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My criteria for a good Tablet

Monday 09th of July 2012 /
My criteria for a good Tablet, 7/7/2012:Must have:Android 4.0.3 or newer pre-installed.Google Play pre-installed by Manufacturer.Run latest Netflix downloaded from Google Play, not some hacked-up version of Netflix.Be easily root-able, not a 50-step process to hack and root.Have USB driver available from Manufacturer to allow Android SDK to access it as a device.Pass a significantly high percentage of Google's CTS tests.History of Manufacturer delivering software update(s) to customers, via their website.Android standard screenshot works (Power + Volume-down ?).Easy to get into stock recovery via key-combination on boot.English docs that are available and accurate.ClockWork Mod Recovery available, to allow nandroid backups.Nice to have:Large user base.Good support from Manufacturer.Device charging via USB port as well as power adapter.Not too expensive (subjective).Removable micro-SD card.7" size.Easy and inexpensive product return process (i.e. none of that $100 return-shipping cost BS).Nexus 7 tablet is pretty close. Any other tablet meet all of the above criteria?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Not Charging - Brand New

Sunday 18th of March 2012 /
I've been reading through posts on here, but haven't really found anything definitive on why this is happening with these Tablets.... I purchased the 10.1" White, 32gb WIFI Only model about 3.5 weeks ago.. was charging fine via computer USB and Wall Adapter, and about 2 weeks into it, I started noticing the red X on the Battery icon when I was trying to charge the tablet. Standard apps installed, no rooting, no power management apps, nothing (yet.. hadn't gotten that far with it). When I power off the tab, the indicator looks like it's charging, and it is, but if I monitor the battery stats, they are always showing "discharging" and it will take days.. literally 4 - 5 days to get a 56% charge.I returned the tablet to Best Buy last night, they gave me a brand new one.. decided I'd let this one fully charge before trying to use it (I was too excited with my new toy, last time around).. and I noticed that this morning the tab was still 'charging'. I powered the device up and see that it too has the red X on the battery. Battery is finally at 99%, but I cannot get it to ch

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Can USB charging (via mains adapter or from PC/Mac) of Android tablets be the main, primary method of charging? Or are there design issues?

Friday 03rd of August 2012 /
Are there design issues with tablets being charged by USB not seen with Android phones?I saw this on another forum, what are your thoughts on this with regard to my question? An important consideration in the design is the amount of current the usb connectors can handle. I figure the designers find that it is safer to design a separate charging and power connector because as the devices get larger they draw more current to operate and charge the battery. I think that is the reason they do that. Is there no 12 volt adapter for these devices? I don't own one yet, just leaning towards the acer 7 inch tablet.I would prefer charging via USB (via mains or PC) when considering a tablet so that I don't have to carry around a specific charger.Many Android phones use their micro USB port for charging - connecting the USB cable to a mains adapter or using the cable to connect to a full size USB port on a computer.I see that some major brand Android tablet manufacturers (Motorola, Asus) as well as some

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I have an android cell phone, well its more like a cellphone/tablet.

Monday 11th of June 2012 /
I have an android cell phone, well its more like a cellphone/tablet. I was charging it via usb cord to computer and it shut off while charging. Now the device does not come on at all or will no longer charge through usb or wall charger. I have tried everything but the device still will not turn back on or charge at all. What may have caused this to happen and is it fixable?Already Tried: I have tried charging the phone with both usb charger and wall charger. Tried re-booting phone according to seller instructions. Looking for a repair place to take it to.

