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device administrators?

Wednesday 14th of July 2010 /
In Froyo under settings, it says device administrators, but when I go to under it ...nothings there and there's no menu options. What's the deal with this option?

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Setting a Device Administrator on MID1125

Tuesday 20th of December 2011 /
Hello,I want to setup a device administrator and make it enabling WiFi requires a password. The only thing I have been able to find on this device is in the following location: Settings > Location & Security Settings > Select device administrators. However when I navigate to this it simpley says "No available device administrators". Just trying to figure out a way to lock out the WiFi, don't need an 8 year old accessing it at will.

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where can I find 'select device administrators'?

Sunday 24th of July 2011 /
I have been looking for screen locking and screen on apps/widgets in order to use a different button or screen icon other than the power button to put my bolt to sleep and lock it and to wake it back up. I have found a few that look promising ('lock screen app', 'no lock', and 'widget locker') but they all say that to uninstall them you have to go to menu>location and security>select device administrators and uncheck the app, THEN the app can be uninstalled. The problem is, on my stock unrooted bolt running android 2.2.1, there is no location and security menu option but there is a security option. I click the security option but there is no select device administrators option. Does anybody know where the select device administrators option is on the bolt?

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Device Administrators

Tuesday 21st of August 2012 /
Hey guys, I am so overdue to root this phone that it's driving me crazy. I've researched the process to the point of exhaustion, but like others I'm not much of a risk taker when it comes to technology, but in almost anything else I love taking chances. So I'm looking into sky ics or cm10(depending on stability), but a question popped into my head earlier about the root process and device administrators and whether or not there is a conflict there. Any input is greatly appreciated as I want to get this done while I still have the itch. Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727

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Android Device Manager : How-to

Thursday 08th of August 2013 /
So ADM is officially "out" but reading on another site, there were a lot of people having issues. I thought I'd be proactive and post something about how to get it to even show up.There are two things that you need to check - (1) In "Settings", "Security", "Device Administrators" - be sure to allow "Android Device Manager". (2) Go to "Apps" and find "Google Settings". In there click on "Android Device Manager" and make sure that at least "Remotely locate this device" is checked. Check "Allow remote factory reset" if you want to be able to wipe the device remotely if you lose it.Here's the issue I had : Android Device Manager didn't show in Google Settings. So I opened Settings and scrolled down to Google Play Services. I cleared the cache and rebooted. Once my Thunderbolt got back up, ADM showed in Google Settings (both options were already checked btw).My next issue was that the website still isn't showing my phone. According to this page, you: (1) Go into Google Settings, Android Dev

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Android Device Manager available

Friday 09th of August 2013 /
Available in Google Play. On your laptop, click on gear settings in Play Store > Android Device Manager which brings up a map to show where your device is and you can ring it even if it's on mute or wipe it clean of data. You must activate your device first and it needs to be online. Activate your device by going to Settings>security>device administrators and click on Android Device Manager.

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PSA: The Latest Google Play Services Update May Disable Android Device Manager (Remote Location And Wipe) In Device Administrators

Wednesday 06th of November 2013 /
There's a new Google Play Services app in town, and it includes all kinds of goodies for developers. But there's a nasty surprise waiting inside Google Play Services 4.0, at least for users on some devices: it may have disabled the Android Device Manager's permission to act as a Device Administrator. This is what allows users to access the new remote locate, unlock, and device wipe features from the web... which some of them might not realize they can no longer do. It's a simple fix: just check the version number of your Google Play Services app (it seems to be affecting both 4.0.30 and the slightly newer 4.0.31), then check the Device Administrators section of your Security settings page. If Android Device Manager isn't enabled (and you want it to be), tap it and press activate. Problem solved. The larger issue is that this seems to be affecting users without alerting them, so at least some Android phones could be lost or stolen without having the location and wipe security feature that the owner was depending on. It's a huge security problem, especially if you rely on the Device M

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Device manager missing on AT&T

Sunday 10th of November 2013 /
A friend of mind lost her flip phone and I talked her into a new S4 from AT&T. I have a Verizon S3. One of the first things that I wanted to configure was the device manager in case she misplaced the new phone. Under Google settings, there is no Android device manager! I also looked under the regular setting under security, device administrators and there were no entries. On my S3, I have a Android Device Manager check box which I have checked. It does find the device through the web interface, but it won't be able to wipe the device. Am I doing something wrong? Is this an AT&T thing?How do I get this corrected?

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Device Manager and Device Administrator help

Thursday 14th of November 2013 /
I have a Samsung Galaxy Prevail with Android version 2.3.6 and am trying to get the Device Manger working so I can locate my phone if necessary. There is no Device Manager available anywhere, and when I tap Select device administrators the page is blank saying 'No available device administrators'. I have followed online directions which all say just click on 'Device Manager'...but there is no instance of Device Manager on my phone. It seems to have disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.

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Android Device Manager

Wednesday 19th of March 2014 /
What is "Android Device Manager?" If you lose your Android device associated with your Google Account, Android Device Manager can help you find, lock, and erase it. This can be very useful in case you have information on your phone that you wouldn't want others to have in their hands in the event your device is stolen or lost. It can also help find a lost device due to the location tracking that is also apart of this tool. How would you enable Android Device Manager? Note: For devices running 4.1 and higher, location access must also be enabled. To turn it on, go to Google Settings > Location > Access location. You can enable Android Device Manager by following the steps below. 1. Go to your settings and then to security. 2. From there choose "Device Administrators"3. From there you select the "Android Device Manager". Please note it will show permissions such as location and being able to wipe the device but it will only utilize this permission when you login to the Website and initiate the request. (All shown below) Okay it is enabled on my

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