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cant download any apps from market

Wednesday 21st of December 2011 /
Hello all,why i cant download and install any application from market?when i click "download and install" button, it always show the download processing but never finished download ,,,,i use both rom 20111125 and 20111126any idea??? how to get Whatsapp and youtube work??thanks

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Can't buy any apps, server error every time

Sunday 24th of April 2011 /
Has anyone had this problem? I can install any free app but I cannot buy anything. I just get a server error. I'm running das bamf 1.5 remix. Any help.Sent from my ADR6400L using DroidForums

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applications - Why do some apps get frozen every time I reboot?

Saturday 03rd of November 2012 /
After rooting my Galaxy Nexus (international GSM version), I looked around a bit with Titanium Backup and found several system apps that were frozen. Among them are: Google Earth, Google Play Books, Google Play Magazines, and Google Wallet.I thawed them and found that Google Play Books and Magazines wouldn't work here in Korea, and Wallet seemed to assume that it was in the US. Meanwhile, Google Earth worked just fine.When I rebooted my phone, the apps I'd unfrozen were frozen again. I thawed Google Earth again and didn't bother with the others.More recently, Google Play Books has magically thawed itself and Google Play (both the app and the web interface) spam me with promos for books in a language I don't read (Korean), despite the fact that my phone is set to English.Google Earth still tries to hide on every reboot.Why are these system apps doing this? If they're part of the ROM, they should be available at all times, right? I can kind of understand hiding apps that don't work outside the US (like Google Wallet), but why hide Google Earth? It's relevant worldwide by its very natu

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Just switched to optimus s and cant download any apps

Sunday 23rd of December 2012 /
Hey just got this phone from my dad he had it for little over year and a half, its like new. Any way i cant download anything. the market place forces me into google play and then says i dont have a device that will accept any ideas. Im getting pissed as sprint has told me i have to pay an extra 10 bucks for a data plan that i cant even use. Thanks

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Are there any apps that show real-time driving data?

Tuesday 11th of May 2010 /
My old Garmin GPS would show my current speed and all sorts of other cool stats...are there any apps like this on the Droid? Thanks

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cant download any apps

Thursday 07th of November 2013 /
my zte z990 wont download any apps when i go on the plat store and press install it wont install

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I cant download any apps and cant syng my sd card on my samsung galaxy core?!

Saturday 12th of July 2014 /
Ok So I rooted my phone yesterday and I was already looking for ways to sync my sdcard cuz my internal storage in full. Only 435 mbs are left out of 4 gb. How do I move app in my phone to my sd card and can I backup any apps on my laptop ( I have linux ubuntu on it ) ? There is ni "move to sd card" option in the Settings > application manager > (app name). Under storage heading.

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i cant download any apps.

Sunday 12th of October 2014 /
my android tablet is saying that my internal storage is saying its full and i just factory reset my tablet and my sd card is empty why isnt it letting me downllaod anything.... its still saying internal storage is full when its brand new

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Why is it that after i installed an sd card to my tribute phone i cant download any apps?

Wednesday 11th of March 2015 /
I purchased the phone and I didn't know that I had to buy a sd card for it. I used up the phones memory then I put an empty sd card in the phone and the phone refuses to download anything.

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Why do I get an error every time I try to update any apps and can't update?

Saturday 20th of June 2015 /
Error says I have insufficient space on my device and the firmware/software update says there is no update for my phone but I've checked online and there IS an update available. I've tried everything! Please help! I have plenty of space on my sdcard and I cannot access my internal storage unless I tap on it quickly upon loading the storage in settings. If I let the phone finish checking the sdcard and internal storage, the internal storage disappears but the sdcard storage options remain. There is 300MB of internal storage so I am confused! What's going on?!

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