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Delete Multiple Contacts ?? Nexus 4

Monday 04th of March 2013 /
Hi, I am using Google Nexus 4 (LG) for the past few months and I haven't been able to figure out a way to delete multiple contacts at once. All it allows me is to select a contact, click on menu and then delete it? Is this the only way? A convenient way I found was to go to the Web version of Gmail and delete/update my contacts/lists there and then sync it up to my phone- but I couldn't find an easier way to do it just using the phone. If they don't have a way then it'd be a shame since thats like one of the basic features in phones in the last 5 yrs or so.

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my new nexus 5 & issues

Tuesday 14th of January 2014 /
Its unlocked 4.4OK just got my nexus 5 yesterday.Everything seems fine. But I'm having issues opening my emails (yahoo hotmail acct).I had synced withy nexus. I keep getting error message saying "unfortunately your email has stopped". It does it with my gmail but I'm able to open it. Any idea what's causing this? When I first had it synced it was fine. Bit when I got up this morning I got that error message. And when I do try to open it and get that message, that message will pop up couple of times.My other issues is I synced my contacts over from my other phone. I have some contact I would like to delete. But it won't let me for some odd reason. When i click on a contact that i want to delete It aaids it failed to find the contact. But it still shows up ony contact list. I'm not a huge fan of hangouts by the way.Also I want to delete multiple contacts at once but I can't figure out how to do that. And I DL task manager. It seems there r a tons of app running in the background. How do I keep from running in the background and keep it from eating up my memory?Hope y'all can

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Multiple Gmail & Play Accounts - Nexus 5

Sunday 23rd of February 2014 /
Hello, I have jusst dumped my iPhone and have joined the fold with my Nexus 5. I do have a couple of Android tablets so I am not totally new to this great OS. The issue I am having is this... I have 5 gmail accounts (primarily for email) and 2 of them are Google Play accounts, I used a different account for each tablet I had running. In hindsight the 2 google play accounts was stupid because now I have apps I want to use scattered on various devices, mainly on the Nexus 5, spread on both accounts. Here is what I want to accomplish:- Consolidate all of my apps to 1 single account and ideally close / delete one of them- Just use the 1 single account on all of my deveices access all of my apps- Have Google Play associate only with the 1 main account- Utilize / access my 5 total gmail accounts for email only, I have no need to have 5 Google Keep, People, Calanders etc. I only use the 1 main account (the one I want all my apps in play to use) for all my contacts and notes and calanders. The remaining 4 accounts are really ony for email. I am sure this can be done some how but I can't seem

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