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Using SHARE to send pictures via Messaging app?

Monday 22nd of April 2013 /
I picked up an HTC One for my wife yesterday and she tinkered with it all evening yesterday. One thing she noticed that I was unable to answer was sending pictures using the SHARE option. Sure, you can open up the default text messaging app and send a picture, but typically she'll share Facebook messages or share multiple photos from an app like QuickPic and then select MESSAGING to send the photos. Right now, it's forcing her to save the pictures, then open the messaging app and attach them. I looked myself and noticed there is a very limited number of apps available under the SHARE option when you're trying to share an image from any app (Gallery, QuickPic, Facebook, etc). There does not seem to be a way of sharing images (single or multiple) directly from the image viewer or original app, you have to open the messenger app and then add them one by one. I even tried downloading AndMade Share, but that showed the same limited list of apps to share with. Am I missing something? I looked through the list of messaging settings, tried searching online here and on XDA, and couldn't find

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Cant send video from EVO through Email?

Monday 13th of September 2010 /
I cant send videos through my Gmail or stock email app via Yahoo. I can attach the video but when I click send it just sits in the outbox for a long time then I get a "message not sent" error in the notification bar. This notification keeps popping up till I go into the outbox and delete the Email. Is this a problem with the EVO or is this an isolated problem?

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I cant send or receive pictures on my Samsung Galaxy sII skyrocket

Friday 20th of July 2012 /
I got this phone yesterday and its been working totally fine until I tried sending a picture to my mom. My friend also sent me a picture so i clicked to download it and it would do absolutely nothing but say "Downloading" Help please :/

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Can't send video via messaging on samsung centura

Wednesday 24th of July 2013 /
I can't attach a short video via messaging to send to another smart phone. I get a "message size limit reached" even though this video is only 5 seconds long. Video was taken by this phone. I can send videos to YouTube just fine. Anyone have this problem or a solution?Thanks

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Help, S3 screen is blank, cant read device via US on PC

Tuesday 27th of August 2013 /
Help, S3 screen has gone totally blank, plus when i connect to PC it does not show any internal storage so I cant access all of my photos etc..I cant backup/connect to samsung kies either as i need to enter PIN on device and cant as screen is blank and unresponsive? I dont want to lose all the contacts or photos, any ideas greatly appreciated?

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Cannot send images in text on Samsung Mega

Thursday 06th of March 2014 /
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I just purchased a Samsung mega and it has been a disaster from day one. I will lead to disaster part out of it for now and will simply ask a couple questions. 1) Why do I have to turn on my data to send a picture in a message? When I attempt to attach a picture in a message while I am on Wi-Fi it will tell me that it will be sent when my data is turned on. Also, instead of just sending the photo as is, it says that the photos is being converted to multimedia. When I turned the data on and try to send a message I get nothing but a spinning circle beneath the photo. 2) It It is obvious that there are defects with the glass that is used in the Samsung mega. My glass cracked within 24 hours of owning it even though I did not drop it or bang it. I do not know if there was a change in the temperature or what. All I know is I placed the phone down on the counter at night and it was working fine with no cracks. I woke up in the morning and it looked like someone took a scalpel and made a perfect straight incision across the bottom of the screen. I can s

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text messaging on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Tuesday 05th of August 2014 /
I just received my samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1 and I am not able to send or receive text messages. I have a business that I need to use the texting and be able to receive them from a basic phone also. I had the Note 8.0 and was using Go SMS pro, but that is not working on this one. From what I have found it is a software issue. I am using AT&T service. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem or knows a fix.

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Group messaging on Samsung Galaxy S5

Saturday 09th of August 2014 /
I currently have a Samsung GS3 that I've had for the last two years. I understand that with all of the newer models out today some of my issues with the GS3 have probably been fixed. However, one of the biggest issues that may lead me to switch from android to iPhone is group messaging. With my GS3 group messaging works where I am able to send and receive messages, but the device lags and freezes when I receive an influx of messages from my android and iPhone using friends. All of my friends with androids have this issue, including two who have the GS4. Just wondering if anyone can give me an honest response to any issues they've heard of or found with group messaging on the GS5. Thanks!

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Cant send photos via Bluetooth from my Samsung Galaxy S4

Monday 06th of October 2014 /
Cant send photos via Bluetooth from my Samsung Galaxy S4 to my PC. I have paired my device but as soon as I try to send a photo it comes back :File not sent: Can anyone help me please Bob

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cant receive pictures by messaging on samsung galaxy s5 active

Monday 03rd of November 2014 /
cant receive my grandkids pictures

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