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Disable Flashing Notification Light?

Thursday 22nd of September 2011 /
Hi Everyone,I just purchased the Sony S as my first android tablet. So far it's been a great device, but I do have one major complaint... the LED notification light comes on at night and is so bright it can keep me up. I know a simple solution is to prop its side against a wall or something, but it seems ridiculous to have to do something like that. I just want to lay it down on a nightstand and go to sleep without fear of the notification light annoying me in the night.I've looked through the settings and not found an option to turn it off. Likewise, turning off notifications does not in fact turn off the flashing notification light.Is there a way to turn it off without powering down the device? I do like waking up in the morning with all my email and feeds from overnight downloaded and waiting for me... I just want the stupid light not to flash.Any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Rooted Galaxy S3, How to Disable LED for Gmail

Saturday 16th of March 2013 /
Hi everyone,I have a Galaxy S3. Currently, when I get a new email, it shows in the notification bar and the blue LED lights up when the screen is off. I want to have a notification in the bar, but no LED. In the Gmail app I have an option to turn off notifications altogether, but no specific LED option.I tried several LED apps (Light Manager, Light Flow, LED Blinker) none of them worked.I read in another thread that it's possible to control the LED from the System folder if you have a rooted phone. My phone is rooted and I have Root Explorer. Can someone explain the process for doing this?Thanks in advance.

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disable LED light for email notifications

Thursday 26th of September 2013 /
I use the gmail email app and am unable to disable led light for it, in setting im able to only disable the light for the lg native email app, anyone know how i can achieve this? Thanks

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G2 - cloudmagic LED notification

Monday 02nd of June 2014 /
I've been searching high and low for my perfect email app. My main requirements were simple layouts, speedy browsing and ease of use with notifications. I thought I had the perfect match with cloudmagic however I am having issues with the notifications. I only want sound and vibration yet I keep getting a blue LED notification and there are no settings to disable this. I've disabled the system email notifications (green) and also played around with lightflow and light manager. Lightflow and Light manager (in alternating mode only) seem to disable the LEDs, but they are interfering with my battery charge LED light. I can use their own battery LED setting, but they are really bright and only blink. I like the soft red glow from the factory setting. Has anyone else come across this issue? I've tried searching, but couldn't really find anything. Any thoughts? I am rooted on stock ROM.

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how do I disable the blue LED from blinking when there are notifications?

Monday 22nd of June 2015 /
since installing latest upgrade on sprint samsung galaxy s4, not checking box for blue LED for notifications doesn't seem to have any effect. Tried checking box and get same result. Wasn't like this before upgrade. The way it is now, anytime there is an email, missed call, or other notification, if phone is on charger, the red light doesn't light when charging, and green light doesn't light when charge is complete. It's pretty aggravating. Why can't they leave something that works alone?

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