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WhatsApp Gets updated to Version 2.7.3581 - Android Authority

Saturday 11th of February 2012 /
Looks like WhatsApp just got updated to fix a couple of major bugs for Samsung and ICS users. If you’re not familiar with WhatsApp, it’s an app that allows you to text people using your data plan, not your texting plan. It also has quite a few cool features along with group chatting, and the best feature is that it’s completely free! You can also text international for no additional charges, pretty cool app right? WhatsApp is one of the most popular Social apps in the Android Market right now, and is available on every smartphone platform including Blackberry, Symbian, iOS, and webOS.Here’s the full changelog for version 2.7.3581:Critical bug fix for Samsung devices that would “lose” their registrationNotification coloring bug fix for Ice Cream Sandwich devicesUpdate your install of WhatsApp today, especially if you were plagued by these bugs. If you have any problems post them in the comments below. If you don’t have it installed already, you can hit the source link below and download it today.

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Hi,I have a droid bionic updated to version 2.3.4.I have

Saturday 30th of June 2012 /
Hi,I have a droid bionic updated to version 2.3.4.I have a site that I use daily and each time I'm asked for a IP address a user name and a password. I must enter all 3 every time.Is there someway that I my droid will remember those keystrokes?Already Tried: I've sent this same question to this site before and have never heard back.I've read all the forms suggesting a fix.

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Square Receives Update to Version 2.1, Fast Transactions and Easier Tipping are Go – Droid Life

Tuesday 23rd of August 2011 /
Food truck owners, Saturday market entrepreneurs, musicians, and all other transactional based businesses, be aware that Square has been updated to version 2.1 to make your life so much easier.  For those not familiar, Square is that little white box that you keep seeing on top of the phone of the late night burrito shack you frequent that runs credit cards.  It truly is one of the great mobile inventions of our time for anyone looking to sell goods on the go.Here is a list of new goodies:Faster transactions: You can now check out customers in as little as 4 seconds and avoid long lines.Easier tipping: Optimized tipping interface so customers can quickly add gratuity with a single tap.Ability to skip signature: To expedite transactions, you can waive the signature requirement for purchases under $25.Market Link  

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Chase Mobile App Updated To Version 2.7 To Allow 24-Month Transaction History, Viewing/Use Of Chase Liquid Accounts, And More

Thursday 09th of August 2012 /
Chase customers who use the bank’s official Android app to stay on top of their banking on the go received an update recently, bringing the banking app up to version 2.7 and adding a few very handy enhancements.Perhaps the most notable enhancement brought by the new update is the ability to scroll through up to 24 months of transactions related to Chase deposit accounts. The update also adds significant functionality for Chase Liquid customers (Liquid being the bank’s reloadable ATM card service), including the ability to view account info, transfer money to your account, and u…Continue Reading HereChase Mobile App Updated To Version 2.7 To Allow 24-Month Transaction History, Viewing/Use Of Chase Liquid Accounts, And MoreLiam Spradlin – rss.feedsportal

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NFL Mobile App Jumps From Version 3.7 To 8.0 (What?) And Now Blocks Root Users

Sunday 04th of August 2013 /
Hey, NFL Mobile developers. We need to talk. I'm glad you decided to drop the yearly re-title from your app - that's one less thing you'll have to do every summer. But the number after three is four. Four. The one right before five. Now I know decimals can be tricky, but I honestly have no idea what caused you to jump from app version 3.7 to 8.0.26 - next time, show your work. Granted, there's a lot of new stuff in this version of the app. The entire thing has been redesigned as the publisher shifts from Verizon to the NFL proper, starting with a new user interface and video options focused on the NFL Network. You'll still need to be a Verizon smartphone user with the extra subscription option to view games on Sunday and Thursday, or use a tablet and subscribe to one of the NFL's cable/internet partners. Bummer. A few extra bells and whistles, like a team-specific tracking function, are thrown in as well. But the biggest change is that NFL Mobile will now actively block root users. This is presumably to keep evil hackers from capturing and rebroadcasting live video (because that's j

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Download the New Google Now Version 2.7.9 Now!

