error. I've uninstalled some apps and moved quite a few to the media area and I still get the same message. Plus I know the file is roughly 56 Megs. My storage tab says Application Storage -Available Space 1.51 GB. Internal storage - Available Space - 10.80 GB. SD Card - Available Space 8.45 GB. What am I missing? Or does someone have a line where I can just download the file and copy to my phone and do a manual install?

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Cannot update apps, says not enough space?

Tuesday 13th of September 2011 /
I just recently started getting this Error: Cannot update app not enough space. Never had this before.It says I have:SD card:3.23gbInternal: 52.09mbThat's about avg for me on this phone and nothing updating. Anyone have any tricks or tips?

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Cant open Gallery says "not enough space" i have free space..

Friday 26th of April 2013 /
hi i have just recently updated to the 4.1.2 update and ever since i have been having a weird issue.. when i tap on gallery to open my pictures it says "not enough space, delete unused items. blah blah" but i have an SD card with about 4 gigs free space, and about .5 gig for system storage but my USB storage says 11.25/11.25 and i dont know how to delete stuff. it worked fine before and i dont think it was full before the update because i was able to use every feature just finedoes anyone know how to fix this??

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Cannot finish download not enough space

Tuesday 15th of November 2011 /
Trying to download a youtube android app that works on the pandigital tablet I rooted.I can download apps fine, and have plenty of free space, but every time I try and download something from the browser, any browser, it says "Cannot finish download not enough space"Can anyone help me with this?- I've cleared the cache, and history, and data, and everything possible to clear.

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Facepad 8GB says not enough space?

Monday 22nd of August 2011 /
Ok I suddenly crashed on this error while I was trying to download something on my faepad. Not enough space?! I do not get it. I bought an 8GB facepad and i thought i would neverf even see this error. I kept having problems with reading stuff online and I was wondering why but as soon as i try to install an app or download something from dolphin I get an not enough space. I looked up in my settings and i have Device storageTotal space:7.34Application spaceAvailable space: 649MBTotal space: 0.92GBUser spaceAvailable space: 5.99GBTotal space: 5.99GBSystem SpaceTotal Space: 440MBI am so confused. Does that mean I have 5.99 GB of stuff in my storage? I never even tried to put in there something. I have only installed a handful of programs from the net. Sigh I need to look up why it got full. Is there a good folder/file manager for me to look up what is taking so much space?But still it said available and total space being like its completely empty. With Adaio file manager or something it sees it as an SD Card (then again it is an internal SD) Sigh.. Any ideas and it seems programs do isn

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Massage NOT ENOUGH SPACE note 2 N7100

Friday 05th of July 2013 /
Dear all.Any one please help my note 2 cannot install blackmart massage NOT ENOUGH SPACE but my sdcard still lot of space & when I try install other app it's ok. Tq

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cant open gallery says not enough space but i have free

Thursday 22nd of August 2013 /
samsung galaxy camera cant open the gallery saying not enough space but i have free

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Not enough space issue

Tuesday 07th of January 2014 /
Hello,On my GF's phone, it always says not enough space" although she has all of her intern space free, and her sd card is still 50% free.It always says that when she wants to download an app, or update one ...But she has plenty of space..

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cannot transfer dvd to sd card for tablet, says not enough space

Friday 17th of January 2014 /
I am trying to transfer a 5Gb movie to my 32Gb SD card but it keeps saying there is not enough space. I have 24Gb of available space. Very confused, please help

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"Not enough space" to update apps, even though I have more than 1 GB avaliable.

Saturday 04th of October 2014 /
BLU Dash 4.5, although others have the same problem with different brands. Suddenly I am unable to update or download apps because "Not enough space...". I have over 1 GB of space available, and have deleted 4 or 5 apps to make space. I followed the google instructions (clear cache and data from play store and downloader) and spent at least half an hour on the phone with the helpful google staff (1st and 2nd tier), but no joy. This has GOT to be an OS problem since it happens with multiple brands of phone. I emailed BLU, who are generally quite responsive, but it takes a couple of days for them to respond. Any ideas?

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