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Help! Damaged sd card, cant format

Saturday 21st of April 2012 /
Okay so yesterday I was looking at my pictures , then an hour later I tried to pull up NY pica to show a friend something. When I tried to pull up my gallery, it said there wasn't error and the pics were unavailable. So I turned my phone off, turned it back on, & that's when I got the message saying my SD car is damaged & that I need to format it. So when I try to click the button to do so, it doesn't do anything. It lets me click it... but doesn't do anything. So I went into settings. Then to storage.. and there's a button to deleted everything off SD card. But again, it doesn't do anything! Help please!!! I was on the phone with at&t & Motorola for 2 hours last night and the only thing they told me to try was master reset my phone. Which I'm not gonna do. The phone is fine. Its the SD card. Oh & this is the second SD card I've bought for this phone. The first one got too full & wouldn't let mbopn anything. So I bought this one..and now this is happening. Is it my phone? It is it the SD card? Thanks for your help in advance.

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phone says damaged SD card after file trans.

Thursday 24th of January 2013 /
I have a DROID RAZR MAXX with a 64 gb SD card. This setup has worked well for me UNTILL I hooked it to my sons Mac book with my data/charge cable to let him move a few pictures off it. I unplugged the phone without ejecting it first (my fault).Now the phone says "damaged SD card" and it is asking me to format it. When I hook the phone to a PC (like I do all the time) it does not see the SD card. I try putting the card directly in a computer and it can not read it. My question is:Do I need to reformat it or is there a trick to repair the file structure?It would not be the end of the world if I had to format but it would suck to lose some cool pictures and video that would be hard to get again. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Damaged SD Card Galaxy Ace

Friday 19th of October 2012 /
Hi im new to this forum. I have a samsung galaxy ace. The problem is that the phone says damaged sd card. Vodafone sent me another sd card. Can anyone please help me. Thanks tony

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Damaged SD card, please help

Thursday 22nd of July 2010 /
Well this is the second 32GB micro SD card I have tried. I remove the 16GB card, put in the 32GB card, turn the phone on, unmount the card and format it, and everytime it says damaged SD card. Under the SD card % phone storage settings it says total space and available space are unavailable. I go to format it again and still it says "Damaged SD card."Both 32GB cards I tried are Sandisk cards bought from the verizon store. The 32GB is a class 2, while the 16GB is a class 4. That's the only difference I can see. Can anyone help??

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external sd - how to fix damaged sd card?

Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 /
Possible Duplicate: “SD card is damaged - You may have to reformat.” How do I fix this problem? I made my sd card available as mass storage, copied one file from sd card, unmounted the card from OSX (inside OSX) and then .. I am not 100% if I unmouted the card in mobile or it was already damaged at this point.I tried to reboot the phone but it doesn't help. Removed the card, put back and turned on again. Didn't help either.Do I have to reformat the card and loose all data on it?HTC Desire + CM 7 RC2 + Kingston 16GB Type 4

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Damaged sd card... Help

Thursday 01st of August 2013 /
I am running ftw annihilation rom and my sd card says blank or unsupported.. I have tried many sd card recovery programs on my computer it won't recognize the sd card. When I go to my computer and click the sd drive (e it says please insert disk.. It used to read for about an hour after a restart but now it won't even do that. Is there maybe a app that can make it mount or a way to make the computer recognize it long enough to copy the files to another.. It's a 32gb SanDisk.. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Galaxy S4 64 GB SD Card.

Monday 19th of August 2013 /
I have bought a galaxy s4 and I also got a 64 gb sd card. on the sd card it says "Microsdhc 64 gb."its a class 10. I put it in my phone. and it seems like it works. I put my 25 gb of music on it. it shows up some and rest are all unknown artists. i restart my phone. it says damaged sd card. i format it again. and when i put some music on it its at 59.74 gb. restart my phone it works. if i go past 59.74gb available space it will show up as damaged sd card. can someone please help me. i cant really have 6 damaged 64 gb sd cards.

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"Damaged SD Card" on the internal card

Wednesday 19th of February 2014 /
It seems that the "Damaged SD Card" error is a lot more frequent than I'd like to think, only the one on my system seems to be linked to my internal SD card. I upgraded my version of Android (KitKat?) but this horrid little message appeared. However, when I turned the tablet off, removed the external SD card and turned it back on again, it re-appeared. I can only think that the upgrade affected the internal card, which I cannot remove - without a screwdriver and a lot of grunt anyway!Is it safe to format the internal card please?All help appreciated!

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Why does my SD card get erased every time my S3 restarts.

Monday 24th of March 2014 /
Anytime the phone restarts, powers off...or anything that involves it having to reboot, my SD card comes up as blank despite having gigs of stuff on it. Its a 64 gig SD card and im not really sure as to why this is happening constantly. It'll first say "damaged SD card" then I have to format it like 5 times before it stops saying "damaged" and start saying "blank SD card"With all due respect...don't answer me with a "Im having the same problem" if you don't ACTUALLY have any input on how to fix this. I need help, i don't want anything other than help on this matter. Really not looking to drag on about how much this sucks. Yes i know it sucks, and if its happening to you keep track of this post, hopefully someone knows what they are talking about on here and helps us with this problem.

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Damaged SD Card, You May Want To re format it. I Havent got an sd card!

Monday 21st of July 2014 /
One day, i was playing minecraft and suddenly, my tablet turned off. I switched it back on and it said, Damaged SD card, you may want to reformat it. The weird thing is, imdont have one! Please Help, my tablet is virtually useless!

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