Wednesday 21st of August 2013 /
We have seen our fair share of Google updates in the past week, and we just came across the new apk download for Google Now. It has been bumped up to version 2.7.9, which is not an incredible leap forward, but it is still something. Here is the very short changelog:For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean):- Information about shows you’re watching on your internet-connected TV (US only)*- Saved offers when nearby a redemption location- New voice action: play music from your phone or the Play Store- Voice actions tips* Requires phone/tablet to be on the same network as your TVSo go ahead and hit the download link below to give it a try. Let us know what you think.DownloadDownloadSource: OMG!DroidUPDATE: Looks like this is pretty huge update. Check it out:Car rentals card: Get reservation details and directions to the rental center directly in Google Now, which together with the boarding pass and hotel reservation cards, makes Google Now your ultimate travel companion.Concert ticket card: Going to a concert? Google Now will have your event ticket ready when you arrive at the venue; along with

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Firefox Beta Rises To Version 25, Comes With Guest Mode, Mixed Content Blocking, Add-On Indicators In URL Bar, And More

Friday 20th of September 2013 /
Firefox Beta users, listen up. It's time to whip out your phone and check for updates. The slightly less stable version of Mozilla's mobile browser has made the leap to version 25, and it's picked up a few new features along the way. The most visible new feature is a new guest browsing mode that lets you safely hand the phone over to grandma without her getting a closer look at your browsing history than either of you ever wanted. Mozilla's also rolled out mixed content blocking aimed at protecting users from man-in-the-middle attacks and unwanted eavesdroppers. On a less threatening note, add-ons can now add indicators to the URL bar. In addition to this, Romanian, Irish, and Ukranian locales have been added to the browser. Other changes are geared at developers, so here's the full change log. What's new: Guest Browsing added for handing your phone & browser to a friend Mixed content blocking enabled to protects users from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages Add-ons can now add indicators to the URL Bar Romanian, Irish, and Ukranian locales added Remote

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Rumor: Samsung May Begin Fitting Accessories With ID Chips To Prevent Use Of Unauthorized Covers, Chargers, And More

Tuesday 22nd of October 2013 /
Let me just start by saying that the source of this rumor has a less than completely stellar track record and that we're dealing with a Korean translation here. The reason we're reporting on this rumor, though, is that it sounds highly plausible. Alright, expectations set? Good.According to ETNews, Samsung may start locking accessories down with ID chips in order to prevent the usage of unauthorized products with its smartphones and tablets. Given the amount of coverage Samsung battery combustions get - even when Samsung's not at fault - it's very easy to see why the company would consider such a strategy.The ETNews article seems to only make explicit mention of smart covers and wireless charging pads, but the logical next step there would be things like batteries and wired chargers. In the case of smart covers, features dependent on the cover - like answering a call while the cover is closed - simply wouldn't work. That is, unless the chip is detected (probably doable through the contacts on the replacement cover for wireless charging), the phone will disable all features related t

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NFL Mobile App Updated With Redesigned Home Page To Bring In The Upcoming Season

Thursday 31st of July 2014 /
The beginning of this year's NFL season is fast approaching, which means it's time for fans to start getting their ducks in a row. HDTV? check. Ice cold beverages? Check. Android app?Android app?So you uninstalled it. I understand. But the better part of a year has passed, and it's time to give it another go. The NFL has pushed out an update to its official Android offering, and it may just take care of some of those previous issues that put you off in the first place (though my first impression of the app is that it's still kind of slow).With this release, we see a redesigned home page that provides access to live games, the latest scores, and other current happenings. You can have the app focus on up to two teams and keep tabs on fantasy ones as well.Live streams provide local CBS and FOX games for Verizon Premium and MORE Everything subscribers. Not a Verizon customer? Tough. The Big Red's fingerprints are all over this app. But hey, sponsorship is just a part of the game.What's new:Access scores, live video, fantasy teams, and news from the redesigned HomeLive streams of local S

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eBay Updated To Version 2.7 With New Look, Better Search Results, In-App Notifications, And More

Wednesday 10th of September 2014 /
eBay has rolled out an update to its Android app that gives the UI a spiffy touch up. Pictures are bigger, there's more white space, and animations are smooth. I'd tell you the update makes everything looks better, but that's for you to decide.Several items on the change log are unsurprisingly related to eBay-specific functionality. The software now deliveres in-app notifications to help users stay on top of items they're trying to sell and those they're interested in buying. The company's even trying to do some good by bringing in the ability for peopleto donate to charity when selling items. Search results are apparently better, though they still take a few moments to pop up.Here's the full list. After giving it the quick glance over, you can find the Play Store link underneath.What's new:Fresh new look!Find the perfect item faster with larger photos and improved search resultsStay on top of your eBay buying and selling with in-app notificationsTake advantage of bonus offers from eBay sellersDonate to your favorite charity when selling itemsCheck a buyer's location when reviewing

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