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Novo 7 Basic 4.0.3 Firmware & Nov 7 Paladin 4.0.3 Firmware Update

Tuesday 07th of February 2012 /
A little introduction, Ainol Novo 7 Paladin and Ainol Novo 7 Basic are some of the cheapest Android tablets currently in the market, manufactured by a China-based company Ainol. Both these Android tablet runs on the latest Android v4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System.You probably stumble into this page looking for an update for your Ainol Novo 7 Basic or Ainol Novo 7 Paladin that still runs on Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.1. From this page, you can download the update file from v4.0.1 to ICS 4.0.3.Why update? Since the ICS v4.0.1 is new, it’s no surprise that it comes with some issues. Some known issues are fluctuating/choppy WiFi connection, HTML5 problem and some apps does not install or are not compatible.The Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 seeks to solve some of the known issues mentioned above. Below are the download links to the said updates.Note: Try these updates at your own risk!For Ainol Novo 7 Basic:Download Android ICS 4.0.3 update Basic hereFor Ainol Novo 7 Paladin:Download Android ICS 4.0.3 update Knight hereThe download page are in Simple Chinese characters. If

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Please help me recognize my tablet! Need working firmware.

Thursday 01st of November 2012 /
Hi! Sorry for bad English, I'm from Russia.I got that table from China. No documents were with it. On box was only text - TABLET PC, that's all.I opened it and saw A10 chip.Please help, need firmware, because my touchscreen doesn't work after update!

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C91 Update (1a) Touch Screen Problems

Monday 06th of August 2012 /
Dear AllI'm afraid that my tablet has been inflicted with the infamous touchscreen problem. I have updated the firmware both with and without autoscrip, I have attempted this countless times. I have also taken my tablet apart and checked the ribbon cables, calibrated the touchscreen via the volume up key and the captouch function. I have tried various custom ROM's and earlier versions of the official Zenithink ROM and even tried flashing the touchscreen controller. Sadly, all to no avail. My problem in more detail: At first my touchscreen simply stopped responding across the entire display. However after playing around with the above procedures I managed to get over half the touchscreen working but alas not the other half. I have researched this problem in-depth and now tried just about everything. To make matters worse my supplier is giving me the run-around. Has anybody else experienced half the screen not responding to touches? If so, is there a fix? I now suspect that my touchscreen has died leaving me little option but to send the thing back to China. I appreciate any help off

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update firmware android !!

Monday 07th of March 2011 /
Hi,I get my china 7" tablet this year 2001 from (Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is Wholesale Freeship by China post air 7'' touch screen Table PC Netbook Laptop wifi+Google Android OS 2.1 DDR256MB). it work slow. and after firmware update from seller. any thing work ( touch screen, menu botton, ...). I need help. howto reinstall system or how can I get the correct update firmware or recovery. thanks for every one.

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Which tablet do I own?

Friday 14th of January 2011 /
Hello, I ordered a tablet from a supplier in China about a week ago. It arrived today in an orange/yellowish box that says ''MID'' on it in black text. It has a headphone jack, a built in camera at the top of the device, a charger port, a 30P USB port, and a slot for a MicroSD card. Along with the tablet came a D/C charger and a 30P USB cable. It is in all black and looks like an IPad and the menu button is in all black as well (with no white on it whatsoever). When I go into the ''About device'' section of the menu it brings up some specs which are:Memory size:128MBModel number:genericFirmware version:Android2.0Kernel version:2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirtyBuild number:WMT2.0If anybody would be kind enough to assist me with which tablet I own it would be greatly appreciated. The firmware as you can see is very outdated. I would like to update it (if possible) and install the Droid marketplace as well, but I cannot do so until I find out which device this is because I do not want to accidentally brick it by upgrading to an incompatible firmware. Thank you for your time and concern!

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9.7" Google Android 1.6 Tablet firmware update question

Wednesday 22nd of December 2010 /
Hi guys just wondering if somebody can help me (Tipstir?)I have purchased an unbranded tablet from china, the specs seem slightly different to the posts I have seen on this site and so I am having trouble finding a firmware update to match its specs, which are as follows:Google Android OS 1.6ARM926EJ-S rev 5(v5l)VIA 8505128MB DDR29.7" screen (1024*768 pixel resolution)802.11b/g Wi-Fi network connectioncameraI would be extremely grateful for any help.

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Looking for ROM update advice - aigoPad M801

Sunday 06th of November 2011 /
I have scoured the internet the last 3 days searching for a replacement stock ROM or any compatible custom ROM for my Aigo-Pad M801. I'm American but I'm living in China for the next year or so. I don't speak or read Chinese and I've tried going through the Chinese forums for the firmware but couldn't really decipher anything, even with Google translate. And especially not for my tablet.Specifications LinkI rooted with z4 root and it appeared to work. I installed gapps but couldnt get my market to work out by changing the fingerprint so i wiped cache and media partition to get a clean start again. I DO NOT have clockworkmod. I was not able to get the free version through the chinese market and the only versions i could find from download sites were the ripped off paid version, which i didnt think would work.Currently when i turn on the tablet it shows the initial bootscreen and never loads the boot animation or any kind of interface. I can access the android stock recovery interface (3e). I read the tablet was for the most part a rebranding of the Ainol Novo so I downloaded a ainol R

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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 gets updated with firmware v10.4.4.20

Friday 09th of November 2012 /
Boy, the folks at Asus sure love to take good care of Transformer Pad Infinity owners. After pushing out the Jelly Bean update in early October, Asus rolled out firmware v10.4.4.18 for the slate to fix several bugs not long after. Now, a new software update for the TF700T tablet is available to download.So, what’s on firmware v10.4.4.20, which is intended for the U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan and worldwide models of the Transformer Pad Infinity? Android Police got that covered. Here’s the full changelog:WiFi DirectFine-tune WiFi Direct connection behavior.CameraFix the issue that in certain “aspect ratio” and “picture size” photos, the pixel dimension of the picture would be different if taken in landscape and portrait mode.SettingsFix the issue that, during HDMI output, the output screen will get cropped after chooses “HDMI” item in “Settings”.Fix no items issue in HDMI setting page when output via HDMI.Fix screen flickering issue when rotating the pad after adjusting brightness bar in “Settings”.WiFiFix lingering “Turning Wi-Fi on” status.BluetoothImprove

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Flytouch 7 (BC1003) Issues

Tuesday 03rd of September 2013 /
Ok, I ordered a Flytouch 7 Superpad from a now nonexistant company in China.I charge the battery, then while off the charger for approx 10-20 minutes, it drops over 50%, then in approx 30 minutes, it says "connect charger" then shuts down, I know it can't use the battery that fast.For that matter the tablet is slow as crap! It takes it forever to do the most basic tasks!So, what I want to know is, is there something I can do to this tablet (Other than install a new ROM) that will speed it up and cut the battery problem, I heard rumors that there was a firmware update for these tablets.

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china tablet firmware update?

Friday 06th of September 2013 /
Hi i have a china tablet pc U07AV01.Can i update the firmware to 4.0. Cause it doesnt accept skype and it doesnt have the icon of google play store aplikation at all..

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