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H7000 7 Inch tablet reviews

Wednesday 10th of April 2013 /
I am looking for a GPS equipped china tablet for going in my (large) waist pouch when I cycle so I don't get lost, and to read ebooks, surf, and occasionally take photos/videos. I got a SmartQ X7 which is a fast, well built tablet but the GPS does not work! I think that having a metal case does not help. Since I would like to be able to use my tablet as a phone as well while on holiday, and since I keep getting lost on my bike, I would like to buy another tablet. They are fun!I don't need thin or that fast. The smartq is more for a gamer, or video watcher. I DO want USB chargable (i.e. charging while connected via USB cable) since I am often near a PC. I hate the way I need an extra charger for my smartq. Dx recommended a Freelander PD10 of which there are many versions. They suggested the PD10 3G which has dual SIMS and the rest of what I need. Battery life is not great and the screen is the non IPS (i.e. lower viewing angle) variety. One DX reviewer says the low volume means it is not good as a phone, and another that it is a bit slow, and that its screen can't be used out doors.I

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Charging tablet via USB

Monday 04th of June 2012 /
I just noticed my tablet charges slowly when connected via USB to a PC: it went from 15% to 80% in about 2 hours, even though it says "Not charging".I am quite happy about this because many people have said that tablets cannot be charged via USB and need the power adapter.See attached images:

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Thursday 22nd of November 2012 /
Dear PeepsI brought my girlfriend a U30GT after reading so many good reviews from Android Tablet | Android Tablet PC | The Best Google Android Tablet UK Online Store and wanted to know if anyone had had the same experience, or could help me with my issues. I was told that they had the tablet ready to ship from inside the UK, mine was sent from China. They said that no extra taxes would be incurred, I had to pay extra to recieve it. I emailed them about it, but had no answer. So far, I wasn't overly concerned. After having very light use for 3 weeks (the protective wrapper is still on the tablet) the U30GT has stopped working. It just wont turn on. I've seen that a lot of people have had similar issues and perhaps it's the power cord. I've tried charging it via USB, plugging it into the PC to see if it recognises it's presence, but nothing. So I've contacted Android Tablet | Android Tablet PC | The Best Google Android Tablet UK Online Store via all means possible and still haven't heard anything back. Has anyone managed to get a hold of these guys in a similar situation? Such a shame

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charging samsung galaxy tablet P7500 via USB cable connected to PC

Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 /
Hi,When connecting the USB cable from PC to the samsung galaxy tablet P7500, the tablet does not seem to be charging but I can get the data transfer though.Is there a setting on the tablet to make sure it chrges while connected to the PC throughthe USB cable?Thanks

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Ultimate USB device / not charging question! Guru advice wanted!

Tuesday 04th of September 2012 /
Product:Samsung galaxy note 10.1GT-N8000Android 4.0.4Not rootedProblem:Tablet does not recognize my DSLR camera is connected to it via USB. I am using the USB adapter, and this used to work on my galaxy note as of Tuesday.Tablet does not charge the battery via AC adapter or PC USB when the tablet is on. A red X Mark shows up over the battery indicator. Tablet will charge if it is turned offComputer makes the USB device connected noise, but says USB device not recognizedTablet recognizes that the USB adapter is connected, but not the dslr camera when the camera is plugged into the USB adapter. USB adapter: Galaxy TabTM Adapter (USB) (remove 10.1) and as I mentioned before, if I plug everything into the other tablet it recognizes the camera (usb device) immediately*although this is the galaxy notes and not the galaxy tab, all of the hardware in connections seem to be the same. Wall chargers are exactly the same, and the USB adapter works on both. Or at least it did until TuesdayWhat is not the problem:USB wire, charger – I am using the stock Samsung USB wire and wall charger. It

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USB Problems

Sunday 08th of September 2013 /
I've been having problems with connecting my TF101 ICS v 4.0.3 to my computer via USB. I've been using the charger cable and I have not been able to have the PC even recognize or see the tablet. I've tried all 8 of my USB ports on my PC and NONE have worked. I've also tried using a old Windows computer, a Window 7 labtop, and a Ubuntu. None have worked. My USB 3.0 cable works with charging my tablet. I was able to connect my Tablet to my PC without any problems before the ICS update, but now I am COMPLETELY unable to even remotely connect my tablet to my PC. I am running Win 7 Home Premium.I have tried:Different USB portsDifferent PC'sInstalling the (Even though you're suppose to use it to update the TF101's drivers AFTER your PC has detected the tablet.)Turning MBT off then onTurning on and off USB debuggingPlease help me, I've been trying to connect my tablet to my PC since last year in May.

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